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Sunday, January 1, 2017

[EXOdicted's Announcement] What's new in EXOdicted? MUST READ!

Hi guys!

How are you? I hope you doing fine as we do, its been such a loooooong time since the last time we created a post where we update you what's happen with EXOdicted or just randomly share our story about our journey working in EXOdicted and bla bla bla like the old times!
So recently, EXOdicted are planning A LOT of things, like A LOT-LOT-LOT of things to actually embark our site. Yes, we do have a store back then in 2013 but we've closed it due to some controversy that happening around 2014 regarding our controversial forest project, it has to be stopped because that time, we're still make regular posts about the ex-members. Just so you know, back then, EXOdicted's Staff are filled with people with of course joining the site because they love their bias which is the ex-members so we think that why should we stop? The ex-members are still the members of EXO anyway (at least, in our heart) and the staff are working because their bias are EXO even if they're an ex-members, right?
BUT! Yeah, something's happen, everyones are turning fire into us and we're like HOLD ON EVERYBODEEEH we're doing this project purely because the fan-forest asked us personally, to create an EXO OT12 forest (or OT11 or OT10) but then we dropped it because the amount of hate is huge and hurting us, we're working really hard for the site and especially the project but people are scolding us and sending us bunch of hate messages. Its a mess, literally. During that time, we just feel sooooo miserably sad because we thought that doing such a holy project for EXO will giving us a way to 1. Having a successful project 2. Having the first forest ever under the name of EXO 3. Actually saving the environment by making a forest. Ahhh... that time, lol. I'm still quiet upset about it :( because of that incident many staffs are retiring (basically bcs they don't have any point to work with a site that doesn't even care about their bias anymore), our stats are decreased, and a lot more saddening story. What a really-really bad era of EXO and EXOdicted.
ANYWAYS, its all in the past. The bright days are coming slowly but S U R E.
We've been through up and down together, if you're an old readers, hang in there buddy! I'm still here and don't give up on EXO because our cute little husba--hm, I mean, boys, need us. A lot. They believe on EXO - L as much as we believe them and they've re-pay us with a great music, successful comeback, a lot of awards, and etc. I remember, EXO in 2012, gosh, time flies so friggin' fast. Do you remember that time, when the boys is being a guest in Super Junior's Concert OR do you remember the first time they came to Europe, they're walking around the city with not so many fans, and actually taking selfies with them. The sweet moments that we had since 2012 till this present time will always be the reason of me loving EXO, until one day I'll introduce them to my child that the boys who actually stealing your mommy's heart is a korean boy-groups who can sing, dance, rap and just a complete package of people, that boys are not only stealing your mom's heart but also stealing your mom's wallet because of how many merchs, CDs, and concert tix---LOL
And OH! I'll let my kids follow their step and their way to catch their dream, to never give up and work hard. (Kudos to Zhang Yixing, a work-harder man who can dance, act, sing, have a lot of flight time in a day, wow. Baby, take care of your health <3)
Okay back to the point of why is this post created. *clearing throats*
So, EXOdicted is planning a lot of things. Beside, we'll be re-open the store, we also gonna have some additional contents. One of it has been released every sunday which is;


Yes, the post are showing as a featured post in the sidebar.
So every week, one of EXD's Staffs is being chosen to write an EXOdicted's Staff Post, whether you're a Journalist (Author) or a Graphic Designer, whenever you're chosen, you've to post an unique and refreshing post so that our readers can actually know us through the weekly EXD's Staff Post. As for now, Acacia, Rini and Blynn has posted their post, and coming up this week is Dani (supposedly today since its already Sunday here, but she lives in America so time-zone problem~~~)
To check the staff post is here.
And we have Korean and Chinese lesson as the new features in our site also will coming up this week. So, stay tuned!! We've been doing Chinese lesson multiple times but has stopped again because the staff are quiet busy ehe~ but don't worry, we'll be back to serve not only the real-time updates of EXO but to actually serve you a site where you can be both learning while fan-girling.
Since, we have active Translator, I feel so grateful nowadays and also recently, we hired such a pro Graphic Designer to complete our talented Graphic Designer Team. (Shoutout to May, Elise, Asih and Ray!!!) so anticipate the Store because it'll be LITTTTTT.
Alright, I'll be get tired if I have to explain every single new contents so I'll list them out and give you like sort of explanation about it. Here we go;

