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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Hello Everyone!

I hope you've been quite well this past week and that you have been enjoying the latest content on the site.

Today I bring to you news on some new features that the staff has decided on implementing. These are a "Staff of the Month" feature and new ways for you guys to interact with us.

Since we are in the process of hiring so many new people, we've decided to implement a method to appreciate the people that work so hard to keep this site running. With our new "Staff of the month" feature, we will pick one staff member, be it a writer, author, translator, graphic designer etc, who will write a post about themselves and let you guys know who they are.This is also a reward to recognize their hard work. They will also include some fun stuff like edits, trips they've taken, some of their favorite Exo things and more. So look forward to getting to know each staff member and what role they play on EXOdicted.

Secondly, we've now launched- or rather re-launched- two Twitter accounts so that you can contact us in real time. On the first account we will post our favorite gifs, edits, memes, fan art or anything about EXO that we feel we should share with you all.

And on the second account you can send us questions directly and we will answer them, so that you get to know us a little better and form a relationship with us. The last thing we want to seem like are untouchable robots! We are real EXO fans, just like you, and we want interact more with our readers.

Remember, you  can also send us questions on our Instagram and Facebook page.

You can find a link to our accounts here:

@EXDstaff: for all your burning questions 

@EXDlife: where the staff get to be their normal, fanpeople selves 


Next, we're introducing a section just for you guys- Exo-L Talk!

Send us your Exo-L stories and experiences and we'll post them on the site. You can also now submit your own original articles and we will post them!

The purpose of this section is to showcase the talents of our readers and fellow Exo-L's so don't be shy about sending us your original content.

And lastly, your feedback is of utmost importance to us! Remember, we're here to serve you and we want to know what you love and maybe don't love about the site. Just fill in this form and let us know what we can do to make your EXOdicted experience that much better.

There are great things coming for EXOdicted in the future, including new content and projects! Our fan band is working very hard and our store team are on their way to getting it up and running very soon.

So stay with us, look forward to all we have coming up and don't hesitate to interact with us! We need some love too.

Until next time Exo-L's,
Keep on keeping on.

Written by: Acacia@exodicted.net

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