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Fika - Founder/Author
Hi, my name is Fika, I'm from Indonesia. I found Kpop & Jpop since 2006 (early of 2007 tbh) and I watched Korean Drama since 2004. Thank God for bringing EXO to my life, I'm in love with Lu Han and I just don't know how to stop, he's the sources of my happiness and the rainbow after the rain. I love you deer, nothing gonna change my love for you ❤
Please support our boys! Azza azza fighting!

Krissypoo - Translator
Hi guys! This is Lynette from Singapore. I was born exactly a week before our beloved Kai, so go do the math if you wanna know how young old I am ;> I read, I write, I draw; I have my earphones plugged in almost all the time; I doodle on my lecture notes and doze off halfway through lectures. I do things normal teenagers my age do...I guess!

Mm,I'm gonna save everyone from the cheesiness, so to cut a really long story short, SMTown is the best thing that has happened in my life. I know people bash him alot, but LSM has all my respect :>

A proud SM stan, a blinging Shawol, an out-of-the-world Exo stan.

Contact me at: @lynettexoexo (extremely dead) | j.youngrae@gmail.com

Asih Mitra - Graphic Designer
violetkecil is here to say hello from Indonesia. Call me Asih Mitra, '90 liner. Chocolate-iceCream-kPop-pink-addict. Full-time worker. Part-time writer. Blogger. Fangirl. Dreamer. Geo technical engineer & profesional writer wannabe. Loves Luhan and stuck in EXO Planet with this 12 adorable aliens."

Ray - Graphic Designer
Hello everyone... Ray here... but maybe mostly known as Allrey who always lurking at exodicted chatango :D
Still amazed by the fact that EXO made me sing a song in 3 languages and that cheers me to learn Mandarin and Korean languages more
XOXO is the first physical album I've ever bought (oh my! I'm so proud of it but it also means I'm so newbie in KPop... LOL)
Well, my everyday revolves around work, my love for EXO, my attempt to follow their dance step, music, games and my addiction to plastic model kit (a.k.a gundam stuff)
But, I don't really have fellow Kpop fans IRL so I feel honored to join this team *0* I hope I could really be some help for the staff and you guys EXO fans >.< and having more fellow EXO fans friends at the same time :D

Please keep sending your love and support to EXO and the staff as well XD
Well I'm mostly coming to this site everyday so you can meet me at exodicted.chatango window with our fellow friends (waves at Gapi7 and Starchie)

Come and talk with us okay... :D and enjoy your stay here :D

Dessy Natalia - Graphic Designer
Hi! I'm Dessy, '94liner from Indonesia. Liking K-POP since 2009 and became a fan of EXO around June 2012. Our sexy dancing machine 'Kim Jong In' is my weakness because he's my ultimate bias lol, followed by Sehun and Luhan. Besides EXO, I'm also a fan of SHINee. Mind to talk to me? I hope we can be a good friends. That's all and thank you :)

Contact me at: @KAlXl | Other: flavors.me/kaiaddicted

Vanida Barsil - Graphic Designer
Call me Vanyll, i was born on the same month as Hunhan :> my pretty biases. I write fanfictions, i do photoshops, i do exams and i go through normal lifes like y'all do. a dedicated artist who dreams to be an english teach wow i suck this doesnt have anything to do with refrigerator

Contact me at: @vanidabl | Email: vanida448barsil@gmail.com

Danielle - Author/Writer/Stylist Admin
Hello Everyone, my name is Danielle, and I'm very glad to be working with everyone on Exodicted! A little about me...I'm '96 liner, live in America (Eastern Standard Time), and my favorite food is anything that tastes good. Also, I'm studying Korean because I want to be able to speak it fluently some day. I'll always do my best to fulfill my duties and contribute to making Exodicted the greatest fan site out there. I hope I can bring new, exciting, and fun things to the table.

Contact me at: style.exodicted.net

Jasmine - Korean-English Translator
HEY, I'm Jasmine! Well first of all, I'm full Korean but born in the U.S. I love going to Korea, especially in the summer ^^
Some of my hobbies are; listening to EXO<3, golfing, computer, cello, EATING <3 But i also do focus on my studies. I've been a fan ever since they debuted. My first k-pop group i love is EXO and right after is BTS hehe. I love each and every one of EXO members but my bias of EXO-M is LUHAN and of EXO-K BAEKHYUN <3 I'm alerted when ever anyone talks about exo or even if i hear the letter 'x' LOL. I'm like to keep the hope that one da EXo would come to where i live even though it is rare because barely any come to WA but i still love them ^^. Have fun getting addicted or even more addicted to EXO <3

Contact me if you'd like, not forcing you but I'd love to get contacted.

