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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Hello Everyone!

Well, it’s November 9th at the unthinkable has happened…yes I am talking about the new president of the United States. The world is currently losing its mind in disbelief but all things happen for a reason right? Honestly at this point, I’m even starting to doubt my own life motto. So to take everyone’s mind off the thoughts of impending doom, I thought I’d do a Song Of The Week- or more accurately, my song of the week.

Do you know how hard it is to pick one Exo song that you like? Of course you do. But there is always one song that’s going to stay with me no matter how many years Exo exists and how many MAMA awards they win.

Baby don’t cry.

When is discovered this song I immediately fell in love with it and sang it to the point of driving my flat mates insane (partly because my singing ability can be compared to nails being dragged down a blackboard- there’s a lovely image for ya). Despite having a below average understanding of Korean, I somehow know all the lyrics and am ready to belt them out if I even hear 5 seconds of the instrumental. 

Exo has created many emotional songs since then, but nothing comes close to this one. It’s also the first time I truly noticed Baekhyun, who I had promptly ignored for being a loud, noisy beagle. (I know I mention him in every post, but he is my bias. Everything in life can be related to Byun Baekhyun.) Suho was another member who stood out to me and the two of them are probably the greatest reason I love this song- I am a sucker for soft vocals.

The song also reminded me a lot of my favourite fairy tale princess- Ariel. Yeah, the mermaid is my favorite even when everyone thought I would Jasmine because she’s an Arab princess. But that aside, I loved the story of the Little Mermaid who turned into sea foam because she couldn’t achieve her goal. It was truly a sad and dark ending so seeing it pop up in Baby Don’t Cry was another reason I was drawn to the song.

You can’t deny that it really is a sad track which makes it perfect for those days when everything seems to be going seven ways from Sunday. Sometimes I think that Exo has healing voices because I always seem much better after binge listening to their songs. I guess this track is also suitable for today right?

Well that being said, the world is now convinced that we’re all going to hell in a handbasket and only time will tell if all the messengers of doom are correct. For now, I reserve my political opinion and just resort to living as happily as I can with my bias group’s music. So, weekly question my good people: What is your Song of The Week?

Side note: MAMA’s is drawing closer and Exo is currently in the lead for all four nominated categories. Let’s keep up the voting and streaming of Monster and give Exo the 4th Daesung that they truly deserve! Donate your stars- donate both your stars even- and let’s keep working towards our goal!

Until next week everyone, work hard!

Written By: Acacia@exodicted.net
Image Credits: Individual Uploaders

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