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Saturday, October 22, 2016


Hello everyone!

How many of you almost got a mini-heart attack at seeing Exo's V Live notification? "HOT DEBUT" had me tapping my screen violently for the video to load faster, thinking it was finally time! But what did I find instead? Baekhyun, Xuimin and Chen looking like paintball- ravaged news anchors.

But my complaints did not stop there, because when I finally accessed English subs minutes later, (thank you Exo-L's for being that fast!), I found out that we learned NOTHING. Actually no, we learned something, so let me recap:

Unit name: Starts with a "C"

Title Track: Starts with an "H" 

Debut date: October

What is this boys? Hangman? There are about 12 million possibilities here. And then another thought hit me...what if SM pulls a Big Hit and drops the Music Video in the middle of the night with no warning? I don't think a zombie me would fully be able to appreciate this sub-unit at 3am, so SM, I'm pleading with you, can we have a release at a decent time?

A while ago I created an Exo sub-unit challenge on another platform and chose ChenBaekXi as my ideal sub-unit. So imagine my absolute shock at this finally coming true! I honestly considered, for a moment, that I was psychic. That, or SM is stalking fan sites to see what we come up with...

In case they are: SM, can you make a South African Exo tour happen? I would probably sell a kidney to get myself to that concert.

But, getting back to the topic of the sub-unit, I do know that a video titled "Reservoir Idols" was shown at one of the Ex'ordium concerts. Clearly that is not the title of the unit or the song ...or is it? These cryptic clues are driving me a little insane. For now, all I can conclude is that it's definitely a vocal unit, unless one of them is going to surprise us and bust out into a rap.

Honestly, my head is start to hurt a little trying to figure out what this sub-unit is going to be like. I would not mind a ballad- to be honest, I quite enjoy those and their voices would definitely be perfect for it. But on the other hand, an upbeat pop track wouldn't be bad either. A part of me senses some kind of EDM may be involved here since that seems to be the current trend.

Let me leave it up to you guys rather- any thoughts on unit's name and title track? Comment with your theories!

Until next week Exo-Ls, enjoy living on Exo planet!

Written by: Acacia@exodicted.net
Image credits: SM Town

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