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Sunday, April 2, 2017

[GIVEAWAY] Winner of #EXOrDIUMinSG giveaway and surprise details!

1. aeri_dimple
2. kkkkkzw
3. beecikifly
4. baeksmuurf
5. baekdreamer04
6. xinyi_0415
7. real__meh
8. exolottohun
9. tongsingalong
10. artisticsoo
11. itzjoehui
12. sze_eeee
13. heliumdaisies
14. ayara98
15. xiuclub
16. taekaibby
17. bookwormhere
18. moonbin98_ast
19. vanieliau
20. ddoiing

Congratulations to the winner!
We're planning to give away only 15 stickers but adding 5 more people won't hurt right? 😋
Anyway, don't worry for all of you who didn't win.
Surprisingly we got 20 more stickers for people in the venue! YAAAY!
But its not as easy as retweeting the tweet, you'll need to do the little chit-chat with our frontliner known as D.M. The topic is of course 'Blissful 1,825' project. So make sure to meet our frontliner and answer all the questions to get our exclusive stickers!

Meeting venue: Outside Singapore Indoor Stadium (Please check @EXOdicted on Twitter or EXOdicted_Intl on Instagram for the update!)
Time: around 10am SST.

We also have many many many photocards and calling cards to be given for free on the venue tomorrow!

So, let's meet tomorrow and have a lot of fun!💗💗
Make sure to capture your free EXOdicted's merchs if you get them!

See you tomorrow Loves!

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