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Friday, May 26, 2017

✰ Weekly Review ✰ mykpopmart.com: EXO's Autograph and Lyrics Mugs

Happy weekend!
Hope you guys have a very awesome week!😉
Today marks the grand comeback of EXOdicted's Review! Yaaay!🙌
If you're a new reader, you'd probably clueless on what's going on.
No worries, I'll explain it to you😁
So long time ago, once upon a time, there are a princess who live in a very veeeeery far away kingdom called EXO PLANET and she will marry one of the 9 handsome princes who live happily ever after with the daesangs flowing like tears. Lol just kidding😋
Anyways! In 2013 to 2014, we used to write a review every once a week or once in two weeks depends on the Writer's flexible time, but during those times, we're super duper active on writing a review about EXO's style (which you can find on style.exodicted.net now) and some of Korean's beauty products or even EXO's official goods. Hit on EXOdicted's Search and type "Review" to find various of EXO related review that we did in the past!😉 and oh Weekly Topics is definetely be released every Wednesday (but because we don't have any active writer so Weekly Topics might be in hiatus for a while😁)
Also, we have a feedback inbox where the readers can freely send their requests on what kind of post should we make other than the latest updates of EXO, well.. we read some of you are very eager for the weekly posts edition by the Writer. So, we decided to do a comeback for our Weekly Review!👌 we'll make a review not only about EXO but also Korean beauty products, Korean foods, Korean popular place to visit if you're going to Seoul or any other country, what else? Pretty much everything so please please anticipate it and give lots of LOVES💗💗

And for those who requested the amazing old contents to be back, don't worry! We're working really hard to get everything back or to produce the brand new series of posts on EXODICTED but be patient because we have a very limited staff (especially Writer!)😙

Okay back to the original post, so I just received a bunch of EXO's items from mykpopmart.com and I was super-super-super excited when I received it, it feels like receiving a gift on your birthday. Its so special, you just want to cherish 'em in a locked room and just don't use it all😋

Anyway, I got totebags, t-shirt, mugs and a hoodie with a very good quality, I'm so in love with these stuff I just want to...😍😍

But I'll make a review of it one by one every week so look forward for it!😜

First thing first, I'm gonna review their super cute mugs🍺

When I first look at the mugs from their site, I feel like falling in love at the first sight especially at the Lyrics mugs, Dancing King yooooo 💃 and the autograph mugs, I don't own any autographed album or any autographed stuff of EXO so I thought, what a great timing! Autographed mugs is definetely a wise choice!😊
Their mugs is unlike any other mugs, I can bring it anywhere for how light it is. Like yesterday, I brought it to my summer camp because well, I don't have any mugs for my morning coffee and there are like bunch of girls in my camp so they definetely have their own mugs, I wouldn't want to use someone else's mugs because everyone personally bring their mugs so I should bring mine as well😂

So, back to the topic, the mugs is like a travel kit, its not that big so it'll only take a small space on your suitcase, I was worried because I think it'll be so fragile, what if they break it for throwing my suitcase all over the place #airplaneluggageproblems, but it's safely landed without any cracks at all. Thank you mugs! I was blessed with the fact that its EXO-related goods and yet again, another blessing facts that the quality is definetely beyond it, it's light so you can bring it anywhere and its strong so they're not easy to break.

Rate: 5/5.

Yes, I would like to purchase more of their good quality mugs. I hope they'll make another design of EXO in the future so I'll have a morning, afternoon, night, or midnight cup for my coffee😝

You can buy the mugs on mykpopmart.com;

Dancing King

EXO's Autograph

More review post will be up next week so look forward to it!

Send your tip (for weekly topics, weekly discussion, etc) on exdwriter@gmail.com or feedback inbox on exdstaff@gmail.com

See you next week!

Shoutout to mykpopmart.com!👋
Written by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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