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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 170911 EXO filming JYP's Party People - compilation

 JYP's Party People will be broadcasted on September 16 ( Saturday)  at 12:15 AM KST

1. when mentioned the kokobop challenge, members looked at jongin asking him to do and he is like 0o0 me??
2. Aww BH said that the most memorable event was their first showcase! (Screams were loud here) and CY: First daesang award!
3. Jongin about himself  'I'm a person who's quite 순하고 (meek and mild) and 정이 많은 (affectionate)' during Party People
4. Some cute moments. Xiumin backhugged Suho. Chen backhugged Baekhyun.
5. Jongin did the kokobop challenge and JYP praised him bc he danced too well, say it's diff from what he saw online, it was high level
6. When Kai sang boomerang live, his voice was a treasure (too good)
7.  Jongin wanted to drink water so the staff went to bring him water, sehun took the water & shove it into jongin hand to let him drink
8. when jyp asked what was hard about being the leader, junmyeon said at first he had thought being the leader of a group with many members would be easier, bcs though he still needed to take care of the members, the members would take care of each other too, like chanyeol sehun or minseok jongdae. but his personality didnt allow that, he was the type that just needed to take care of every member, to listen to each of their concerns, so it was hard at first, but not anymore. instead, what hard now is once a member starts a prank, the other 7 join too😂 so minseok said 'when we play a prank, it's always a leader hunt!' 😂 and baek was like 'who's the one to start those pranks? who is it?' so junmyeon said 'it's baekhyun ^^ so recently i had a private meeting with him ^^'
9. They sang boomerang ㅠㅠㅠ the boys sat on a chair and sang boomerang ㅠㅠㅠ
10. PCY sang hug me
BBH sang moon of seoul (live w/ piano)
KJM sang want to fall in love
OSH danced to gashina w/ choker
Exo sang boomerang
11. Before they sang boomerang, B went to the standing position, closed his eyes, and said "im drunk ㅠㅠㅠ im drunk"
12. Q. Most memorable moment ?

B : 1st showcase (goosebumps after hearing the loud scream for the 1st time)
Cy : 1st daesang
JM said he couldnt forget the time he did his 1st winning speech & when he saw the member's silhoutte at that time
JD said after their 1st album is out, he searched their songs at the music sites and it popped up
13. Q. The thing to worry the most

Soo : health
MS : what if they cant reach the level of exo last year, wether the fans will be disappointed
JM : Whenever he tried new concept or even the concept they are alr familiar about, its always a worry
14. B did power (gym version) & showed various movement. JYP said B is totally needed in the variety world, that his existence is like a gem❤
15. B said how he assumed the staff as a family/team bcs theyve been tgt for so long. Esc the managers since theyve been tgt since debut era ❤
16. After sunday morning, JYP said that jd's able to show all the + traits & praised him. JD was shy, he scratched his hair & rubbed his thighs😂
17. The stage is so close, fans sat at comfortable seat, drinking cocktail as much as they want while watching the boys' recording for 4 hours..
18. They have 30 secs for introducing themselves and SH said he has strong looks but he's soft-hearted and has many aegyos😭😭😭
19. Talk corner was really long but SH and KS didn't talk much, but when jyp asked something to KS, SH was the one who answered it😁
20. When they changed stage for perform and was on standby, KoKoBop was out and SH danced to it. He looks like fairy when he got his makeup
21. When they talked abt 'Gashina' all members imitating the dance but SH imitated the hand's movement only😂
22. When they made choreo for Power all of them gave their ideas, JM looked at SH and asked him to showed his idea and he did body builder pose😭
23. SH said the hardest time isn't when they have a lot schedule but when members have different opinion, it makes him sadㅠㅠ
24. JM was praising SH a lot, SH was shy and scratched back of his head while smiling cutely><
25. SH had confetti on his head but he didn't know it meanwhile he was really focused to took off confetti on JD's head. So cuteee😭😭
26. Seems like JI wanted to drink water and as soon as a staff gave a water to SH, he said to JI to drink it as he passing the water to him><
27. BAEK: KGM - Moon of Seoul w/piano
CHEN: Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning
CHAN: JJI - Hug Me
26. There was a time during the recording that Jongin laughed and fell all over Sehun's thighs..
27. Boys were asked who is the most quiet and naughty. Majority answered

Quiet: Kyungsoo
Naughty: Baekhyun
28. Before the start of POWER stage BH sat down and said "Eris, let's go 'ㅅ' " in a cute way (?) ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
30. OP said the beer sold out for the first time, bottles can fill up 2 tables.
31. While CY is playing drums, suddenly BH said "Chanyeol-ah, my heart is thumping~ 'ㅅ'
32. Before singing to boomerang BH walked towards the fans & closed his eyes saying "Oh,I smell alcohol.Im drunk"
33. op thinks it was from JM  (not 100% sure) but anyway someone picked Jongin as the most polite member
34. Jongin: I became an idol bcs all I wanted to do was dance and sing but once I become one, there were times I had to do things that I hate or didn't want but still isn't it great that I can live as having something I want (dancing /singing) as my job?
35. when talking abt kokobop challenge, Jongin showed a demonstration but JYP said that's not what he saw and told Jongin it looks sophisticated and luxurious lol so Jongin had to dance it again with the feel JYP wanted (less classy and cheaper feeling) 😂
36. JYP said he was so surprised when he saw Jongin's dance for the first time and and Jongin said he gets shy very easily (their self-introductions) & JYP says he can never tell that(since what he saw was Jongin dancing on stage) he kept saying Jongin dances so well
37. SH kept sipping cocktails even when they weren't recording, BH joked that he'll end up getting drunk at this rate, Jongin looked at SH & was cracking up 😆
38. Jongin : When I go on stage as Kai, I get very nervous and that's because I'm excited and looking forward to it''
39. BH who said that their staff members is like a family member to them like a team bcs they are with EXO for a really long time TT
40. Before singing to <Boomerang> BH walked towards the fans at the standing area and closed his eyes while saying "Im drunk Im drunk" TTT
41. Suho sang Want To Fall In Love because he often thinks about the sing every after concert when the seats are empty 😭❤️😭
42. When asked who danced gg dances the best, all answered Suho. Then Suho danced Twice's TT, Cheer Up (shyshyshy) And then Fans were screaminng Red Flavor. Red flavor was played and Suho got shy. He covered his face with his hands 😂
43. Baekhyun said that the most memorable moment for him is their debut showcase 😭😭😭
44. JYP shared his experience in learning Tap Dance and Kyungsoo was nodding & listening attentively 😱❤️
45. EXO wore new outfits today and sang boomerang live too. They sounded so good today.
46. Fan said Chen's hair is brighter in real life. He was wearing black pants and black top. He grabbed some drinks to sip
47. Before CY performed, JD told the fans that CY is a kid that gets happy when he hears nice things so everyone, let's encourage him~!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
48. Sehun also said that he doesn't mind having busy schedules and lesser freedom but he gets sad when the members have disagreements ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
49. Junmyeon's singing was really Daebak (the best) during Party People filming! A performance worth treasuring! OP says to look forward to it!!

(Translated by jongniinii, kyeongsew, kimjoninis, exonyeondan, xunhuas, LittleAriel13, wendysunbae, chocohun94, hyoyeonsubs22, JONGLYN, _b_bh0506, eternally_b,  qtpiebyunbaek)
Written by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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