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Thursday, September 29, 2016


As a fan of a group with as many members as Exo, it's natural to overlook at least one. To be honest, even with groups of six members, at least one of them manages to slip under my radar. Of course, there's also a point where they stop flying under the radar and hit you right in the face- whether it's because they changed their hair colour or got some extra screen time on a show.

Back when Exo was 12, I only paid attention to Kris. Galaxy Hyung was my ultimate bias and when he left, I didn't exactly know what to do with my life as an Exo-L anymore.

 By the time we ended up with OT9, Baekhyun had come in and claimed that Bias Throne proudly. And also by that time I had vowed to equally appreciate all of the members. I guess my logic was that if we could lose three members in what felt like a matter of minutes, then it's completely possible we could lose another. I didn't exactly keep my promise...

Whether it was OT 12, 11, 10 or 9, there were two members that just never seemed to crawl up the list and aim for the bias wrecker spot. So this week's topic is dedicated to the Exo member(s) we don't show enough love to. Our under-appreciated member of the week. 

For me, it was a toss up between the Kims' : Jongdae or Jongin. And since I already did a Chen appreciation post for his birthday, I decided it's only fair to pick Kai for this week.

I may have been an EXO-l since 2013/2014 but, like I said above, it's taken me a few years to start appreciating any member that wasn't Baekhyun or Kris. Over the past two years, each member has had their moment...except for the Kim Jong's.

Let me lay out my journey with Kai over the years, and point out some the things I've come to appreciate about him as a person and as a member of Exo.

The first EXO music video I ever watched was Wolf and I immediately picked out Kai with his weird braid hairstyle he had going on. I don't know why he didn't become my bias because I sure he was going to be. He exuded charm and charisma and for months, he really was the only member who's name I knew. I hadn't even picked Kris as my bias at that time.

As I watched EXO Showtime I discovered that Kai loves chicken and his dogs more than life and it was adorable. I also loved how he and Sehun were basically evil maknae twins. Sekai for the win. He should have been rising up the list at this point but alas, no.

And then on Weekly Idol I got to see some of those dance skills he's known for (well I didn't know he was known for them at that point). I love to watch Lay dance because his moves are so precise and powerful, but on the exact opposite end we have Kai. With his background in ballet and jazz, watching him dance is just plain beautiful. He's gifted. 

Ah, and then I listened to Hurt and his voice was the one that stood out for me. Not Baekhyun, not Kyungsoo- Kai. I actually had to take a minute to process that. I wasn't prepared for it, but suddenly I had the song on repeat for hours and hours just to appreciate his voice.
When the Kai/Krystal dating thing broke out, as usual I couldn't have cared less. Not because I paid the least attention to him, but because idols dating isn't even a thing for me to bother about. But then the hate started rolling in and I even accidentally stumbled onto the Tumblr account of a very questionable EXO-L...if I can even call that person that.

With there being this outcry of people wanting Kai to choose either EXO or Krystal and these horrible posts about him being written, I started to feel really bad. He wasn't even my bias or anywhere near being a bias wrecker, but I felt the need to defend him and tell the haters to get lost. At what point does it become okay to tell a member to choose between love and his career? After losing three members, I would have thought that some fans would be reasonable and not want to lose another. If Exo is a body, then demanding that Kai leave the group is like ripping off a limb and expecting the body to still function as normal. Where is the logic?

I also discovered that I disliked it when his skin colour was pointed out or made fun of. Like he's not even that dark skinned. And so what if he is darker than the other members- since when is there only one standard of beauty in the world? Like give me a break. 

When Kyungsoo drew a caricature of Kai and coloured it in, I know there were many who were not impressed. At first I was annoyed too, and then I had to think of it from a friend's perspective. In terms of my own friends, it's typical of them to point out my voice when describing me, because it's a bit high pitched. In that way, I guess Kai's dark skin is the same. They're close, so I suppose there's a level where Kyungsoo could do that and not have it be offensive...at least I sincerely hope that's the case.

Also, one last thing, can we stop whitewashing his photos? He's beautiful as he is. A beautiful caramel chocolate man? White Chicks reference anyone? Or am I throwing it back too far?
Now I would talk about who I ship Kai with, but if I'm honest the only ship I know is ChanBaek. I don't pay enough attention to the other ships. I guess Kaisoo is a thing that people like? 

In conclusion, what I'm saying here is that Kai is this really talented and adorable member that should not be hated on for anything. It doesn't matter if he's dating, or if he's dark skinned or if he's always sleeping. I resolve to love Jongin more. 

Am I...am I falling for Kai? I think I am...dammit I think I've wrecked myself again. 
So who is the Exo member you under-appreciate? 
Leave an answer in the comments with a short reason and let's see how we all differ. 
Until next week Exo-L's,
Written by: Acacia@exodicted.net
Image Credits: Individual uploaders

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