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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Blissful 1,825 x EXOdictSubs: English Subbed Videos celebrating #5YearsWithEXO

Hi guys!

A week to EXO's 5th Years Anniversary! Wow!
What a blissful days have passed with EXO growing as a legend.

As our project is doing really well and EXOdictSubs are working really hard to provide the better english subbed videos for EXO-Ls, we're bringing you the collab between our Project Manager x Subbing Team of EXOdicted.

#Blissful1825 received a lot of participants in just a day we feel super thankful with all of the achievements (thanks to the fanbases we're working with!) and of course the EXO-Ls who had submitted their lovely and thoughtful stories about EXO. We definetely wish more people to join the project.

EXOdictSubs are planning to make an even more blissful event during April 8th with 'EXOdictSubs Cinema', in that page, we will be showing EXOdictSubs past and present HD English Subbed videos of EXO.

The reason we're making the collaborations is so we can reach the goals of the #Blissful1825 and get ready for the mega opening of our brand new content, 'EXOdictSubs Cinema'.

Apparently, these videos didn't have any english subtitles or it has been subbed but the quality of the video is very low and even has deleted by the source hence we make the collaboration page of EXOdictSubs and wish to reach the goals exactly at April 8th.

What should you do?

Write your stories and join the #Blissful1825 project. If you have joined, share the project to other EXO-Ls so that we can reach the goal and then we can get the english subbed videos by EXOdictSubs.

When will it be end?

We have wrote how many contributors to each videos. Once we reach the goals, we'll be update you the status and will upload it as soon as possible.

How about the EXOdictSubs Cinema?

The EXOdictSubs Cinema will be open exactly at April 8th, hopefully we can reach all of the goals before April 8th and released the videos all at once.

What will I get doing all of it?

The HD english subbed videos with the explanation of the caption and the possible chance of you winning our #Blissful1825 giveaway! Its a win-win situation.

How can we choose the videos that we want?

After contributing to the Blissful 1,825 please choose which video do you wish to get subbed.

Choose ONE per person.
We'll check if you ever double enter the form and we'll delete your contributions.

Can you explain me about the videos?

EXO's Coming Over Japan DVD and CD (includes making film of EXO)
EXO at M!Countdown Japan Backstage (we believe there's no english subbed videos or have been deleted but you can always tell us if there's any)
EXODUS Press Conference (50mins version of presscon)
EXO 2nd Mini Album Comeback Showcase in Shanghai (The last moment of OT12 EXO)
Nature Republic Livestream with Chanyeol and Sehun


EXO's Coming Over Japan DVD and CD = - 250
EXO at M!Countdown Japan Backstage= - 150
EXODUS Press Conference = - 200
EXO 2nd Mini Album Comeback Showcase in Shanghai = - 200
Nature Republic Livestream with Chanyeol and Sehun = COMPLETED! 

[Note: - means how many left contributors we needed]


If you have any questions, just comment down below or mention us on twitter @EXOdicted

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