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Thursday, November 3, 2016


Hello Exo-L’s!

Well, they’re finally and have blown us away! From their comeback talk, to the music video and album to their comeback stage…CBX has surpassed expectations. So let’s talk about our feelings okay?

Firstly, that V-live pre-comeback talk had probably the highest level of camera and stage work I have ever seen on the app. Well done SM, well done. From the overhead shots to the slow panning and even the way it was shot in portrait mode, it made the whole experience amazing. Xuimin was just too adorable as always and once again made me doubt his status as oldest hyung. (I keep trying to deny that he’s wrecking me but I think it’s quite obvious). 

One of my favourite moments during that first V-live was when they played “She’s Dreaming” which is one of my favourite Exo tracks ever. Baekhyun hopping across the beds was a close second favorite scene- he’s too puppy-like for his own good. The drastic switch they made in the second part of the V-live gave me a bit of whiplash…and then my Wi-Fi broke down on me so I didn’t even complete it L.

I managed to watch “Hey Mama” later that day and let me just say- was my prediction accurate or what? (Okay, tbh anyone could have guessed that). Baek and Xuimin rapping is my new favorite thing, especially Xuimin’s part. I’m going to need him to stop wrecking me now because I will fight to stay loyal to Baekhyun. I was browsing Exo Amino the other day and someone pointed out this little message in the music video:

It may be real, it may not, but if that’s not a sign we should be trying harder with voting, then I don’t know what is. I also heard someone say that “Hey Mama” is basically Exo saying hello to all their Mama awards and that just makes me want to give it all to them so that “Hey Mama” becomes super iconic. Even more so that “Yehet”. 

The mini album itself is also really impressive and “Juliet” is my second favorite song. Chen’s vocals are most definitely on point and he hit all the high notes perfectly, but I wasn’t expecting any less. I know it was a mini-album, but this sub-unit is just so good and I didn’t want the songs to end. Needless to say, I have had the same songs on repeat for hours now.

So, weekly question everyone: what is your favorite song on the album and why? Leave me a comment!

And until next week, keep enjoying the album and keep voting!

Written by: Acacia@exodicted.net
Image Credits: Individual Uploaders on Facebook, Twitter and Amino

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