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Sunday, June 11, 2017

✰ Weekly Review ✰ mykpopmart.com: EXO's Love Me Right Tote Bags

Hi! Happy weekend 💗

I'm back again with our Weekly Review~ This post was supposed to be up on Saturday night, which is when, according to a survey, 90% of EXO-Ls spend their time on every SNS in the world, seeking for something about their lovely oppars, because #NoEXONoLIFE (...but what survey? The survey based on my life every Saturday 😝)

Anyway, before going into our main topic, let's talk about the incredible, amazing, breath-taking two-night concert of EXO in one of the biggest stadiums in South Korea, Jamsil Stadium. WOW! With more than 50,000 attendees and so many surprises from the boys, it was all worth it 👍

Can we talk about the amazing rainbow ocean where the colors changed every time EXO changed the song? AWESOME! From Heaven to 3.6.5, everything was so wonderful, and I feel so sad that I only saw it through a livestream. /sobs/ #internationalfanproblems

For those who couldn't attend, although we couldn't see their historical first ever concert at Jamsil Stadium, let's always walk with EXO and hope that someday, we could stand together to see our boys with hearts full of love, because they've been breaking more records and they've been making us proud constantly. We are one!

Okay, let's get on to our review 💃 So this week, we'll talk about the beautiful tote bags from mykpopmart.com. They're so beautiful that they look surreal. I mean, honestly, I've never owned any bag that screams "I'M AN EXO-L!!!11!" because I never really think about my style. Yes, I don't. Like, I'm old enough to know which clothes are good for me to wear, but nope, I don't. I still need my mom to look for everything for me. Back then, I'd buy every single album of EXO, but not the yada-yada-yada, because, I thought that, well... they don't really change anything. My main purpose was to see my babies walking down a flowery path with trophies in their hands, so other things were unnecessary. But then, once you start buying goods, your mind will automatically tell you "BUY 'EM!!!" for everything, and then buying will become a habit. Then you'll think that, apparently, it's not a bad idea to buy things other than the albums. There'll be this tiny feeling in your heart that others need to know you're stanning the 9 most hardworking and most handsome boys; the whole world needs to know! And that feeling when someone recognizes you as EXO-L... ARGGGGH. It's such a wonderful feeling, but not for your wallet 😜 #jk

So, I got the package from mykpopmart.com alongside the cuties (a.k.a. the mugs which I wrote about 2 weeks ago). The package came safely to me, and when I opened it, I felt like screaming. There are two tote bags, but I decided to write about them one by one, because a work of art needs to be appreciated and loved 😋 The tote bags are huge because I ordered the big size; I thought that I needed a big-sized bag because I'm a student. Imagine having a useful bag in which you can put your books, laptop, handphone, etc. all in one place, without having to bring an extra bag for your laptop. Also, the most important part of the bags is that, if you want to escape from reality, then you can bring everything from your wardrobe, your piggy bank savings, your lamp, your... your diamonds, your everything, just put 'em all in. I swear to God, they'll fit 👀 (What even is "escaping from reality"? I sound like a piece of poetry. 🙈)

But it's true! For example, look at this picture of the bag after I had thrown everything into it. Everything fits so perfectly, and omg look at that beautiful hair of EXO; I can even guess who is who 😂

But how about the material?
No worries, I wouldn't suggest that you put everything into the bag. Just make it as heavy as possible because the quality of the material is cheap. No, no! It's so, so, so good! Even the straps of the bag are so strong! So perhaps you feel anxious because you might rip the bag if you place many things into it. No, it's really safe. The quality of the material is just that perfect!

From the close-up images, you can clearly see the soft material, outside and inside the bag! The bag is a canvas bag, which is why you can see the colors blending together really well, and yes, yes–the material is so thick (+ the bag smells good!).

There are lots of tote bags available at mykpopmart.com, but I picked this one because it looks simple yet elegant. Also, the "Love Me Right" fan art is so cute; the precise details are making me have goosebumps.

the design ✔
the material ✔
the size and the shape ✔

Rate: 10/10 (this is truly my honest opinion)

The plus point is–they ship really fast 👍

Order yours now at mykpopmart.com - Love Me Right tote bag.

Shout-out to mykpopmart.com
Written by Fika @ EXOdicted.net
Edited by Gina @ EXOdicted.net

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