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Thursday, May 18, 2017

[TRANS] 170512 Kai’s “Spring Has Come” Comments

·         Kai’s Comment
We’ve finished shooting. I already miss it and a lot of things are going on in my head right now. We shot in two places: Japan and Jeju Island in Korea. I had a very fulfilling time and I had so much fun. 

Dear co-stars and staff, all the shooting places, sceneries, and everything else will stay in my memory.

I had a very special time since I got to act as the main character, even though it was my first time in a Japanese drama series. I would like to express the full effort I put into this drama through my acting.

Please anticipate “Haru ga Kita” (Spring Has Come) and support Ji-won (my character); me, Kai; and the WOWOW television channel.

Thank you so much.

·         Director Yūto Kawai’s Comment on Kai
I underestimated him at first. I was standing idly to watch how he will do, thinking, “The top artist in Korea… I have to keep an eye on his skills.”

But now, after we’ve finished shooting, I feel emptiness in my heart. I’m going through the suffering of losing Kai’s presence…

Going to my conclusion, Kai is indeed a monster. I was beaten out by his skills and I finally understood the reason behind him being a worldwide superstar.

I was especially astonished by Kai when he faced and approached Ji-won to get the character inside him. When I discussed with him that Ji-won is a character who brings warm Spring to the cold Kishigawa family of Winter, Kai became that Spring himself and brought warmth, not only to the Kishigawa family, but to us, the staff.

He will surely deliver to you the Spring through his acting, but be careful–you will suffer a lot from missing Kai when the Spring disappears after finishing the drama.

Translated by Miyu at EXOdicted.net
Edited by Gina at EXOdicted.net

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