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Monday, November 14, 2016

[FANTAKEN/FAN-ACCOUNT] 161113 Lay at Lose Control Fansign

161113 Lay at Lose Control Fansign
he reads all the fans' comments on IG they always tell him to sleep quickly on whatever he posts ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
xing read the post-it written by dailyixing which says "oppa till when will u keep on getting more handsome? Why r u getting more handsome?"
xing said there's a possibility that he'll release kor ver of his album,he's in the midst of working on it and in need of SM's help
yixing wore a flower crown and stick a tiny red sticker on his cheeks
fans were crying and he told them not to coz there's nothing he can do to them when they do and he even gave each fan a tissue telling them that he likes it when they smile ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
there was a fan who cried while receiving his sign and yixing told her not to and gave her a tissue while patting her hand
so apparently that red thing on his cheek is a tiny apple or heart shaped sticker, the fan is not sure but she says he looks so cute
fan: xing-ah this (message book) was written by fans ever since the day u fainted so pls make sure to read it
xing: alright
a fan went on stage with a baby with her and yixing held the baby's hands in his ㅠㅠ
a fan got caught taking pics and was sent out...
since he's doing the signing alone yixing asked fans to understand that coz the process was slow
he wore a pikachu band on his wrist but took it off after some minutes coz he felt uncomfortable with it while signing
there was a fan who stood at far distance from yixing so fans were telling her loudly to get closer to him xing was confused and and looked at her to tell her to come closer to him with his hands motions ㅠㅠ and looked at her to tell her to come closer to him with his hands motions ㅠㅠ
staff said that shaking hands is not allowed but xing said it's ok and held her hand
xing said that what he really wants to do in 2017 is to release his first full album
fans wants him to wear a headband but staff kept on taking it off so xing said that please understand the staff they're having a hard time and after that xing said to the fans "aigoo how beautiful" ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
xing said that he had an entertaining thing that happened to him yesterday while he was making music at home but the ppl living next door complained about that so he went to SM to work there,it was where he met a foreign composer for the first time
-during talk time- xing r u happy that I've got my own fansign, I released an album right? who's the producer? (fans: zhang yixing!!)
xing: that's awesome/handsome, (the album) is not perfect but I made it with sincerity
xing: I'm sorry for fainting n I've got alot of things I want to say (fans: don't be so hard on yourself) xing: 맞습니다(that's correct
xing: I'll try to fix my bad habits, honestly there's no one here who sleeps early ppl who sleep before 3 am raise ur hands ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
xing: I can't sleep I can't bring myself to do so so let's give up on that don't force urself to sleep...if u can sleep...what am I saying
xing: this album is dark,it's sexy and gentle so it has a sexy & gentle concept, I made all the tracks at night n the album's color is black
he was wearing a sheep headband while doing the talk
xing went out for a few minutes and said "I'll just go for few minutes just 5 minutes!" and asked fans to wait for him
yixing asked if fans would come to his solo con if he ever had the chance to do it fans said yes so he said he'll need 20+ songs to do so and he expects to make it in a few years after releasing more albums but he also needs SM's help to be able to do that

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Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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