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Monday, November 21, 2016


It’s been a historic week for Exo and Exo-L’s with the results of both the Asian Artist Awards and Melon Music Awards! And let’s not forget CBX’s FIRST WIN! We also faced some controversy surrounding Lay and a little fan war as a result of all the awards. However, for today, let’s put aside all our other conflicting feelings and recap all the things that have taken place in this short space of time!


This is the inaugural year for the awards show that celebrates both musicians and actors alike and took place at the Hall of Peace in Kyunghee University in Seoul, on November 16th. Exo won 5 awards- the highest number they had received during one awards show up until that point! Baekhyun also got his first solo award, so you can imagine how much my Baektrashbag heart jumped at the announcement of his name! They also performed both ‘Lotto’ and ‘Monster’ and of course killed their stages! But first, let’s recap the awards they won:





Check out their stage performance below, and watch their English subbed Baidu Interview here. We've also compiled more Exo cuts from the AAA here!

161116 EXO at Asian Artist Awards


Sadly, with all the winning come a little bad news. The Lay antis are back and this time he gained the spotlight for a seemingly disrespectful stance during AAA. Keeping his hands in his pockets the entire time on stage was seen as rude and is a taboo action in Korean culture, especially during auspicious occasions. While some netizens attacked him for his behaviour, others defended him, citing his nationality and unfamiliarity with all of Korean customs as a reason.

As a Xingmi and Exo-L I’m inclined to defend Lay and believe that he had no intention of being rude. We know how hard working and considerate he is. He’s attracted a lot of hate this year so I cannot imagine how adding this to the list would make him feel. It doesn’t matter on which side of this fence you stand, he doesn’t deserve this after an exhausting year. But there’s my mid-weekly wrap up two cents for you.


The second major awards show this year was the Melon Music awards that saw Exo take home SIX awards! Yeah guys, they broke their previous awards record in a matter of days! Baekhyun got yet another award- this time for his duet with Suzy (please excuse the sounds of my high-pitched fangirl noises right now!) Taking place on November 19th at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, we also got to see them perform ‘Lotto’ and ‘Monster’ one more time. So let’s take a look at the awards they received:







Check out their performance below and watch the subbed acceptance speech here. We've also got you covered with more Exo cuts form the MMA here!

161119 EXO at 2016 Melon Music Awards


I was going to add this at the end, but since I mentioned the MMA, let’s talk about the fan war that broke out. BTS won Album of the Year, aka they got their first Daesang. Now, Exo is my ultimate bias group so of course them losing the award was a sad moment. HOWEVER, and I’ve spoken about this topic before, why is there a need to attack the other group for winning? They worked hard too, and sure we feel that Exo should have won but there was no reason to attack another group for achieving something historic. Yes, we reserve our right to be disappointed, but what happened to keeping the EXO-L banner flying high? Especially after seeing the BTS members’ reactions to winning, I could not be angry. Disappointed of course, but not angry at the group. 

Secondly, the black ocean actually happened and that probably disappointed me most of all- even more than the comments and hate. For those who may not know, this happened during BTS’s stage when most of the light sticks went off, only leaving one fandom to illuminate the crowd. You may disagree with my view, and that is completely okay (just skip this whole bit and move onto more wrap-ups) but if you’re still reading let me say that as an Exo-L I feel a bit ashamed. 

We would be absolutely furious if a black ocean happened during Exo’s performance so I can’t understand what went wrong and this suddenly occurred even after a year of saying let’s be mature fans and not participate in things that will bring another group down. Now I’m aware not all the Exo-L’s at the event participated but the fact that most of them did, is sad. However, again, that’s just my mid-weekly wrap up two cents and if it’s not your cup of tea, then let us move on swiftly!


Guess who won their first award this week? Hell yeah Exo-L’s, CBX did!! After a disappointment last week, CBX took home an award at The Show on Tuesday. Baekhyun kept his promise and uploaded a photo of Baekhyunee on his Instagram BUT deleted it after five minutes. Side note Baek, I’m pretty sure a million Exo-L’s screenshot that photo! If you happened to miss it, check out Baekhyun looking prettier than most of us!


Probably the biggest MV news this week was the release of ‘Coming Over’. That’s right, Exo is heading to Japan and taking the rebellious streak with them! They uploaded the short version of the mv which was nothing less than hyped, what with the destruction of security cameras (Again Exo? What do y’all have against security?) and some amazing choreo. Kai’s back in action too and leading the choreo flawlessly- well they’re all flawless but you get what I mean! Check it out below!

Their first Japanese album will have nine different covers to choose from and contain two more tracks, ‘TACTIC’ and ‘Run This’. December 7th is date for their official Japanese debut, so mark that down!


Lay had a fan meet in Beijing on November 17th which was a success! Check out some photos below! His personal studio also sent out a Weibo update regarding the Shanghai fan meet that is now moved to November 25th.


As always here at EXD, we’ve got you covered on all the endorsement and features so let’s catch up on the ones from this week!

First up is D.O, who featured in Allure Magazine alongside his co-star, Jo Jung Suk. Check out their photos below.

Next we have Kai on the cover of Dazed Magazine, looking less dazed and more enigmatic.

Vivi Magazine has been celebrating Exo making their cover by releasing individual photos of the members. Check out last week’s wrap-up for the previous members’ photos. This week, these were the releases we saw:

Exo is endorsing Skechers, as we all know, so here are some updates from them:

Here are there SpaoHk Updates with the various members. THe photos were shared across various platforms such as INstagram, Facebook and Weibo.


And finally, here is the hatsonpp update with our favorite rapper and Huawei and Planters update with Lay:

Acacia’s Side Note 1:
The coting period for Mama is almost ending so remember to keep showering Exo with Stars and keep those votes coming! Here are today’s standings as of November 20th:

Acacia’s Side Note 2:
Some of you may have noticed that Mnet has taken down Exo’s performances of ‘Louder’ and ‘Monster’. We’re not sure exactly why that is (and if we find out we will update you) but just keep voting anyway!

And that’s it from me guys so enjoy the rest of your week on Exo Planet!!

Written by: Acacia@exodicted.net

Image and Information Credits: Soompi, itechnews, Offically Kmusic, Weibo, Baekhyun’s Instagram, Individual uploaders


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