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Thursday, October 27, 2016


Hello Everyone!

This week, I’m writing this with tears streaming down my face as I cry a river for my beloved Prince Eun. For about two months, I’ve looked forward to Wednesdays and what new, odd and playful thing Eun would be up to. If I’m being completely honest, Eun was not my ultimate favourite Prince. I fell for Hong Jonghyun’s ambitious Prince Yo, even though I knew that was not a wise decision. But Eun always remained in the wings to make things better every time Yo did something deplorable. Which is why Eun’s last episode made me cry harder than I’ve ever cried before- I wished I had appreciated him more. 

Before I even watched episode 16, I was plot spoiled by an article talking about Baekhyun’s feelings on leaving Scarlet Heart and that’s when I knew that Prince Eun and his wife did not survive. And to make matters worse, I only got to see about 15 minutes of Eun before I had to say goodbye- thanks writers, I really couldn’t even get at least 30 minutes? Baekhyun outdid himself in this episode, in my opinion, and probably had the most bittersweet death I’ve seen since I watched Steel Magnolias (a very outstanding movie starring Julia Roberts). I say bittersweet because as much as I wanted Eun to live happily ever after with his adorable warrior wife, it was his death that really got things moving. Suddenly Prince So wasn’t wallowing around, either about loving Hae Soo or being someone’s rabid dog. 

The scene felt a little too real for me with Eun on the brink of death, and him still looking after the wife he had just lost. If I had to pick the five things that absolutely destroyed me, it would be:

1. Soon Deok dying in Eun’s arms and him looking like his heart was being ripped out. I mean, after he finally stopped pushing her away he has to lose her and that’s just so wrong on so many levels. But, in drama land it’s the perfect twist to a sweet love story. 

2. Eun reminding So of the time he was manipulated into humiliating him by asking him to remove his mask on his birthday. Even in death, he was still trying to make amends about something even So had forgotten, and that was heart-breaking to see.

3. Eun asking So to kill him, instead of Yo, because he could not let Soon Deok die alone. I think I wanted to die with him the moment he said that. How could they give such a tragic end to such a beautiful couple? Dramas are not fair. 
4. The moment Eun actually died. I actually wanted to turn away before this moment because I didn’t want to see it all, but I did and I wished I had stuck to my original plan. Someone give Baekhun an award for Eun’s final moments- that is all I can possibly say. 

5. The scene when Baek-Ah talks to So was just the end for me. From his description of Eun and Soon Doek being thrown out as traitors, to Jung breaking off the arrows that they could not pull out of his brother- did I really need to hear all of this? Somehow it felt like they were rubbing extra coarse salt into my emotional wounds. 
If I didn’t despise Yo before, I certainly did now. It’s a crime to kill someone that pure of heart- no, to kill two people that pure of heart. However, I felt a little retribution when Yo started hallucinating Eun’s voice pleading for him not to kill them. I couldn’t help thinking that this dung beetle was getting what he deserved with this very Macbeth-esque moment. And seeing him slowly descend into madness gave me a different sense of comfort for the prince I had lost. 

Oh, and another way Scarlet Heart mercilessly drove the dagger deeper? By playing a little montage of Eun’s sweetest moments. So while I’m on an angst-fest with this blog, let me recap my top three Eun moments from the past 15 and a quarter episodes (Yeah, I’m still, and always will be, salty about them killing Eun in the first 15 minutes).

1. Puppy Eun’s introduction in the very first episode was the minute he won my heart. How could you reject such a cutie with his little foot greeting? It’s not possible I say.

2. Puppet Show Eun had me in stitches for minutes. First, I have to say well done to the prop-makers because those Eun and Hae Soo puppets were impressive. Secondly, I could replay this scene 500 times and be cheered up instantly and it makes me want an Eun in my life. 

3. Eun accepting Soon Doek is my all-time favourite moment of him. When he says he wished it could have been like that from the beginning, I felt the waterworks starting again. Of course he had to admit it during their last night because life is not fair. 

While Prince Eun may be gone, he will be immortalised in this drama and so will Baekhyun’s first real acting role. I can honestly say I am beyond impressed with his skills during this last episode and it’s pretty much solidified his place as my Exo bias. I might have been flopping between him and Chanyeol for a while, but no more. I dare Chanyeol to try and take me away from Baekhyun again- I guarantee you with my last breath that it will never happen. 

I don’t think I can bear to torture myself any more so I’m going to bid farewell to one of my favourite drama characters. 

Goodbye Prince Eun, and thank you Byun Baekhyun for bringing this character to life. 

I truly hope to see more dramas with Baekhyun because as much as people want to say he got away with just playing a version of himself, you could not deny his absolute talent during episode 16. But while I await more Actor Baekhyun, I will return to my Exo hole and appreciate Singer Baekhyun. The CHenBaekXi sub-unit debut is not far off and I cannot wait to see what they’ve come up with. 

So this is me signing off with this week’s topic. Don’t be shy to comment about your thoughts on Eun’s last episode or your favourite moments of his from the past episodes. 

Until next week, enjoy your stay on Exo Planet.

Written by: Acacia@exodicted.net
Image credits: SBS

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