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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 161127 EXO PLANET #3 - The EXO'rDIUM in Taipei Day 2

CY, BH, XM - down
JM, JD - Half up
JI - Comma hair
SH, KS - pretty Comma hair
CY: hello, im Chanyeol. I hope we can enjoy the con and have a lots of fun together till the end. Thankyou!!
KS: Hello. Im EXO's DO. I miss you everyone..
JI: hi, im EXO's Kai. I miss u, did u miss us too? How much u miss us? Plz looking forward to our best perfom
Today Chanyeol kept touched his eyes, but its okay now ㅠㅠ
Today JM ment full in Chinese bcs of it members are laughing over him & he asked 'why u guys laughing at me?'
isnt YX said, saying 'Happu birthday to Chanyeol?'
During unfair, Yixing took a phone call part and he wore a specs again~'
During unfair, Chanyeol waiting for KS to came in he actually want play w KS but KS dont want play w him
During love love love, Chanyeol singing to KS's part and KS singing to CY's part & CY gave his guitar to him
Baekhyun said as much as we do our best for today's perfom, did u guys have a lots of fun?
Fans: yes~~~
BH asked fans what 'butt in Chi?' And he said 'Chanyeol's butt' to Chanyeol in Chinese
Fans said to EXO 'Apologize!!! Bcs of oppas we got heart attack!!!'
CY hope all the fans to stay healthy and thanks to them and also said 'iloveyou' in Chinese~
These when Chanbaek's hair turn out like this and both of them look into each other while laughing
Chanyeol told the fans to following him by saying 'lets be together' in Kor and also said that the fans did it well
Today Kyungsoo shouted out 'Ladies and Gentlemen Chanyeol' part to leading CY solo guitar stage~
Chanyeol's Rilakkuma bday fansupport for Chanyeols bday and he looks so happy!!!
CY: aa i want a took this vid but i cant
SH: all the fans will record it & upload it, u can download to it
Chanyeol said that its the best memorable the he will never forget for the rest of his life
SH kept yelled out members~~ members~~ but no one answered him and he said 'everyone u cant hear me?'
JOONMYUN: Why'd u hit him (JONGIN)?
JONGDAE: He showed my tummy!
MYUN: Ah tummy?? *goes over*
*gets slapped by JD too*

(Credit: reyeolie, hyoyeonsubs2, eternally_b)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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