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Thursday, September 22, 2016


Do you know what today is? Well unless you've been living under a non-Exo rock, or if you completely skipped the title, today is Chen Day. Our talented vocal turns 24 or 25 if you prefer to work in Korean age.

So this week's topic is dedicated to one of the sassiest, kindest and most talented idols that exist right now.

I had to give a lot of thought into what I wanted to say because I realized that as an Exo-L, I really haven't appreciated Chen as much as I should. And I've also never had a "Chen Phase"- you know, that phase where you're so obsessed with one Exo member that somehow even your bias takes a backseat. It really got me thinking as to why?

To truly find my answer I had to start digging. Why hasn't Chen bias-wrecked yet? Have I missed something? So I decided to make a list of reasons why Chen should be more appreciated to help me figure out why he hasn't slapped Baekhyun down a peg or two, like Chanyeol is always doing. (Sorry Baek!! But you always take back your number one spot anyway!)

Acacia's Chen Appreciation List


This is by far the most obvious reason because you can't appreciate Chen without acknowledging his vocals. I'll admit that even if I didn't notice Chen for his visuals, that his vocals stood out immediately. 

I can always pick out his voice in Exo's songs and the OST's that he's done definitely rank at the top of my favorites list.  And his high notes...goosebumps every darn time. 


You know that moment when someone laughs and you laugh along even if you don't know what on earth is going on? That's what happens to me when I hear Chen. 

When it comes to Exo laughs, Baekhyun tops my list because its just so adorable. I swear if puppies could laugh, they would sound exactly like him. But wait, what am I doing? This isn't about Baek! Stop it Byun Baekhyun, let Chen have this day please. 

Now back to what I was saying...Chen has this genuine laugh. If only I had the adjectives to describe it...but you probably know what I mean right? 


It would be an Exo crime to not mention the Chensing Machine side of this man. Honestly, there was probably a time when this wasn't a compliment but I can't remember. Chen used to be one of the dancing black holes of the group but no more. 

Say what you want, I think his dancing has improved a lot. The choreo for Monster was on a different level but there was our Chensing Machine killing it. And if you watched Infinite Challenge recently, you would have seen him learning the choreo for Dancing King, and he was pretty damn good.

But there is one Chensing Machine moment I will never forget and that is from their second time on Weekly Idol way back when. Have you ever seen anyone try these moves and still manage to look somewhat cool? Chen is on his own level.  


Chen is that one friend that has no time for your nonsense. He tells it like it is and you best deal with it because he's not apologising. If Baekhyun is too noisy, he gets shut down. 

On top of the sass, he's a major troll. Are the Exo members trying to look cool? That's not gonna work- enter the troll. Exo manages to out themselves most of the time, but Chen is consistent. Admit it, you know most of Exo's dirty laundry because this not-so-cinnamon roll outed them all.

He's also a complete savage. Chill? Chen sees no chill. Chen has no chill. And I think I like that.

In a nutshell, he's like the ultimate BFF that's going to keep you entertained.


Before you Chen stans attack me, I'm not using "unique" in a bad way. Sure, when it comes to Exo's visual you'd think Chanyeol or Kai immediately. But even if Chen doesn't pop up first, you have to admit he's pretty good looking. 

I say unique because you can immediately recognize Chen with his features. His lips are definitely the most recognizable feature and also kind of cute...ah, what's wrong with me? I never say cheesy things like that.  

SM must be straight up psychics to be able to foresee that those awkward children they street stalked or accepted as trainees would turn into such visuals. 


When Chen first appeared on stage with his shades I thought the stylists were trying out something new for the Lotto era. And then I found out he actually had an eye infection and I felt sorry for him. But on the bright side, he did look pretty cool on stage. I bet Chen fans grew substantially after his performances.

He slayed so hard despite his injury, and for that reason alone he should be more appreciated. I don't think it's especially easy keeping up with choreography when your eye is letting you down. You go Chen.

I bet you've never seen a list with such a odd number of reasons? I think I've successfully managed to get my point across, but have I figured out why Chen hasn't bias wrecked me yet? One reason: I didn't pay attention to him enough.

After watching him on The Return of Superman, I could no longer deny that Chen is worthy of the title bias wrecker and that he'd also make a good father...what is it with Exo and showing off their dad skills, they're slaying us enough already.

So perhaps he hasn't completely stolen Baekhyun's place yet, but he doesn't need to. Chen doesn't have to come in like a wrecking ball for me to appreciate him because I already do. I just want him to keep serenading us with those honey vocals and never stop being his savage, sassy, trolling self.

Where are all my Chen fans at? Comment down below with reason's why you love this not-so-cinnamon-roll and share some of the things you may have done to celebrate this #ChenDay!

Until next week guys,

Written by: Acacia@exodicted.net
Image Credits: Individual Uploaders

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