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Thursday, February 16, 2017

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 170216 EXO-CBX at NCSOFT Everysing Fansign

Fans said that she having a hard times these day & B wrote 'everything gonna be okay for you'
F: Why is Tanie's name Tan?
XM: Bcz my cat colors look like Yeontan color, so that's I named him~
L: Oppa will you hold your bday party again this year?
B: Ofcourse, i will~~~
L: Aaaaaa~~
B: *copying fans* Aaaaaa~
C: Hello
L: *안녕 못해애애애/im not okay* Jongdae's song
C: hahahahahhaha
L: I want to see it once
C: Hahhahahaha thankyou

L: Oppa its a gift, bday gift for you~~
X: o? Bday gift? You alr give it to me?
L: i think i cant go for next event>_<

fan asked minseok to write his first impression of her. when she sat down to look at it, she realized he'd written 예쁘네~ (she's pretty~)
Q. what do you in the dorm
JD: often watches movies
MS: watches a lot of tv and movies. said he watched goblin. watching missing 9
OP asked if #EXO will have EncoreConcert in March
JONGDAE: March~~its not! But we will!!
#SpoilerFairy did he have Veritaserum today?😂
Fan asked BAEK to draw a lucky charm for her. B drew his face 'ㅅ'
JONGDAE: "BAEKHYUN~ee & i should've sang "비가와 -Rain" together!"

While drawing,he was like- is my mole on the left or the right?
MS said he has filming soon so he wants to lose weight
-dyed his hair bc he's gonna color it
TANie🐱name is bc he's Briquette colored
OP asked BAEK if he's going to have his B'day Party w/the fans again this year

OP: Oppa this is u!
#CHEN: ah this is my emoticon! ah ha haㅋㅋ
OP: Pls draw many❤️s
JD: How many would u like?
OP: Many!
JD wrote ❤️x10000❤️
MS said he has filming soon so he wants to lose weight
-dyed his hair bc he's gonna color it
TANie🐱name is bc he's Briquette colored
JONGDAE wore a flower crown from a fan (need pics!!!!!)
- shook hands with a fanboy 💗
OP fave MINSEOK 'Minguri' & MS went: "Why is he always wearing a tube?" hahaha and stroked its head
OP: Oppa, what have u been up to these days?
OP: Really?Can i look fwd to it?
OP: Oppa,what have u been up to these days?
BAEK: These days? Playing games & RECEIVING LESSONS~~
OP: Oppa,what have u been up to these days?
OP: Can i anticipate it?Real daebak?
MS:mm..yes its DAEBAK!🙌
OP:Will EXO have a Concert or Fanmeeting this yr?
OP:Which section should i go to?
JD: b?c? ah come to B!! See u then~❤️
Fan told him he resembles CLEFAIRY😊He whined&pouted saying Everyone says that! Puppy😘
#CBX COMEBACK confirmed🎉
ChenBaekXi said CBX will comeback this year so pls look forward to it💚💙❤️
"Did u think we'd only release #HeyMama?"
OP: #1 Singer, hello!!
JONGDAE: No no (pointing abt BAEK👉) #1 Singer is here!💓
OP: Do u know PpiPpi=CLEFAIRY? its a Pokemon
B: ah i do~he's chubby right?
OP: No!u r not alike bc u r chubby but bc of ur ㅅlips!!
JONGDAE: Annyeong haseyo (hello)
OP: Annyeong mottae~~~~ (i can't say bye=JD's OST❤️)
OP: I wanted to do it once~😊
JD:😃thank u~
OP got her cartilage pierced bc of B's earring in #MONSTER
B:Aigoo~it didnt hurt?y'd u pierce it~!i clipped it on,not pierced'ㅅ'❤️
OP was crying hard
BAEK: Why r u crying? don't cry! Why are all the people who got autographs from CHEN coming crying😂😂💕
JONGDAE wants next #CBX concept to be "sexy" 😝
- likes #ArtificialLove the most (ofc!! lol)
- likes Digimon
BAEK: I wanna go to Boracay but it's a bit far~
When fans asked abt Overwatch, he said they'd get scolded bc its NC Soft fansign😅🤣
JONGDAE doesnt eat Bar Snacks when he drinks
MINSEOK: I used to be like that too when i was young but as u get older u need snacks😅
OP: Oppa, do u have plans to hold Bday Party (w/fans) by any chance?
MINSEOK: Ah Bday party... i dont think i can do it🙁
OP: its ok~
OP asked if #EXO will have EncoreConcert in March
JONGDAE: March~~its not! But we will!!
#XIUMIN "its SM Station" Coming Soon~~ pls anticipate!!😊❤️👍
JONGDAE said he received the Inkigayo #1 Trophy for #기다렸다가 from SBS❤️❤️❤️❤️
fan asked baekhyun what his rank in overwatch is and he said master
Jongdae said he is the one who should sing Rain with Baekhyun
OP told XM that she has a bf and then took out a mirror, asked "handsome right?" He ans "very handsome!"ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
minseok’s hair is yellow because he’s going to dye it another color soon
minseok has to film soon so he said he has to lose weight
minseok was petting minguri doll’s head and wondering why the doll always has a swimming tube on
OP asked XM if he is gg to have a bday party & he said that his schedules clashes with it so he might not have one
OP was hesitant to want XM to sign in Eng or Kor but he just sign in Eng w/o hesitation (received to its you dairy too)
OP wants to high5 with XM but was hesitant & almost got stopped by the manager. She managed to high5 with 2 fingers
OP's hair is blue colour so #xiumin keeps looking at her hair like a curious kitty & say "your hair colour is unique"
OP told XM she is going to uni soon and asked him to draw a lucky charm. He drew a heart.

(Credit: , reyeolie, hyoyeonsubs2, BYUNBAEEE, bulbaseok, eternally_b, chocohun94, maxiuxbb, )
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net


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