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EXD - Love

[A/N: this post will be constantly updated.]

Composed of mostly young individuals, we are a group of fans, coined as “EXO-L’s,” supporting a Chinese-Korean boy band named EXO. Having been around the EXOsphere for more than a couple of years, we are lucky to realize that, with all the love and support that EXO and EXO-L’s are getting, it is the time to give back. Giving back by any means is something our genuine hearts have led us to.

To be able to spread more love is something we’ve been heading to since then. Commemorating EXO’s 4th anniversary last April, we were able to successfully raise funds for cancer patients at World Child Cancer USA. It is that project that we felt in our sincerest selves that anyone can be a hero, an EXO-L hero -- an EXO-L hero when someone in trouble is to be saved.

And now that things feel better, we are sure that it is not only us and other EXO-L’s who have shown so much genuineness and greatness who are entitled for happiness, but also those people who are in need.

So starting from this day forward, we are launching this infinite project called “EXD - Love Foundation,” wherein we’ll raise a specific amount of funds, and after accumulating the needed funds, we will be giving it “solely” to our chosen charity. 

Being EXO-L’s ourselves, EXO has graced us with so much love. Some beautiful stories are all over Twitter and other SNS: where, by being merely a fan, they were able to discover their passion, and they were able to meet great friends, regardless of wherever part of the world they came from. Most importantly, they were able to become a better version of themselves.

With these great things happening, we cannot just stand from one place in order to bring more love. We are envisioning more and more people to feel the love, and those people that we want to tag along in this post are those who are experiencing a challenging phase in their lives. As fans who receive so much love, isn’t it a brilliant idea to share the mutual love to those people who are being challenged by life?

This mission is not only for those people in need, it’s also for EXO and for us, EXO-L’s. We are envisioning you, reading this post, to be one of us who have passionate hearts, to be a more loving and caring person, to give support, and to share blessings to those people who need it the most. 

1. Donate directly to our campaign

As this is an official fundraising, you can donate to our PayPal account through this PayPal email address: exodicted@gmail.com
(A/N: Starting next week, we will start looking for a charitable institution)
2. Share of your merchandise/goods
First, we want you to stay calm. We are not forcing you to sell out everything you have. Again, it comes from the heart. If you have merchandise that you’d like to share to your co-EXO-L, both of you can share the mutual love as you have the option to sell it to him/her. A portion of the payment will go straight to charity. If you think this is awesome, you can share the money fully to our chosen charity.

NOTE: EXOdicted can only help you find potential buyers by sharing it on our SNS. But if you have a colleague or someone near you who’s willing to buy it, you can give it to her. We also won’t be interfering with your conversation. 

3. Auctions of your merchandise

Like you, we aspire bigly, and we are open to doing all possible options to widen the reach of our helping hands. We know how precious your goods/merchandise are, but if it is also something that you can share to help others, we can arrange an online EXO merch auction for you. Say you have limited EXO merchandise or whatever merch/good you have on hand which you can think can be auctioned, please hand it over to us.

We know how much effort you have put up to have that precious EXO merchandise, so again, we won’t be forcing you to give all the proceeds to the charity. Whatever amount your EXO-L heart beats for, our chosen charity will be glad to have it. You can decide on it, but again, if you think we can put this auction to a maximum level, you can donate 100% of the proceeds to the charity.
Check our FAQ for this options below: (please zoom in.)

4. Donate through our store! (SOON TO OPEN.)

As far as this post is concerned, our store hasn’t been opened yet. What we have in mind when everything has been settled for the store opening is that we will be donating 10% of whatever you buy from our store straight to charity, so if you plan on doing an EXO and EXD haul, count not only the items you have in your possession but also the people you will be helping. 

Here is an in-depth write-up:

  1. We will be posting a specific amount as our goal.
  2. To reach that amount, we will be doing all possible options. (We will anticipate your cooperation!)
  3. Once we have reached that, we will keep everyone posted about where/what/whom the fundraising amount will go to. We will also you keep everyone informed of how much money has been raised through our social media sites.
  4. We will come up with a post to thank everyone for all of their efforts.
  5. If we can reach that specific amount early, we will open up another fundraising event.

Still lost? We got you covered! Check below:

(For the people who will donate through the merchandise/auction option, this is not applicable.)

Thank you for being so passionate. For every $20, $100, $300, and $600, you will be entitled to the following:

$20 - exclusive wallpaper (for PC and phone)
$100 - EXO’s English Subbed video by EXOdictSubs (they can request for it or you can just list the videos that we can sub)
$300 - hoodie and beanie (not free shipping)
$600 - t-shirt and phone case (not free shipping)

Ready to begin? Here is a guide for you:


Official Donation Form link: goo.gl/zAvwt9
Official EXO Merchandise/Goods Share/Auction Participation Form: https://goo.gl/RxrVDZ

Got questions?

Send us a message on the following SNS:

Email: 00921chichennuggets@gmail.com

We are one!

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