- EXOdicted's Noraebang Room

Noraebang = Karaoke. As an EXO - L myself, I'm quiet shy when people know that I love KPOP lol I don't know maybe because I'm just an ignorant looking person in real life, a bored person who only knows sleep and having fun with myself tbh people like me tend to have a side hobby, like they become a 'I don't give a sh*t' person in real life but actually is very fond of something in their life, which is being an anonymous fangirl. Yep, most of my friends don't know that I'm actually obsessed with oppars other than my close friend because welp, yeah, you'll actually need someone to hear you scream your bias name out loud and actually write *YOUR NAME* <3 *YOUR BIAS*. What a cheesy fan-girl lol.
So, the purpose for the Noraebang Room is that if you want to sing an EXO song but you're too shy to sing it in your local Karaoke place (because your friends are probably with you and they'll hear your wacky pronouncation xD). Don't worry about it! You can go to EXOdicted's Noraebang Room, we'll give you anything you want, all you need to do is to put on earphone with you and then voila! You can sing because your earphone has a mic in it lol.
The colored lyrics is brought to you by our Translator team, we'll put a record button where you can record your voice (you can save it or you can delete it), if you save it for us a.k.a let us know about it, we'll eventually upload it into our official soundcloud and every month, we'll choose the super great voice ones and will be featured in EXO - L'E (EXOdicted's Band).

- EXOdictSubs Cinema

Yesssss, the netflix of EXO is hereeeeee. The Translator + Subber Team to collaborate on making the english subbed video of EXO and will be hanging in EXOdicted exclusively. So, you don't have to type like: "Chanyeol's So, I Married An-Anti Fan English Subbed HD" in Google, you just have to click on our 'EXOdictSubs Cinema' and you'll find a lot of exclusive HD english subbed videos of EXO. You can also download it for a better view.
BUT, we don't have any active Subber for now so yeah, this plans are actually in 'Pending' status until we can get Subber. So, if you know how to Subbing (Timing, Typesetter, Encoder) join us and let's create EXOdictSubs Cinema together.

- EXOdicted's History

LMAO, this was actually planned by me and I have no idea how to start it. So, the history is just a different name of EXO's Library, where you can get every info of EXO since the very first time they debuted. Such as a translation of their first interview till the last interview, or anything about that. Well, its kinda hard to do since everyone just don't even care about it anymore and if we gonna make it, it'll kill us lol, EXO has making a lot of histories back then and until now and they'll never stop. So, wow. It'll need a lot of work and time. But hopefully we can actually make it since its being listed on our future plans.

- EXD - Love
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. The EXD - Love is here. Finally~~ finally~~ finally~~~~~ finally~~~~
I've been waiting for the post to be released for forever and its actually released today /brb wiping my tears/
The super duper holy additonal contents in EXO. Okay guys since we've been making charity projects since EXO's debut till this year.
Let's rewind the time~~
EXO's first anniversary post.
The rookies that everyone thought will be flopped, the rookies that people judge because of how weak is their vocal, and many many negative comments. But we're strong, we're never give up, we spread positiveness about EXO everywhere and loving EXO each day.
Yes, our first anniversary project is a donation to WWF under EXO members name, which is very successful thanks to other fanbase that collaborated alongside us.
And then the second anniversary project which is giving gifts to EXO is also successfully done, thanks to our retired Project Manager, Venn. ^^
Then, this is so embarassing but okay LOL. We've actually planned to make a forest, *skip this part please* anyways, in regards for that, we've created an online magazine to sort of healing our heartbreak, you can download the magazine for free here, it'll be good if you spread them out to another EXO - L around the world to show how powerful and solid the EXOdicted's Team are, then till now. I would like to thank the staff again for their hard-work because trust me, we're super exhausted while making the magazine. We've plan to make another magazine but let's save it for next year, its already October LOL, its late to create it, we create the magazine with blood, sweat and tears, july till i dont know. It requires so much time and hard-work, so nope, we'll create it when we're ready.
AND YAAAY my favorite project. Wohooooo!! The #4YearsWithEXO!!
The charity project to the cancer foundation under the name of EXO, we can call it successful however, even with such a small amounts of donation with loads of promotion. Its okay, we can do better next time. I'm so happy that we can finally give a donation to people in need, cancer has giving me a bad, super bad memories, I don't want to recall. I just want to tell you that cancer is even way more evil than a serial killer, its just so bad, I hope no one of you will ever come across it, even you and your family and the people around you. I hope all of us will not end up dying because of Cancer. Guys, please support people with cancer, they need us mentally, physically, and even financially. Back to the present time.
Therefore, we creates a charity foundation which called EXD - Love, we'll not only raising funds for EXO's anniversary or whatsoever projects of EXO in the future, its basically a call from our heart, someone else need our hand, they need us to solve their problems, whether its for a disease, malnutrition, earthquake donation, woman comfort, etc. Anything, anything that need our 'hands'. This foundation will be named under EXO - L, the donation is to not only help the people in need but also to tell them that we're not only fan-girling for nothing, EXO - L filled with people that care with each other, so guys, please join us. Donate every cents of your money to help people in need. Who knows there is an EXO - L diagnosed with cancer or there is an EXO - L who currently having a hard time. We care for each other, right? We are one, right? So, let's grab their hands, together we can make it. The detailed post about EXD - Love is here. Please read it with a thoughtful mind, there are a lot of people out there that need our help.

