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Friday, April 14, 2017

[EXODICTED'S EXCLUSIVE] 170413 My Experience Watching EXO’rDIUM in Singapore

It was the 2nd of April and my heart kept on pounding so fast. How could it not, because it was the day the EXO’rDIUM in Singapore concert was going to take place! I went to Singapore Indoor Stadium complete with an EXO hat and lightstick. I was around the stadium from 10:00 a.m. as I had to give out giveaway prizes and interview people for the Blissful 1825 project. Even though I waited for hours, I didn’t regret anything, because it was fun and I became acquainted with other EXO-Ls. There were so many people around the stadium; when I got there, there was already a long line of people queuing up to buy EXO official merchandise, but luckily I had already gotten mine. I waited and waited, and I decided to start queuing. I made two close friends from Singapore and Indonesia respectively, and we were together for the whole concert.

The clock showed 2:30 p.m., and one by one, we were allowed to go inside the stadium. Pen A and B went in first; after that, my pen, Pen C, went in. Since there were a lot of people in each pen, I went inside the stadium around 3:50 p.m. After scanning my ticket I directly ran inside—yes, I left my friends, but we met each other again after that—and I was so amazed by the size of the stadium. Fangirls were shouting and screaming when they got inside. As a fanboy, I had to keep my image, stay cool, but I was screaming and shouting too in my heart, to be honest. What made me happy was that Standing Pen C was so big. My row was the second to the last row to get in, but when I got inside, Pen C was filled with only about 15% of the people who went in before me. So, although I went inside the stadium last, my position was very near the stage!

The time showed 4:00 p.m. but the concert hadn’t started yet, so my friends and I shouted “Let them out!” several times, and a few other people also followed us. Not long after we shouted, the opening VCR started to play on the screen. All of us were shouting and screaming as loud as we could! I felt very happy at that moment because I knew that not all EXO-Ls were able to attend the concert, but I was. Not long after the VCR, EXO went out from backstage and we started to shout and scream even louder than before.

EXO started the concert with a short version of MAMA continued with Monster. By the time they were performing Monster, people were pushing forward because they thought that they would get a better view of EXO. However, that is not true. You won’t be able to take clear and quality videos or pictures if you are in front, because people are going to keep on pushing you, and this happened to me. I couldn’t get a clear video of Monster because of the pushing and chaos. So, I decided to move to the very back. Maybe some of you think that it was a stupid idea to move to the back, but let me tell you: I am tall, so it was easier for me to watch and take videos and pictures, and more importantly, there wasn’t any pushing that disturbed me while I was recording. Moreover, I knew that there were two long stages on both sides of the middle stage. If you are at the back, you can easily run to one of those stages if one of the members goes on that stage. I say this because I successfully got very clear videos and pictures of D.O. and Baekhyun!

I have four favorite moments from the concert: first was when we sang a happy birthday song to Sehun, second was when D.O.’s voice cracked, third was when Xiumin was trying to do aegyo but it turned out very hilarious, and the last was the moment when Baekhyun spoke about not letting us throw things onto the stage, but it was the moment that he was waiting for anyway.

Sehun cried when we sang happy birthday for him in Korean. He said that he was very happy to be there with us. But after he said that, Chanyeol and Xiumin sang the happy birthday song in the wrong tones, which made the audience and me laugh so hard!

When EXO was performing Lady Luck acoustic, D.O.’s voice suddenly cracked, and it made not only the audience laugh, but Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Kai were clearly spotted laughing too! It was very funny because none of us expected that D.O. would crack his voice.

Xiumin, Chanyeol, and Sehun performed a trio rap after singing the birthday song for Sehun. But before they started performing, they were talking and playing with each other on the stage for a while to entertain us. Chanyeol asked Xiumin to do aegyo while rapping. Xiumin accepted the challenge, and he did it, but it was very hilarious. Chanyeol and Sehun, who were onstage, laughed so hard until they couldn’t stand.

As time went by, it was time for them to say a few things to us before the last performance. When it was Baekhyun’s turn, one of his messages that I will always remember is, “It is not allowed to throw things to the stage because it could hurt us, you know. However, I'm always waiting for this part of the concert to happen, because I really love all of your gifts!” Yes, he said “GIFTS”!

So, that was my experience watching EXO’rDIUM in Singapore. It was the first EXO concert that I attended. Unfortunately, this concert may be the first and last concert of EXO that I watch, because after I graduate my IGCSE, I am going to move to a new school as a scholar.

I would highly recommend all EXO-Ls who are going to watch their next concert to buy Standing Pen C—although there will be some performances that you won't be able to see clearly because EXO will be at the main stage (like Unfair, Monster and Overdose), you will always see them from a straight angle, and you will be literally below them when they move toward the long stages.

Credit: D.M at EXOdicted.net
Edited by: Gina at EXOdicted.net

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