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Thursday, October 13, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 161012 EXO Planet #3 - The EXO'rDIUM in Hokkaido Day 1

Sehun wrote his ment on the paper and read it

Yixing's outfit is short so his abs was showed up
Jongin perform artificial love without partner
During unfair SH stood behind the bed and he stepped on the matress, went to the front and held CY's hands
Today's phone call on Unfair is Chanyeol. He said "Hello Sapporo fans! Guys!! I love you!"
During Unfair Chanyeol tickling Kyungsoo's chest
Kyungsoo covered up his mic vertically with his hands and shook it
Baekhyun forgot to lift up his mic during Moonlight, he grinned after his part was done
KS did V-pose and he was surprised when YX pretended to kiss him. He almost want to hit YX's elbow. His flustered face was so cute.
Chanyeol lean on Jongin's shoulder and Jongin pat Chanyeol's head
 Kyungsoo wore his hat till it covered his eyes
Chanyeol played rock-scissors-paper with fans and throw the candies
Jongdae wore his hat same as Kyungsoo so Kyungsoo gave thumbs up to him and they doing PPAP step
During Full Moon Kyungsoo was out with Sehun while put his arm around Sehun's shoulder
 BH kneeled while singing his part so JM did the same when he sang his part
Sehun tie the towel around his neck.
Junmyeon said Sapporo is cold and pretend shivering his body
Chanyeol said he thought fans on 3rd floor is stars
Sehun crouched down at the corner on stage and calling the staff. So cute><
Bc of you guys, we manage to have a concert in Sapporo today & tomorrow. (Is that true?) That's right. It's...a really good thing. But for Sapporo, what i heard...it might not be it but what i heard...i didn't know a lot of you will come. That's why, i heard it wrongly. I'm sorry. [I heard it wrongly (in japanese)] I'm surprised seeing all of you came and fill the con hall. It's really because of you guys that we can have our concert here happily. I'm always thankful. Please look after me. Health is the most important thing! and please be careful of the cold!
kyungsoo wrapped a towel around his head! prolly sth like 'sushi baby'?
kyungsoo did the neck-moving dance during lucky one and jongdae wave his hand above kyungsoo's head from behind.
kyungsoo: let's work hard till the end! all of us, let's go! (in japanese)
kyungsoo and sehun put their hands over each other's shoulder, follow the rythm, dance and walk together from the extended stage.
kyungsoo throw the sweets to fans using all his strength but they didn't went far and he laughed like this ⌒♡⌒
since jongdae wear his long fairy hat the same way like kyungsoo, ksoo gave a thumbs up and both of them did PPAP foot step dance together.
kyungsoo wear his long fairy hat during heaven as usual then jongdae follows suit and sing next to him.
kyungsoo did a V sign when yixing suddenly pretend to kiss him so ksoo got surprised then sing his part with a flustered face haha cute ㅋㅋ
during unfair, kyungsoo sat next to pcy while singing and chanyeol keep on poking kyungsoo's chest and ear, as always ㅋㅋㅋ
Hello. I'm D.O. A concert in Sapporo from our Jpn Tour has finally started! To fans who came today, let's have fun to our heart's content! And i want to come to Sapporo for a holiday, instead for a live concert next time. I really am. It's a very nice place.
kyungsoo was about to sneeze so he cover his face but it didn't came out after a while so he lightly hit his nose then stand straight again.

Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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