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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 161003 EXO Planet - The EXO'rDIUM in Fukuoka Day 2

During Lady Luck, when Jongin & Sehun were dancing @ the back, Baekhyun stood up & then sat down again.
Jongdae's cap had the word "LOVE" written on it so Sehun showed the ❤️ sign with his hands haha
Sehun said that he had the thought of doing this move 15 mins prior to doing it
Baekhyun's hair is half up
Jongdae's hair is shorter
Yixing forgot his ment haha so cute><
During Thunder Chanyeol was at the main stage and then he went to Sehun and touched him
When Unfair (들었다가 놨다 part) CY and BH bump into their shoulder.During Unfair CY bump his shoulder into BH but BH avoided it. When they gathered for dance, he played around with SH while dancing
Jongin clapped with his feet, he tickling Kyungsoo and Kyungsoo kicked him
Jongin went to backstage after LMR
Seems like Baekhyun missed the tempo during Stronger. Some fans laughed at him.
BH missed the tempo during Stronger he was embarassed n covered his face, fans cheer "Baekhyun!!" for him n KS grinned.
Jongin threw all the candies in the basket but it fell right in front of him so security gave it back to his basket
SH threw the candies but it kept falling and fans couldnt get it so he sighing. Not only him but JD too.
Ystd SH promise that he'll sing a Japanese song so he practiced it and at 5am he sent message to Chanyeol asking how was his singing
CY: I have something that I proud of. After perform I went back to waiting room n Lay hyung was practicing Japanese song really hard
omg sehun said he was practicing singing and let chanyeol listen to it 
LOL BH was saying about how they changed their clothes damn fast and asked YX if his underwear was wet and YX said yes and then this topic
B: My panty isnt wet 
JD: The content is bit sexual 
B: Wad are u thinkin? 
JD: No I meant talking about the underwear is sexual content 
he said that they were like the flower during lightsaber perf (that blue rose)
JD: Then what will happen to me when i threw the flower.. 
BH: It will go back to its original seat!! 
CY: You are Smart..
baekhyun TTTT saying everyone is very pretty today and that he isint lying.. asking the fans what they ate to become so pretty  
JD: Baekhyun ssi 
BH: Yes? 
JD: Im hungry 
BH: Hungry? U are not able to eat now 
JM: ... Thats right.. 
chanyeol saying that they went to eat tgt ytd and the food was really delicious!
Minseok: what's "not ready" in Japanese? Sehun: (in jpn) not (in krn) ready

 (Credit: , chocohun94, , eternally_b, soofle_)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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