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Saturday, October 29, 2016


Hello Everyone!

Well, what an exciting week it’s been! Lay finally dropped his solo album, which is just absolutely magnificent. And Exo CBX is almost near debut and have been releasing a TON of adorable and retro teasers.

Now, I haven’t listened to Lay’s full album yet (when life gets in the way of you enjoying a lovely album in peace…), but I did see the music video for “Lose Control” and I think Yixing has lost control. I can honestly say waiting for his solo debut was totally worth it. Classy Lay sort of hit me in the face and suddenly my bias list was getting shaky again…darn it Lay- why do you always do this to me?

Side note: who has watched Chanyeol reacting to "Lose Control?" If you haven't, go to V Live now! (And also enjoy 1 glorious hour of this precious yoda).

But the list is stable for now, Because adorable red-haired Baekhyun saved the day. This unit looks so cute and crayon-pop, yet also vintage and bad boy like which is definitely confusing me. But that aside, I still have a little problem and his name is Minseok. Let me take you back three years when I first discovered Exo…

You know when you watch a video of your first kpop group and you automatically pick that one member? Like, they just catch your eye and suddenly you can’t even remember what the others look like. Well, that was Kim Minseok everyone. And I feel that recently he’s enacting his revenge because I ultimately abandoned him for Kris (don’t mind me while I just shed a few tears here). Between Monster and Lotto, and now CBX- how am I supposed to keep my promise from last week and stay loyal to Baekhyun? Being an Exo-L is way too hard at times…

Now you may be saying, Acacia, why haven’t you mentioned Chen yet? Why are you sleeping on this talented and beautiful man? Well dear Exo-L’s, it’s because Chen is behaving and staying in his lane. I think it’s the hair keeping him at bay…sorry Chen stans, but what on earth were the stylists thinking? The difference between Lotto and CBX is so drastic that I can’t even process it anymore. I miss IDGAF Lotto Chen…

But, I have rambled for long enough. This week’s discussion topic is, who is climbing up your list? Between Lay and CBX, one of them is bound to be doing some wrecking. Drop a comment a below and let me know! And enjoy some CBX teasers and Lay shots.

Until next week, enjoy your stay on Exo Planet!

Written by: Acacia@exodicted.net
Image Credits: Soompi 

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