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Saturday, March 18, 2017

[FREEBIES] 170318 EXODICTED's Calling Cards and Photocards Giveaway for #EXOrDIUMinMalaysia


Hello fellow Malaysian EXO-L!

We'll be giving away 1000 pieces of photocards and 500 pieces of calling cards for FREE to every EXO-L that'll attend tomorrow's #EXOrDIUMinMalaysia🙌

Thanks to our lovely staff, ZQ and Zi for doing a really great collaboration to make this project possible💗

If you'll be going and are very eager to get our freebies, check out our Twitter to know our staff's area. (more likely to be outside of the venue!)

Also, we'll be doing a live report on the concert so keep an eye to our Twitter account!

See you tomorrow, EXO-Loves!💘

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