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♥ Donate to EXOdicted ♥

Graphic by Adinda Rizki (Retired Staff)
Hello guys!
This page is the a page for donations panel, I hope you guys can support us through donates so that we can do our future projects, plans &&& site~forum designs, DON'T FORGET, every cents is seriously appreciated<3

How to donate?
1. Paypal
Send it to exodicted@gmail.com
After you complete your donation, please fill the form below:
[b]Email used for paypal[/b]:
[b]Donation amount[/b]: {USD}
[b]Donation for[/b]: {Future projects, main site and forum's needed - please be specific}
[b]Date of donation[/b]:
Western Union & Concealed Cash
For Western Union and Concealed Cash, please PM one of our staff below:
krissypoo {Singapore & all of Asia}
jonggism {USA & all of Europe}
Concealed Cash
1. Ask her address BEFORE. Then once the donation is IN the mail (as in you've sent it) please fill the form and post it.
2. Somewhere in the envelope put that it's for EXOdicted but DO NOT put that it's a donation!
3. Be sure to wrap your donation in a sheet(s) of paper so that it isn't obvious that it's cash in the envelope. Using paper with things printed on it is good (i.e. newspaper, magazine, etc.).
4. PLEASE include your USERNAME in the sheet of paper
5. Once a donation is received you will either receive an email or your member status will change to DONOR (for Forum).
Western Union
1. Open westernunion.com and choose your country
2. Select 'How to send Money' and see the step-by-step on how to send the money
3. After sending your money, fill the form and your username will be changed after we received the money
[b]Donation amount[/b]: {USD}
[b]Donation for[/b]: {Future projects, main site and forum's needed - you need to be specific}
[b]Date of donated[/b]:
 Send the Form to the forum's page Donation Panel (for Forum donators only!) and/or just comment (for Main Site donators only!) ^^

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