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Monday, January 16, 2017


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *firework emoji*
2017 is coming with us changing the theme with more responsive theme ever!
Its simple than our previous theme but I hope you guys like it<3
We have so much more contents to bring other than just the latest and most up to date stuff about EXO and oh! it'll be our 5th anniversary with EXO and we're planning to embark our site too, thus, we need more people to join us!

Come to think of it, we've been running with EXO since they're still hardly promoted by going into Super Junior's concert as a guest, or dreaming to win a newcomer award. Who knows that our boys' hardwork are worth it with 4th daesang straight from Overdose era to the present?
In the past, MAMA got only 100,000 sales of album and then going up to 500,00 sales for Growl, in 2016? They sold more than 2,6 millions of copies. And if we're talking about EXO's breaking history? The list goes on.

Anyway, let's go to the STAFFF APPLICATIOOOOON! OOOH! Before applying make sure to read this article about 5 reason on why you should be our staff!

Here are the available position;
1. Graphic Designer
2. Journalist (Author)
3. Writer
4. Translator (Korean and Japanese)
5. Reporter
6. Uploader/Compiler (Fancam + Fantaken)
7. Fashion Journalist
8. EXOdicted's Volunteer (Preferably around Asia)
9. Subber (Timer, Typesetter, Encoder)
10. Project Manager
The staff application form can be found herehttp://www.exodicted.net/p/staff-application_29.html

1. Website Moderator
Know how to handle CSS, HTML aka coding or know everything about Website monetization, settings, etc.
2. Youtube Starter
Know how to use Youtube (well duh, everyone know :p) but in this case, we want someone that loved to talk in front of the camera and understand how to edit a video, its optional tho, if you don't know how to edit your video than its okay. We want our own EXO-focused channel in Youtube so if you have a 'Youtuber' soul then let's join us! We're waiting for you!
3. Motion Graphic
Know and understand completely on video editing. If you can do a little sketch or make an animation, its more than just wonderful!

If you're interested in any of these position above, contact us on exdapplications@gmail.com with a SUBJECT: New Position
Fill in your name, age, country and your experiences including samples.
Please note that all of our staff working volunteerily so NO wage whatsoever, we're working with one purpose only, our love to EXO.

See you soon,
With millions of love,
EXOdicted's Staff<3

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