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Monday, January 1, 2018

❣️ EXODICTED's First Official Concert Kit ❣️

Hi guys!

Today, I woke up with an excitement that we finally released our very own concert kit that would be so goood for you to bring during EXO's concert alongside your blissful feelings of meeting the boys😎

The concert kit is actually one of EXD's Store Project, so you can check out our store here to find out much more amazing goodies made by our Graphic Designer OR you can always check out the store's Instagram to find out the latest items from our store💙💙💙

Okay, enough for the small talk🙈 let's go checking out the samples!

Shoutout to our dearest Graphic Designer Asih for creating such a wonderful design of EXOdicted's concert kit!

1. Bundles

- T-shirt

 Click to enlarge!

with a nice and comfortable materials that we've choosen so that you can wear it without feeling greasy or stiffed. Yes, in a concert, you need a t-shirt which absolutely can absorb sweat (if you're in the standing area and you feel like jumping the whole time! or if you're in the seat area but you feel hot af😥) or if you're not in the concert, but you feel like you need to be known as an EXO-L, yes, that's it 'Sincerely yours, EXO-L💕'

- Tumbler

- Totebag

This is def my fav, yes, I love bags as much as I love the boys. Like, everytime I go, I'll need a bag because I'm a 'prepare' kind of person, I need to bring my charges, my camera, my phone, the wet and dry tissue in case I eat fried chicken or any other foods (you name it!) that will need a wet tissue to wipe after you eat &&&& everything I have that I think will be useful so I'll need a bag to put 'em all, preferably tho the not so large bag but catchy and cute (Typically girls-- we don't need an expensive bag, we basically just want the cutie design😂)

- Handbanner

Of course, HANDBANNER! We've been preparing it for months, we need to be noticed by oppars sooo lively design would be needed. Facts has it that boys in general love to see something colorful but honestly everyone love to see something colorful, who wouldn't like it when you see something that are pleasant in your eyes? 💕 so we came up with the soft colored hand-banner, that says, "EXO, we're always here for you!" in Chinese, Korean and English!

 Click to en-large!
- Photocards

- Small lanyard

- Stickers 

The stickers is not included in the preview because its one of the late decision😀 but don't worry, these are the samples of the stickers. You can get the stickers in any package that you want. (Oh yeah, we'll have a numerous package for you to choose but you can also buy the whole bundle which I'll explain later😄)

'Always here for you' stickers
Animation stickers

Pssst. we have the t-shirt version of the animation, check it in our instagram!💕

2. Package

Package 1 includes;
- Stickers
- Totebag
- Handbanner
- Photocards

= $20

Package 2 includes;
- T-shirt
- Totebag
- Handbanner
- Photocards
- Stickers

= $30
Package 2 includes;
- Tumbler
- Totebag
- Handbanner
- Photocards
- Stickers

= $25

3. Whole bundle

You can get the whole bundle for $50. (Not include shipping).

But, we have staff from various country so you don't need to pay for the shipping if you get them D-2 before the concert😎

- What's the benefits of buying the whole bundle?

The benefits of buying the whole bundle is you get everything that we sell, instead of buying for each items which might be more expensive, buying the whole bundle will save more $, right? just kidding😵 the benefits is you can get our premium totebags for FREE.
Baekhyun's Animation Totebag
EXO's Lyrics Totebag

Sehun's "YEHETTT!!" t-shirt
&&& a coupons code of more than 20% discount in our store😄😄😄 kyaaa!! so excited!

For the free totebags you can choose which one do you prefer, as for Sehun's YEHET you can get it with black and grey ver. BUT! the totebags its limited, you can choose which one do you want as long as its not out of stock.

Also, if you think you don't want to buy the packages or the whole bundle, you can buy one item separately from the concert kit. Again, its up to you.

4. How to order?

Its a pre-order.
We need time to make sure the productions is perfect💘
If you're interested on buying the concert kit, you'll need to order it 2 weeks or a month and you'll need to pay 30% of the original price, for example, if it is $20, you'll need to send us $7 so that we can proceed your order or for the whole bundle, you'll need to send us $20 so we can proceed the order.

The productions is in Phillipines so for other country, you can ask for your friends to join the 'Country's Group Order' to get the cheaper shipping fees. Don't worry, we have GO for each country and we'll wait for more than 20 or 10 order to proceed unless you want to buy it for yourself and pay for the shipping fee yourself we can proceed it right away for you! Its all up to you😘

After filling out the form. Send your money through Paypal;

Or you can send it thru Western Union (International), Concealed Cash (Asia), BANK Transfer (Depends on your country).

- Western Union

1. Open westernunion.com and choose your country
2. Select 'How to send Money' and see the step-by-step on how to send the money
3. After sending your money, please DM us on @EXDUpdates

- Concealed Cash [Your own risk!]

Only available for Asia.

Malaysia - ZQ
Indonesia - Fika
Philippines - Ysa/Moon
Singapore - Jasmine

1. Ask our staff's address BEFORE. Then once the money is IN the mail (as in you've sent it) please fill the form and post it.
2. Somewhere in the envelope put that it's for EXOdicted but DO NOT put that it's for buying the concert kit!
3. Be sure to wrap your money in a sheet(s) of paper so that it isn't obvious that it's cash in the envelope.
4. PLEASE include your NAME AND EMAIL in the sheet of paper
5. Once the money is received you will receive an email from us.

- BANK Transfer

These are the available countries;

Philippines - Ysa / Moon
Malaysia - ZQ
Indonesia - Fika
Singapore - Jasmine
USA - Danielle
Europe - Elise

Contact us in @EXDUpdates as in DM/Mentions us if you want to either pay it thru Western Union, Concealed Cash and BANK Transfer.

5. Limited Order?

There's no time limits. The concert kit pre-order will not be closed and it'll open forever, however you need to order it as fast as you can so we can proceed yours asap.

6. Optional Design

Our calling cards/photocards actually have an optional design that you can choose.

Blue ver.

 Pink ver.

UPDATE!! [04/01]

mykpopstore.com is holding a giveaway for our 'Drawstring Pouch' - check out their instagram on how to join the giveaaway!

If you have a question please go to;
Mentions/DM us on @EXDUpdates or @EXOdictedStore

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