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Sunday, February 19, 2017

[TRANS] 170218 Suho's Interview for Allure Korea Magazine March Issue

On the last day, SUHO gave all the staff a box of Maccarons as a gift


We thought he might possibly wear a huge pair of sunglasses and avoid the eyes of his surrounding, but Suho didn’t even wear a common ball cap, showing up at the airport so very casually. And he kept that casual posture until the end of the trip when he arrived in Seoul. Beside that, Suho during his Switzerland trip kept showing us how each one of our expectations of ‘An EXO member must be like this’. He was such an artist of healthy lifestyle that even at the international ski resort Schilthorn, he made sure to hit the gym whenever he had time; such a daring adventurer that he challenged the paragliding at the Alps peak, something just looking at made us feel dizzy. At the lakeside of Zurich, where the past and present met, he woke up early to go for a jog, and said the place he wanted to go the most was the Kunsthaus Museum of Modern Art. In front of Van Gogh’s self portrait placed at Kunsthaus, Suho stood for quite a while. We were able to meet the bare face of the leader of EXO, the group with the most fans on Earth, while travelling back and forth between Schilthorn and Zurich. And the kindness where he wanted to share everything, anything good with the members and the fans. The interview was carried out on the train to Zurich, our second destination. Outside, Switzerland’s scenery kept on changing from time to time.

  We’ve been through half of the schedules. What does this trip mean to you?
I don’t get to come to Europe often, and Switzerland is a country that everyone wants to go to at least once, so I really looked forward to this trip. Taking this chance, I wanted to feel and share the scenery, so I got really excited and even bought a new camera.
We are also doing photoshoots, so it’s not totally travelling. When you came here, did it feel like coming on a business trip or just travelling?
One thing for sure, it didn’t feel like coming for work. (laugh) Because shooting for a pictorial in Switzerland is not something that happens everyday.  It felt like travelling while taking a photoshoot? I enjoyed every moment of it. It really feels great though?
What kind of travelling do you prefer? Recreational or full of activities?
I like the activity type. I like enjoying the nature and sceneries, so last January I travelled to the US to the Grand Canyon.
Right, we were taken aback when you said you wanted to go paragliding yesterday! How was it? It was really high so you flew for as long as 20 minutes.
It was really fun. I think I won’t ever forget it. It was such a magnificent sight viewed from the sky. The moment when you feel how endlessly small you are in front of Mother Nature. But my screaming in the middle of it must’ve been recorded in the footage. Next time I want to come skiing with the members.
Did you send your photos from Switzerland to the members?
I uploaded them onto our group chat. But leisure photos wouldn’t get much reaction (laugh) However photos that I took in the middle of work would get replies like ‘Must be hard’ ‘Hang in there’.
Haha. Don’t the members think of this Switzerland photoshoot as work?
Won’t they? 100%! Chanyeol sent a snow photo so I showed him a scenery of a different class.
It’s not been that long since new year started, I don’t remember from when but I’ve been finding myself always greeting the new year with EXO. You always come out last on Gayo Daejeon, don’t you? Like the ‘final boss’.
Yes, it’s such a huge burden... but we almost always find ourselves standing there at the ending.
Hasn’t it been 4 years already? How does it feel?
We probably got to stand on stage at the end because we gratefully got to be awarded a Daesang for 4 years consecutively, but it’s been becoming huger a burden. Watching the stages of so many great seniors and juniors, I always think that we need to be even better, we need to showcase that doesn’t embarrass this award.
’EXO wrote a legend again’. Haven’t you got used to this kind of headline now?
I think this year is a year that becomes a big homework to us. It’s not that the awards are important, but we want to become an artist that remains a great one even after a long time, so each year is important. The company, and among ourselves too, we’ve been saying this for the third, fourth year already “We just need to do well this year”.
When the award winner is announced, before receiving it, the members would gather their heads and take sometime, right? What did you say at those times?
We’ve worked hard, let’s do well next year too. We say things like these a lot.
You frequently are in charge of acceptance speech, do you prepare in advance?
I do prepare to some degree. When I entered college, a teacher told me this. That the right answer is to speak honestly, that saying something you created can’t move people’s heart. When we first debuted, I used to speak exactly as I had memorized, so people said I sounded like an announcer, that there was no human feel to it. Since then, I tend to think beforehand 5-10 minutes before going up on stage, and speak what’s on my mind on spot. At Melon Music Awards, I was so moved by Sechskies senior’s stage, that I put aside the acceptance speech that I had prepared in advance, and just said what I felt then. Turns out many people seemed to like it.
When I watch programs or V-app broadcasts with EXO, there are many times you are in charge of MC-ing in the team. What do you think about leading a talk with members?
It’s even more of a burden. If I can’t do it in a fun way, members would scold me and make fun of me. That becomes a fun element in itself. Baekhyun always takes the lead, I wonder if his joy in life is to make fun of me...
Haha! We should’ve invited Baekhyun too.

