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Sunday, November 20, 2016


Hello EXOdicted community! It’s been a very busy and controversial week from CBX promotions to various endorsements and Suho’s supposed mistreatment on set. So let’s recap all the events that happened so you can be up to speed!


We had a special Exo birthday this week, and even though he’s not one of our leaders anymore we will won’t easily forget him. On November 6th, our favourite Galaxy Hyung, Kris, turned 26! Check our some photos from his party below:

Another special Exo birthday (okay, they’re ALL special!) is coming up and that is Chanyeol’s on November 24th. There will even be a party for him held at the Coex Artium. See the poster below:


We knew it was on its way and we’ve just been awaiting the announcement. Well, we have it! Exo will be returning with their Winter Album. Xuimin dropped the news during CBX’s appearance on the Cultwo Show. You can watch their full appearance below (no subs yet unfortunately). I’m excited to see what they’re going to bring us because last year’s album was spectacular- and a bit sad- but definitely amazing!


After having to watch blurry fancams of the “Reservoir Idols” clip from The Exo’rDium, we now get to see the HD version! SM uploaded the full clip titled “TheOne” to their YouTube channel. Check it out below!

Kris also dropped his music video “July” stunning his fans. From the visual effects to lyrics and even Kris’s new style…to put to more informally, the mv was lit! The song is completely in English and sees Kris (I really should start referring to him as YiFan) look more rapper-like than ever before. You can watch it here.

Lay’s up next with him releasing the making of his “Lose Control” mv. We finally got to see how they made all those aesthetic shots and a closer look at some of his moves. You’ll also see him go from adorable Yixing to his powerful dancer persona in like 0.5 seconds, so be prepared! Check out the making here.


First up is Lay and the first trailer for his new movie: Kungfu Yoga. The trailer was uploaded to Weibo and the clip features a car race from the movie. The movie stars Jackie Chan (Lay and Jackie Chan omg!) with various other Indian actors like Amyra Dastur, Disha Patani, Aarif Rahman. You can watch the trailer here.

Next, we have Kai joining the star-studded cast of “First Kiss for the Sixth Time”. Starring Lee Joon Gi, Lee Jong Suk, Ji Chang Wook, 2pm’s Taecyeon and Park Hae Jin, we’re sure to see one very interesting drama! In summary, it’s basically heaven for any fans of all these actors! Produced by Lotte Duty Free Shop, this project drama tells the tale of one woman in search of her perfect kiss from one of six different guys. Kai will be playing the role of the female lead’s younger friend who’s busy juggling a musical and acting career.

Our team has also compiled some gifs and stills from D.O’s new drama so be sure to check those out here! We also posted a video of the making of the drams which you can view here.

The last time we saw Tao officially, he was releasing some hyped music and teaming up with some pretty famous rappers. Now he’s getting ready for a drama titled “The Monkey King”. He makes a very shocking and hairy transformation for one of the roles he plays. The drama is finishing its final filming stage and will air in December.

And now a little controversy concerning Suho and the filming for “Star of the universe”. A few days ago, fan tweets were going viral over the mistreatment of Suho and the fans by the staff on the set. Fans tweeted that staff would threaten them to “behave” or Suho would not be given food or rest. There’s no confirmation if this actually happened, but the fact that staff would even say this (joking or not) caused a lot of concern. Director of the drama, Kim Ji Hyun, issued a formal apology for what had happened. This is a translation of her full statement:

“Hello, this is the director of ‘Star of the Universe,’ Kim Ji Hyun. What goes on on set is my responsibility, and as such, I would like to sincerely apologize to the fans of Kim Jun Myeon (EXO’s Suho). I apologize for the words and actions of some of our staff toward fans. Fans came to help, and much of it falls on my shoulders for not keeping an eye on what was happening. First, if there are fans who were offended, I apologize. I am very sorry. To those who participated, I will take whatever moral responsibility is necessary. The drama ‘Star of the Universe’ is about respect for fans. It’s a drama that I made over a long period of time, writing and editing over and over again, thinking about fans. If those fans are hurt, there is no reason for me to do this drama. Actor Kim Jun Myeon is doing his best in this project, and is loved more than anyone on set. I also, engaged in work with care for [everyone on set]. With respect for all the fans that are waiting, I’m working hard to make this drama a present for everyone. On behalf of our staff, I once again apologize.”


It seems Lay listened to all our requests for him to promote on a music show and we’re finally getting it! Tune in on November 15th to see him on SBS’s “The Show”. For now, it doesn’t seem he’s promoting on other music shows, but we can keep our fingers crossed for news that he will.

In more controversial news, CBX was the topic of discussion this week to with their loss to Twice on Inkigayo. Despite the large number of Exo-L’s voting, it was not enough to give CBX their first win over the ever popular girl group. We saw many fans reacting negatively to the news of Twice’s win, especially after watching Exo's promise of what they would do if they won. CBX will be promoting once again this week, so let’s all do our best to give them their first win because they truly deserve it! This is Exo’s first sub-unit so let’s do our best to make sure we get even more sub-units and the return of CBX in the future!


Lay has been releasing compilations of him reacting to fans reacting to his music videos and they have been more than fun to watch. Well, he’s uploaded yet another one which you can check out below! If you haven’t checked out his previous reactions, I’ll link them below. These are gems you just have to see!

CBX also been reacting to their stages on Music Core, so be sure to check out their hilarious comments and lame puns!


In album sales news, we have Lay who reached a new record on the Hanteo Chart for “Lose Control”. Check out our post here.

CBX also made news by reaching no1 on the Billboard World Albums Chart with “Hey Mama”.  Check out the article here.


Exo filmed a CF for Lotte Duty Free so if you haven’t checked it out, we’ve got you covered with our post!

D.O also featured in Allure Magazine looking pretty classy so check out the photo below.

Exo appeared on the cover of Vivi magazine which was then celebrated by the release of photos for them in Instagram each day. Check out the Vivi Magazine updates with each of the members here:

Kai featured in L'Uomo Vogue Digital Magazine, and we’ve translated a piece of the article here, along with some of his gorgeous, vintage styled photos.

We’ve also covered the Skechers updates which you can find here:


Kai went on V app this week and was just his adorable self! If you missed his live feed, be sure to rewatch his antics here!


It’s D-19 until MAMA’s and Exo is currently in the lead for all four categories. Let’s keep up the good work and keep them leading so we can get them the awards they’ve worked so hard for! Also remember to keep stream “Monster” every chance you get and search for Exo on sites like Naver and Daum! Research counts for 20% so let’s not forget that!

Until next week everyone!

Written By: Acacia@exodicted.net

Information and Image credits: Soompi, OneHallyu, itechpost, Weibo, Naver, Shanghai In The Light and Shade YouTube, Namja onetwofour YouTube, K-POP STREAM ONLINE, namja12four, SM TOWN, Kris Wu YouTube


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