Contact me at: @jazzychobap | jchoe02@gmail.com | Instagram: @jazzychobap

Elise - Graphic Designer
Hi ! I’m Elise, I’m really happy to be in the team of EXOdicted ! I'm a french girl, I can speak English and Chinese too. I like drawing, reading and designing with photoshop. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me ! :)

Nadiah - Graphic Designer
Hi! Hey there! I'm Nad, I'm from somewhere far away from exo oppars. I'm a part of the design team ^^ because exo pretty faces still needs to be photoshopped haha. I am still learning and creating illustrations is my favourite! Please support and love EXOdicted, your no.1 source for exo updates

Hanji - Korean Translator
My name is Hanji and I'm from Korea. I lived there until I was about eleven then moved to Canada. I can speak both English and Korean, and trying my best to practice on both languages. How I got into Exo was a bit weird- through a fanfic. I just thought that characters were really interesting and wondered what real exo members would be in real life. I did some searching and couldn't get out when I became a part of the fandom. I'm fourteen and my bias is Yeolie....my side bias is Kyungsoo. I'm currently living in Canada, and I made the most big regret in my life because I wasn't into kpop when I was in Korea. Now, half of my interest and happiness comes from kpop groups and from fangirling :) other than that, I like to draw, write fanfics in both languages, and likes the colour yellow, without the fact that I'm asian. I'm a little 'picky' on groups that I get into, so I only have another group in kpop that I'm interested in so far: bigbang.. I hope I get the chances to know more groups, and I'll do my best as a translator :) Saranghaja Exo!

Intan -Graphic Designer
Hello, my name is Intan, I'm a dreaming all about Japan and yeah korean too.I'm an author and I like graphic design (Photoshop). I 've loved kpop since 2010. I like kpop because of SHINee ( biased Onew dorky leader ). Oh, and also, I'm very happy to see Chanyeol^^ thanks :) arigato~~ and please support us :D Ok, if you wanna know about me, please contact me in my socmed.

Contact me at: @redbaby_ssi | Line: intan2805_ | My personal blog: redbabystorie

Jennifer - Graphic Designer
Hey there, fellow EXO-Ls! My name is Jennifer Jane. I have started being an EXO fan since early 2013. I liked EXO through variety shows. The first EXO show I watched was Happy Camp (EXO-M) and that’s when I fell for TAO. Anyway, my bias is now the one and only OH SEHUN. And it’s weird how I got into graphic designing by the arrival of BYUN BAEKHYUN in my life 💗 I start designing for at least 5 hours a day since then \o/. I dream of being an international dancer or a well-known graphic or interior designer! I draw (lettering, calligraphy, typography, doodle) as a hobby, maybe it can be my job in the future, hehe. Remember, Nothing is impossible, it just needs hard work! [ahem, nothing includes getting to meet EXO oppadeul kkk] Thanks for stopping by at EXOdicted! Have a great time! We'll try our best to impress you guys by the visual :D

Contact me at: Ask.fm: jenjane90

Beverly A. Casupanan - Graphic Designer
Hi.. my name is Beverly A. Casupanan from Philippines.. I love EXO because of their unique songs and dance steps.. I love to listen to their songs almost everyday just to complete my day.. My Bias ARE Tao, Sehun, Xiumin and Kai. I love the way they perform specially on MVs and On stage., I dont have a chance to go to their concert because im still a student.. I love to watch theor shows (exo 902014, ExoShowtime,. Etc.) and even listen on their radio guestings. I also like to draw anime and write my own stories.. In fact, Im just writing my Wattpad storyusong EXO as characters..Im also an admin on an international fanbase of a kpop group in facebook.. Im a responsible admin and also an artist..

My favorite movie was rurouni kenshin 1 2 and 3.. I also like the Millionares first love movie.. My favorite drama so far was Its Ok Thats Love because of Kyungsoo.. Im happy that I have given an opportunity to show my designs for EXO.. this is the only way (so far) to show how I support EXO AND show my love to them..

Contact me at: @ChrisAnimeXOXO | facebook: Beverly Casupanan (nanapusacbea@yahoo.com)
yahoomail: beverlyannecasupanan@yahoo.com | Gmail: galaxypanda0028@gmail.com

Christina - Graphic Designer
Annyeong :) I'm Ma. Christina Isabelle Lozara, 20 years old, came from Philippine and a certified Filipina. I worked as Computer Operator here at Manila. I was born on December 25, 1994 :) I know how to cook, dance, sing, keke ^_^ I love editing pictures, taking videos, and most importantly, I'm a die hard fan of EXO :)

Contact me at: Twitter: @MiNYUSHAN│facebook: cristinabermejo09@yahoo.com│yahoo mail: christinalozara@yahoo.com

Tanya - Writer
Uhm, yeah. Hi? I'm Tanya. I'm awkward so please let me be. I have a certain addiction towards godiva, EXO, and kings of convenient, but saying hi won't hurt, I believe?