-  Talk with EXOdicted's Staff
Have you read Acacia's latest Writer Notes? Yes, we have a twitter account where we can connect with our readers. Send your questions/or just want to talk casually with us. We're here at @EXDlife, just say 'Hi! I want to talk with Ysa' or to all staff.
If you want to know more about us, please check here. Also, you can also ask us through the Staff's Twitter to what post should we bring or which staff you want to create another Staff's Post. Anything and anytime, we're always at @EXDLife so find us there. We're waiting for you<3

- EXO - L Personal Story
"Send us your Exo-L stories and experiences and we'll post them on the site. You can also now submit your own original articles and we will post them!

The purpose of this section is to showcase the talents of our readers and fellow Exo-L's so don't be shy about sending us your original content.

And lastly, your feedback is of utmost importance to us! Remember, we're here to serve you and we want to know what you love and maybe don't love about the site. Just fill in this form and let us know what we can do to make your EXOdicted experience that much better.

There are great things coming for EXOdicted in the future, including new content and projects! Our fan band is working very hard and our store team are on their way to getting it up and running very soon.

So stay with us, look forward to all we have coming up and don't hesitate to interact with us! We need some love too." - Quote from Acacia's post.

And yes yes yes, you can submit anything you want to us. Whether its fanfics, covers, or just a video of you watching Baekhyun's drama lol. Its a freestyle post. We'll post it as [EXOdicted's Reader]. So come here quickly and we'll post it up for you.

Also, last but not least, send us your personal story as an anonymous. It can be un-related of EXO or it can be related to EXO (like your experiences when you know EXO, or an experiences attending EXO's concert), or it can be a story of you and your crush, anything you want. The purpose for this is to create a fun place where you can also fan-girling while solving a problem that you might have with the readers and the EXOdicted's staff. Don't you think it'll be fun? ^w^ it'll be posted once a week and we'll choose wisely. Some rules are;
- Don't create a sensitive story that will create another fanwar and drama. Its a no-no!
- Don't talk/write a story about EXO's personal life. Its about your personal life not EXO's personal life.
- No 18+. If you want to send us the 18+ fanfics or story, you can go straight to the forum.

Yap okay, that's all I think. The rules are quite simple, just send us your story but not the /negative/ ones because we hate negatives.

Submit it to: exodicted@outlook.com
SUBJECT: EXOdicted's Reader

Some important information you need to read:

If you guys have noticed that we've successfully monetized the site. Yaaay. We've been wanted to monetize the site since god knows when. As for your information, all of gifts and projects required lots of $$$$$. If we gonna make a project in short period of time, it'll be burdening us.

The timeline of the projects:
  • Bdays of September to January (Chen, Lay, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai) + This includes the Holiday Season
  • Bdays of March to May (Xiumin, Sehun , Baekhyun, Suho) + This includes EXO's Anniversary.
We've plan to collaborate with Korean/Chinese fansites to send the gifts from International Fans to the individual members or the whole members.
EXODICTED BANNER, BANNER, BANNER!! our goods and merch. The free goods and our exclusive merch.
  • Other events (i.e: KCON, some festival)
EXODICTED BANNER, BANNER, BANNER!! our goods and merch. The free goods and our exclusive merch.
  • EXO's concerts
EXODICTED BANNER, BANNER, BANNER!! our goods and merch. The free goods and our exclusive merch.

​I truly believe this will benefit everyone from our staff to our project managers. This allows us to strategize, organize, and effectively execute our projects in both time & budget. Arranging our projects in this manner would allow us to have a bigger budget for one thing as we would only be doing one massive donation collection per project. Planning like this will also let us plan these massive projects with enough time, where we don't have to rush things, which can be super pricey! As well as finding a reliable source to deliver these projects. We’re SOOOOO in rush and we get such a small donation for our projects. Lesson learned. Our donation box is always open for everyone. So yes, every cents is appreciated. 
Paypal to: exodicted@gmail.com

Yes, we're always hiring people to join us. Currently, we really-really need Reporter, Journalist, Motion Graphic (we're sooo excited for this one as we planned to open a Youtube Channel that uploaded things about EXO, please join us if you have passion in talking in front of camera and create a unique contents about EXO).
And yeah, Subber, Graphic Designer, Stylist, Compiler Admin, EXOdicted's Volunteer, Coders/Web Designer etc. ALSO, EXO - L'E is hiring new band members if you're interested you can open the post about it here. And then, the Store staff. Its all packed in that post so check them out if you're interested.
We're pleased if you join us and actually share your passion together with us.

Okay guys, that's all.
I hope you can join us on EXD - Love or become our official staff. Don't forget to join us on our new additional contents. Leave your comments down below.

Until next time!
Bye bye!
Xo, Fika.

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