To be honest, there are many members who are worn out by long flights. That’s why on vacations, we usually can’t go any farther than Asia. There are even members that don't leave Seoul.
When I listen to EXO’s albums, I can feel that EXO is maturing in terms of music.
The members personally are also growing up, and our A&R team that collects songs for us works hard too. We individually have been continuously studying music, Chanyeol too works extremely hard. I think we owe our musical growth to the fact that SM A&R team has also matured with us too. Our opinions are being reflected more and more too.
Which song in your latest album reflected your opinions?
For example our title track “Lotto”. There were other tracks to, but “Lotto” was selected as the title track based on our 6:4 opinions. Other songs felt more boyish, so they should’ve done better coming out the year before last or so. ‘Lotto’ on the other hand felt more mature. We wanted to give out a cool vibe so we picked this song.
Is there a natural tendency that you should show a more mature side?
I think all the members will agree with me on this. I think we especially wanted a song that could give out a cool and mature vibe choreographically. If the members actively give their opinions, I would bring out the overall convergence.
I think there were many songs with ballad element that allowed us to enjoy the charm of Suho’s voice. Songs like ‘White Noise’.
Though I’m still lacking a lot, I think I’ve grown a lot too. As a trainee, I seemed to do only what I was given, what I was asked to. When among the members and my friends, there were ones who would show a distinct charm of their own. So I listened to my recorded voice a lot to try to find my own color. My trainee period was quite long, but I’ve been improving more after than before debut. I think it all comes down to having learned the basics well as a trainee.
You actually are not a dance member, but I can also feel the growth in your dance ability?
Not dance. Not even now (laugh)
Your solo part in ‘Monster’ is very cool!
It’s a very difficult one. Other members find it difficult too. You need to complete it with feels, but I’m lacking of such “feel” so I really practiced a lot. But as I do concerts one after another, my stamina deteriorates, or sometimes the overwhelming “feel” ruins it, also the costume affects how it looks to. I personally wasn’t satisfied with the recent award show stage.
EXO has been showing very cool choreographies since debut. They all looked considerably difficult, but when I watched your “Infinite Challenge” collaboration, you guys learned the choreography in two days? Are you all geniuses or something?
Haha. After doing it for sometime, you would find there are similar moves, so it’s true that it’s now easier to learn the choreography than in the past. I’m a bit ambitious, so I’ve been taking personal lessons. Not frequently, but whenever I have time.
Was there any choreography that was particularly hard to learn?
It’s ‘Lucky One’. People think it’s an easy one, but first when you perform it on stage, physically it’s so hard it’s killing you, also there are many moves that are hard to do in a cool way. We had worked with Tony Testa, a choreographer I respect, for ‘Overdose’ and ‘Wolf’, and I’d rather dance those since they weren’t so hard once you got in sync.  I think my favorite choreography is ‘Overdose’’s. I like the song and the concept too.

Your solo track ‘Curtain’ was released when you arrived in Switzerland. I took a quick listen and it was a tender song with a jazzy feel.
That feel was what I had had in mind, so I discussed it with the composer a lot, and prepared for a long time. I wanted to sing above just a single instrument's sound, so I only collaborated with a pianist. SM station is a project that doesn’t focus too much on the commercial side.

Which side of yourself do you want to show through this song?
I think I had wanted to show people my sound. I wanted to, at least once, show people that though there were Baekhyun, D.O. and Chen, such amazing vocalists in EXO, there was also an artist named Suho. I was lucky to get a good song, that was how I ended up doing it.