Contact me at: twitter : @tita_titania_ |http://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/842274

Eun - Chinese Translator/Author/Writer 
Hello there! I like to go by the name Eun. I've been an avid EXO-L every since they've started releasing their teasers and my bias is currently Nini the bear. I'm mixed Indian-Portuguese and Chinese and I am able to speak and read Chinese. I come from the garden city of Singapore but in my dreams I live in Jongin's arms (okno) I am an extremely shy person but I love making new friends so feel free to talk to me!

Contact me at: Twitter: @jonginhow Tumblr: jonginhow

Nada - Graphic Designer/Author 
Hello everyone! This is Nada. A highschool fangirl student, who was born on the same day as my bias wrecker, BYUN BAEKHYUN! Chen is so handsome, right guys? And yea~ I'm an Egyptian who lives in Saudi Arabia. Chanyeol wants to visit, he will xD The 2 maknaes, Sehun ans Kai, are so adorable aren't they? Hey, I want to learn Korean! Help me, and let's be friends okay? Teach me juseyo ;)

Contact me at: Ask.fm: NaDaHisHaMAzZaM│Email: nada.h2000@gmail.com│Line: nada_kpop_dooley

-Our Newest Additions To The Team-

Julie - Editor 
Hey everyone, I'm Julie :). Uhh, where to start? I guess I'd say that I find both Exo and writing to be super awesome and putting them together was like the realization of the BLT, [cue heavenly angel choirs singing in joy]. I'm kinda young(?) to a lot of the staff, but some other people said the same thing in their bios, so I think I'm good ^^. Sometimes I feel like I'm up to the neck with schoolwork, but compared to all of our staff's loads, it's really nothing, so I thought I should suck it up and finally discover the real world with a spoonful of sugar, aka everyone?! *exodicted screams*: EXO!!!! Please keep up with all of our hard work and let's be die-hard fans together <3. 

Contact me at: e-mail: kendrafonepiece@gmail.com

Mallory - Writer 
Hello Everyone! My name is Mallory and I'm a '92 liner. I'm from the United States and I'm a new writer at EXOdicted! I'm really excited to be here and hopefully help people love EXO even more! If you have anything you want me to discuss or write about, just let me know! EXO-L 사랑하자!

Contact me at: Twitter: @EXOdictMallory│Email: EXOdictMallory@gmail.com

Keen - Writer
Hey— I go by Keen. I don’t have a lot of words to say, despite the fact that I’m a writer and a biologist. An avid reader, very passionate when it comes to music, and constantly broke because of kpop. I like to participate in discussions, whatever the topic is.
Every time I see EXO I ask to myself, ‘how could they be so stupid and dumb and hot at the same time HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS but I m so trash now, its too late ㅠㅠ ’

Jasmine - Chinese Translator
Hey there, EXO-Ls! I'm Jasmine from Singapore! Some of my hobbies are: EXO, fangirling (yes it's a hobby), badminton, and well sleeping is a must to include. I'm not a very socialble person, hence most of my time is spent on my phone. I will try my very best to translate for all you EXO-Ls out there! My bias is the cute & dorky leader of EXO, Suho!! Hopefully my translation can make you fall more in love with EXO, and become EXODICTED!! (Suho is the bae ^^)

Contact me at: Twitter: @jasmine_hengg (warning, a lot of Suho)│Instagram: @jasmine.hengg

Adellia - Compiler
Hi guys my name is Adellia. Since knowing EXO from 16 years old, I really love D.O. He's my ultimate bias. I'm 18, can speak English, Japanese, and am trying to learn the Korean language. And please support us.

