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Sunday, November 20, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 161120 EXO-K at Peppero Fansign

op told Sehun to "have a nice scented day" and he smiled telling her it's a nice word
op asked if Sehun can hold her hands & he firmly held/covered hers with his and also drew two big hearts for her
according to op Sehun said he wants to go to a quiet place and lie down there for like 3 days
Sehun: I hope you all will be happy fan: *shouts* you too! Sehun: I'm already happy thanks to you all 😭💖💖
Sehun & Kyungsoo's jeju trip was a rather spontaneous one that happened after all schedules got cancelled, they said they just went for a trip since it was the right time for the two of them
Sehun: it's very cold lately so be careful of catching a cold, it's health above all and happiness is the most important thing
Sehun: I hope you are all happy because I'm happy thanks to you, the fans, and I will [continue to] be happy
Sehun: it's very cold lately so be careful of catching a cold, it's health above all and happiness is the most important thing
op asked if there's any place Sehun wants to travel and he said there are too many as there are so many nice places
op asked Sehun if he could rec a nice place for a domestic trip and he cutely said "hm domestic trip? jeju island 눈.눈~"
op asked Sehun if he could draw a heart for her and Sehun said "aw of course~" & happily drew it for her
the security took away op's pc saying no signs allowed on it but Sehun took it again & signed it for her
Because chenbaekxi activity BH couldn't come to fansign
Kyungsoo signed so fast so many fans stood beside Chanyeol
When they talked about daesang Chanyeol did v-pose with his both hands
Jongin said because he is on diet so he didn't eat peppero on peppero day
JM said he want to try to get on cruise ship in Han river and do fanmeeting there
F: You should do birthday party!
Jongin: Yes?
F: You'll do birthday party, won't you?
Jongin: I will! Pls wait for it
CY: i really like peppero since i was a kid, i ate it without thinking to be model of Peppero
JI: if i have my personal time, i want to keep on dancing in front of EXOLs! Or i want to go to USA to learn dance!
Chanyeol said he want to go to sky place with fans and playing it with them...
F: after 15 years or more, i'll always support you & alw be with you for a long long time
JI: okay, thankyou so much
F: where is place that u want to go to ur trip recently?
SH: a lots, there r a lots of good place i want to go눈눈
F: what song you listen to the most recently?
KS: recently, I listened a lot to Kim Gwangsuk sunbaenim's song!
Jongin was on dieting when the Pepero Day so he didnt eat Pepero on Pepero Day! Junmyeon wore flower crown a while~
SH: hi F: Congrats for the daesang SH: thank u! F: Always!Thanks for making me happy Sehun: But im happier F: fighting! SH: Fighting,Thank u

(Credit: avecSEHUN, chocohun94, reyeolie, milkysehun412, delightcy_, kimjoninis)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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