[INFO] 170301 Kai will be starred as a lead role in Japanese drama 'Spring Has Arrived'

The drama is a remake Original: The late Japanese author Mukoda Kuniko's steady seller book with the same title. They already made it into a drama in 1982 a year after the author's death (plane crash) Kai plays a Korean photographer Lee Jiwon who meets Kishikawa Naoko.
Kai says it will be the first time for him to stay in japan for a long time so he's looking forward to experience their culture too. The producer also share the reason why he/she decided to appoint Kai for the lead role for this Japanese drama, the role played by Kai is a really special role in which his existance in the family is like a spring that will changed the family surrounding like a typhoon, as the writer of this story, Kuniko Mukoda's works have affected people beyond times and border. They want this lead role to be able to deliver that emotions, impress watchers beyond words and feel cultural differences The producer thought that Kai fit this role so well. Not only because of his charisma but also because of his sensitivity and cares that surrounding him, his nice and warm attitude.

(Translated by kimjoninis, kaiikim)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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