Contact me at: LINE: sighdelle│Instagram : nofiadellia│Twitter : nofiadellia

Aley - Editor
Hey guys! I'm Aley but you can call me A ^.^ I'm from one of those American states that's never heard of K-pop, so I'm always excited to meet fellow fanatics! I was born in the month of the unicorn <3 I've been a fan of EXO since the first pre-pre-pre-debut teaser XD I hope I can put my writing/editing skills to use to make this site even better for international fans! Hit me up if you want to chat~~

Contact me at: Email: apark8907@gmail.com│Line: apark8907

Aishwarya - Author
Hello, I`m Aishwarya. I am a hardcore EXO-L even though I have only know about Kpop for 2 years. I live in Canada and dream about going to our Exo oppas concert one day! I don`t have a bias because it`s just too hard to pick one when they all have such cool personalities :) I am fluent in English, Hindi and French and I`m in the process of learning Korean and Mandarin. Please support the site and KEEP LOVING EXO!! ;)

Contact me at: Instagram: @aishwaryatop

Weini - Chinese Translator
Hi guys, call me Weini. I’m from Malaysia! I am a new Chinese translator here and I know both languages Chinese and English. I started to like EXO when I was 12 and my bias is Sehun and Lay!  

Contact me: Line: weini2001 // Instagram: XKWNS // ASK.fm: WeiniKhaw

Rini - Chinese Translator
Hi there, I'm Rini! I was born in China, grew up in Canada, and currently live in the U.S.A. (xD don't ask) I am fluent in English and Chinese, I've learned French for 6 years (thanks to Canadian education), and I'm in the process of learning Korean (unfortunately so far I can only make very simple sentences... but I'm getting there >.<). My EXO bias is Chen aka Kim Jongdae ♡♡♡ but my bias wrecker honestly changes everyday… ㅠㅠ Anyways, I hope to be a good addition to the team and I’ll work hard to translate EXO updates for EXO-Ls! Fighting~ 

Contact me at: LINE: rinisica KAKAO TALK: softseulgi INSTA: @irenececream // twitter: @irenececream

ZQ - Chinese Translator
hi fellow exo-l's (i assume you are one)! i'm zq and im the biggest exo trash(at least among my friends). i met exo on 12/03/16, a day before i entered EXODICTED! it was honestly the best experience and i had the best night ever. im still suffering from post concert depression when im typing this. although my bias is kai i couldnt stop staring at lay!! he looks so beautiful irl cries anyways, i hope i'll get to meet new people and also help out by joining EXODICTED!

Contact me at: Instagram: @jongiinn

BLynn - Graphic Designer/Chinese Translator
Hi~ I’m Lynn! I am mostly known as BaekkieLyn since it has been my codename since 2014. I first got into Kpop in 2011 and I don’t think I’ll even get out of the Kpop world xD
Well, I was born 11 years and 2 days after Baozi. The usual things I do in my free-time is… writing fanfics, listening to EXO songs, watching Kdramas, and SPORTS! OMG, sports and EXO is literally a simple definition of MY LIFE~You guys have probably figured already because of my codename but my ultimate bias is Byun Baek Hyun! I mean, who doesn’t like him? (Well of course some people does but… yea) I feel like if I put more stuff, I will end up writing a whole 2000 words about myself so I’ll just add a few more simple facts about myself ㅋㅋㅋ Currently trying hard to study Korean
Can speak Bahasa, English & Mandarin (Feel free to chat with me on Twitter ^^)
Lastly, uhh…. that’s it! So um… I hope you guys will continue supporting EXOdicted for as long as possible~ I’ll try my best to reach all of your expectations, FIGHTING!

Contact me at: Twitter: BaekkieLyn - Wattpad: BaekkieLyn - Instagram: BaekTranslate

Lynn - Author
Hey guys! My name is Lynn and from the U.S., currently a new author to the team. I'm fluent in both Chinese and English, but unfortunately not Korean. Very happy to be a new addition to the team, especially getting to associate with EXO fans everyday, along with EXO's own news. Hope you guys continue supporting EXO, along with EXOdicted and the whole team. ^^
Contact me at: email: exo.exoluxion.onig@gmail.com│instagram: exo.exoluxion│line: exo.exoluxion

 Ysa - Project Manager
Hi there, I'm Ysa from the Philippines. I'm currently on my way to get my Sociology profession soon. I also work as an online freelancer & like you, I'm a juggler! Besides being an EXO-L, I bet we have a lot of life commitments but EXO has a place on our system, I ought to say!
It was after EXO'LuXion in Manila when I decided on upgrading my fan life status to a whole new level. Good thing Exodicted came my way & my happiness on being one of their staffs is a very humbling experience!
And if you're wondering, I have Kim Jongdae as my bias (hey i love EXO 101%!). He brought my love for singing back & he inspires me.
I'm an extrovert, I find strength being with a lot of people & the best compliment I've heard was: You're a blessing.
I hope everyone would try being a blessing to others, Its inspiring! And to my EXO & EXO-L babies, it gets better & better, let's live for what's happening now. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

For the contacts of the staff, mention @exdstaff
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