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Sunday, April 9, 2017

[INFO] 170408 EXO Baidu Bar to boycott YinYueTai and any related platforms for V Chart live voting

From today onwards, Baidu EXO Bar will boycott all activities or anything related from YinYueTai! You don't deserve the word "justice"! 

Pic 1 21:26 

Pic 2 21:48

V Chart live voting Most Popular Group Award irregularities. In only 21 mins, EXO's live votes went up by 100K and 2nd place went up 500K, aka avg of 23810 votes/min...


Fans paid so much to vote and you playing "black" giving it to some girl group we didn't even heard before? And for another popularity award it's so obvious that EXO is the most popular group for Korea among the other guests? Before a girl group is performing, the emcee said "even E.X.O sitting below wants to watch their perf" ?? Like excuse me??? Plus, giving Baekhyun his award he won LAST YEAR at the backstage? Can he deserve some respect from you? Like who are you to treat him so? I know you want them for fame and popularity but at least treat them better? What you do is just cheating fans' money and wasting our time.

(Translated by Layshands, queenbhyun)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net


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