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Saturday, September 9, 2017

✰ Weekly Review ✰ mykpopmart.com: EXO's Love Me Right Hoodie

Hi guys!
Guess what? Weekly review is back!👏
After weeks full of EXO's hectic activities, we finally have time to do the review of EXO's stuff which is one of exciting things to do, its like breathing a fresh air after updating lots and lots of EXO's daily updates. I'm so glad we did this again!
So, The War has finally ended with such a mindblowing results. We hit 1 millions sell in just 24 days, insane right? I couldn't be more proud of EXO, knowing that I'm part of their amazing fandom is just.. ugh, I'm speechless. We were here since the start and we'll always here forever. 4 years together and getting stronger every comeback, we're such an amazing group of fans, no one can replace the fact that we can make EXO getting higher and higher, our main priority is EXO and EXO, anyone can mock us but look what we done? We're making our group breaking multiple records! Keep it up guys!

ANYWAY! Let's get back to the weekly review, shall we?
So this week, I got the package from the one and only mykpopmart.com, I got the long-awaited EXO's hoodie. I spent days thinking that its probably super-duper big for me cause I accidentally ordered M, my size is S..😓 so I was kinda worried and scared, this is my first hoodie from EXO, its should fit me cause I need to make sure the world know that I own my boys' hoodie (lol jk💨)

And yes! As expected, its really big for me😆 but to my surprise, its actually looks good on me? Maybe because the material is comfy that I find it match my style?

Look at the front and back side, its simple but its just my style! The hoodie is actually similiar with the totebags that I review 2 months ago (Yep, its been a long time. The War is such a quick era but its sooooo hectic😢)

The material?

The material is actually quiet thin not as thick as the usual hoodie you find out there but its really comfy, as you know, I lived in tropical country which the weather mostly hot so wearing a hoodie is actually not a good choice but I find this hoodie 100% match with me, cause you'll not feel hot if you wear it, you just feel comfy. I don't know how to explain but the feeling is like wearing your favorite t-shirt/hoodie just because its so comfy to you. Honestly, I'm thankful that I ordered the bigger size cause it wouldn't be as good as what I wore in the photo, it'll be tight and yikes! I don't like wearing a tight clothes, I prefer bigger clothes. So, the material is no doubt, its just my style.

the design ✔

the material ✔

I took lots of pictures cause I really love it😭

Worth buying?

Buy the hoodie here

Next week, I'll be back again with another Weekly Review of an item from mykpopmart.com. What is it? A secret... 😜Let's find out next week! I can't wait to write many more reviews on EXO goods. I know that sometimes, we want to buy something, but we’re afraid of how the results would be once they arrive–but EXOdicted is here to help you. Only buy goods from a trustable place. EXOdicted will guide you, so you don't have to worry. Hopefully one day I can write a review about the official goods, especially the SUM goods, so the international fans won't be confused whether the items are worth buying or not.

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Shoutout to mykpopmart.com

Written by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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