EXO has been having more solo activities, right?
Each member has many things they want to do, and we’ve improved a lot too so we try to do them when we have time, and the company has been helping a lot too. I got to act in  the drama “Star of the universe” also because I wanted to act. I had been looking because I had wanted to do a role, even a small one, in a movie or drama.
I came here after watching <Star of the universe> till episode 9. It’s the story of a celebrity, so there must be many scenes where you can relate. For example scenes like the one when someone young said “Oh, it’s Woojoo!” and he replied “Am i your friend?”
Haha. It true is something I want to say when people younger use banmal on me. I too once said “Oh, hi! But can you stop using banmal on hyung?”. Above all, Woojoo is a singer, so it’s a story I can relate. There was a scene where he was singing alone on stage, it’s a situation I go through a lot too. The scene where manager hyung or someone from the company gave him advice in the car too. Though I don’t block their words with a pair of earphones. Woojoo and I have so many things in common, yet so many different.
Which ones in common?
Everyone has a dark side and a bright side, right? I borrowed me of the darkest moments, when my mood hit bottom, when I’m the harshest, to portray Woojoo. But Woojoo was like that all the time. My lowest mood was actually a very ordinary one to Woojoo.
He must change after meeting the female lead then?
The drama isn’t too long, so he needs to change quick. He probably has started changing by now.
Your study was halted because of your (singer) activities, but originally you got accepted to K-Arts for acting right?
In my 3rd year at high school, when I was a trainee, I injured my leg. It was a situation where I couldn’t debut right away as a dance singer because I couldn’t dance for about 1 year. So I thought hard about what I could do at the time, and thought I would go to college as an acting major. As I was active as a singer, I also thought that I would start acting again. Then I was met with “Glory Day”, and got to act again.
Is it fun in a different way than performing on stage?
I think for acting, the fun comes from the variables. Variables like improvising to film an outdoor scene inside because it rained, actually made it come out better. Meeting new people is fun too. On every set, I would get to meet a new director, new actors, so it feels anew every single time.
What do you want to do this year?
Why are you sighing...
As for my acting career, this year I want to play a small role alongside great seniors, be it a movie or drama. I’ve been, ridiculously, playing the lead all along. When D.O. got to act with Jo Jungsuk sunbaenim, I was so envious of him. I want to talk and share about acting and life with the hyungs.
Don’t you have many close actors?
I’m close with Byun Yohan hyung and Lee Donghwi hyung, but it’s not the same as meeting each other at the filming set. When we meet, more than half what we talk about is acting and movies. We take a look at each other’s scripts too. When I meet friends, seniors, juniors that have graduated or are still attending our school, I talk about nothing but acting. When I practice acting, I go practice at the school. In that process, I also meet juniors that I don’t know.
Other members from EXO are also expanding their territories to acting. Do you talk with each other a lot?
We don’t talk a lot, but they do support me a lot. D.O. and Xiumin hyung came to the filming site to support me with tangerines and vitamins.
What about your plans as EXO?
It will vary depending on the circumstances, but it will be a year we are more active as a group than ever. I think life follows the ‘law of conservation of mass’. I think when one is happy, unhappiness happens, when one is unhappy, happiness happens. Because I’m just a small dot on Earth, I hope I would be active in 2017 with an easy mind, not going through the fluctuation of joy and grief. It’s my personal determination for 2017.
But you look lonely now alone without the members?
I am lonely. (laugh)

‘Sweet’ Suho’s photoshoot team
“Sweet Suho oppa in Switzerland.” EXO Suho’s ‘V live’ with Switzerland’s snowy landscape as the background ended with this ment. Maybe because of its catchy rhyme, it got stuck in my head throughout the schedules. The photoshoot team this time, from the hero Suho to everyone else, were just sweet, so much that the Govermental Department of Tourism of Switzerland, who had worked with countless broadcasts and media, recognized us as ‘the dream team’. Photographer Shin Sunhye and Hwang Byungmoon, stylist Shi Juhee, hair artist Park Naejoo and makeup artist Hyun Yoonsoo, and SM manager No Yongmin who actively supported and enjoyed with us throughout all the schedules, personnel in charge from Advertising & planning team Im Seungeun, video director Yoo Dongseok and Director Kim Jiin and Head of Division Jo Wonmi from the Governmental Department of Tourism of Switzerland. Everyone has become contributors that I the ediotr couldn’t love enought! Thanks to you all, every moment of the trip was utterly sweet. The last day, Suho gave each of us a box of macaron a gift, once again certifying the ‘Sweet Suho’ title. I’m sorry but I didn’t share the macaron with any other editor and ate them all by myself.

(Translated by brightpeach522, LittleAriel13)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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