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Saturday, September 2, 2017

[DISCUSSION/UPDATE] Theories Behind EXO 'The Power Of Music: RF_05'

UPDATED 170831 - New Teaser
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This is a thread for all the theories surrounding EXO's Parallel Universe teaser. Things can get lost in twitter, so this is a place to keep them all together so we won't lose them.

First of all, let's thank Mr. Oh Sehun for doing an amazing job of SPOILING this for us. I'm pretty sure in the last hour, many of you EXO-L were completely shocked as well as snatched by the random release of EXO's #Parallel_Universe teaser.

Sehun Instagram Update 7/3/17
Cropped Screen Shot From Today's Teaser 8/29/17
(Disclaimer: Some of the theories here are mine, and some are from within the EXO-L community. They will be credited accordingly.)

UPDATE 170831- Teaser #3 - "POWER RF_05"
This is the third teaser in the series. The follow-up to #Parallel_Universe. Today, we also discovered that the name of the ALBUM will be 'TheWar : ThePowerofMusic' and will have 12 tracks, including 3 new songs. Release date is set for 2017.09.05 6PM (KST). 5 DAYS!!!
Questions: What/Who is this red force? Where's Lay? What happened to Baekhyun?

Here is the teaser:

"WARNING: Failure to Obtain Target’s Power Orb of Light #EXO #POWER #RedForce #Power_Orbs"

THEORY: The teaser was released today (August 31st). The album comes out on September 5th. Correlation? There are 5 days left until the album release. I suspect that we might get RF_04, RF_03, etc. up until the release date.

OBSERVATION #2: Baekhyun Has No Light - Who will heal him?
THEORY: In the teaser it repeatedly says,"failure to obtain target's power orb of light." Baekhyun's power is light, but when it selects him, his orb is missing, and his face is darkened. What happened to Baekhyun's orb. I've seen some theories scattered around. This has helped me to be able to piece together something.

Byun Baekhyun has no light. He's ''lost'' his power.
1. In Lucky One, the boys were being experimented on. Baekhyun was injected with a blue liquid. Some say this may have taken his power away. Who in EXO can heal him?
2. Lay is the healer in EXO. We have yet to see an appearance from him though. Either we're all just lying to ourselves, or SM is waiting for a better moment to reveal him to us. I strongly believe in this.

How Was Baekhyun's Light Taken Away?

As mentioned before, he was shown to be injected with a blue liquid in Lucky One. I just re-watched the MV and it all makes sense now. Follow closely:
First, Baekhyun was injected. The injection awakened him from sleep. (I would also like to mention injections in the hospital for anesthesia are usually to make you go to sleep.This woke him up.)
The scene takes us to outer space where they're showing their powers. The order is: Lay, Chanyeol, Kai, Baekhyun. When it gets to Baekhyun, the screen flashes white, and then we end up in a DARK room. Is his power gone yet?
Baekhyun (light) and Chanyeol (fire) are then seen running, as are the rest of the boys. They find safety momentarily in a dark room. What do you do when you enter a dark room? You turn on the LIGHT. Why is Chanyeol forced to make fire here, when Baekhyun, who's power is light, could just have began glowing (or something)? Is his power already gone?
Who is the Red Force?

I knew those red tights were more than just good color coordination...

170829 - Parallel_Universe

This appears to be the 2nd teaser in the Power Of Music series. The first being released last week during the total solar eclipse experienced by those living in the western hemisphere. The new teaser leaves many questions unanswered. Is this for a new album? What are they doing? And where's Lay? This is a #ThreadOfTheories for second half of EXO's 2017 comeback.

First of all this is the teaser:

It is posted with the hashtags  #Parallel_Universe #ThePowerofMusic
#POWER #ComingSoon. Within the official homepage, the link to the teaser has the words "Final_Preview." So what can be next?
OBSERVATION #1: Guns on the wall  &  'The War' Poster
THEORY A: They're prepared to engage in battle at any moment. Maybe waiting for a war to break out?

OBSERVATION #2: Someone is approaching. Who is it?
THEORY B: They all look up at the same time. Could this mean someone has invaded their private space? It looks to be that whoever is entering must be a friend, because they don't seem alarmed. They're not running to grab their weapons. Could that friend be us (EXO-L)? Maybe...Lay? Could it be that they were waiting and passing the time playing video games, waiting for him/us to return?

OBSERVATION #3: They look to be in a temporary building. A basement? A bunker?
THEORY C: This goes back to my first theory. The room they are in looks like a small, cramped space, similar to a bunker. There are no appliances, other than an old t.v. It could also be a basement (yes I see that window, some basements have windows to the outside). A lot of times, people will have all their friends over and take them down to the basement, because that's where they keep all their video games. It's usually a space for chilling and relaxing (i.e. man cave).

There's also a reel-to-reel tape recorder on the desk behind Sehun. I don't know about you guys, but either this was there to go along with the vintage theme or it's there for them to listen to music. Or is it there for something else? Hmm....

OBSERVATION #4: The Time is 11:06 a.k.a Eclipse time
THEORY D: I live in the states, and was lucky enough to be in the path of the eclipse last week, and it was beautiful guys. As you recall, the day of the eclipse, @wearoneexo tweeted this:

"11:06" or possibly 11:05am?? The moment right before the start of the eclipse? It is still daylight outside, and right before an eclipse it starts to look dark, as if it were evening. Maybe the sky is in the process of darkening, so that's why it looks like the evening outside instead of bright daylight?

On the other hand, could this have been what EXO were doing during the eclipse? Notice the color of the outside. I got to look at the eclipse through solar glasses, and the color of the sun was the exact same or similar to the color of the light shining through the window. I tried to find some pictures to help you see what I'm trying to describe to you. During a solar eclipse it gets dark, but there's this weird glow...like it looks like you put an Instagram filter over everything.
Notice this photo. Looks like an instagram filter right? No, this is what it looked like outside during the eclipse. Notice the color of everything? (cr, @BGEA)
(cr, @NASAGoddardPix)
So more pictures of the eclipse as it happened. Look at the COLOR OF THE SUN. (cr, @infosecdad)

This section will contain theories found on the web. All of the credit goes to the original poster. If you see your theory here and want it taken down, just send us a message or comment below.

THEORY #1 : ANGEL 2641

Theory #2: The End Of The World
"A kfan found this & "lets celebrate the end of our world together" was written in the poster in exo's the power of music video teaser..."

Written by Danielle@EXOdicted.net

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