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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

[TRANS] 160919 Baekhyun's Interview for Nylon Magazine October Issue

It looks like you enjoyed shooting for the magazine, didn’t you? Even your poses and your expressions were very natural.
It’s fun that I get to wear a variety of clothing styles while doing the photo shoot. I like it also because looking at the monitor after the shoot is amusing to me. I enjoy doing things that I normally cannot do on a regular basis. 
There were really a lot of people today but it was as though you were only focused on yourself. Are you the kind to enjoy receiving attention?
Whenever I get a lot of eyes (attention) on me, I jokingly tell them to stop looking at me, but I do not find their stares not burdensome. It’s nice having everyone’s attention solely on me. Haha. Because everyone is showing their interest for me. 
Is there a difference between the Baekhyun doing a magazine photo shoot like this or the Baekhyun on & off stage?
I’m exactly the same. They’re all me. I don’t think it is worth calling it a difference.
So it seems like you do not have an unexpected side of you where even if you told us about it, we still wouldn’t believe in it.
I am bad at hiding things. I don’t think there is anything that people who like me don’t know about me. They even know where all the moles on my body are. 
Among all the different sides of you that everyone knows of, which is the most ‘Baekhyun-like’?
It would be the image I have on stage. That’s because I think I am able to show everything that I am capable of on the stage. Even to the extent that I am not even aware of. I think by receiving energy from the audience, some things just come bursting out. 
Is that also one of the reason why you generally take the start of EXO performances? Because it seems like you are in charge of almost all the first parts.
I actually also wonder why that is, too. It was the first time in the song ‘Overdose’, but I wonder if that is just because I start off that part well. I think of it that way personally. Haha. It’s interesting. Even for ‘Lotto,’ the first part was actually Kai’s part. However, because Kai is injured, I became the one doing the first part again. It could be because of that that makes people think I’m the only one doing the first parts. It’s not an exact rule that we follow, it’s just that it turned out this way. 
Having only seen you sing and dance on stage, it is refreshing seeing you act in the recent drama <Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo>. Now that you have experienced the field of acting, what do you think of it? 
It is really difficult. From the understanding of the character to how I should pace my speech, there wasn’t any one thing that was easy.
Among the different emotions that you had to express, what was the hardest?
Crying scenes. That’s because I don’t cry much. However, because Lee Joonki sunbaenim took my acting like it was real and kept up with his lines, I cried a lot. There were many things that I learnt while working with him. 
I thought you would cry a lot, this is surprising.
I don’t cry easily. I didn’t cry even when we received big awards. The thing I think about when I cry is my time as a trainee. There were 4 vocal rooms in the practice room and every week, I was evaluated on whatever I practiced there. Because compared to others, my time as a trainee was short, so I was always following them around and it was too much for me. So I really cried a lot while practising on my own at midnight.
You must have really practised a lot. You were originally the member who couldn’t even dance well but with severe practice, you got to where you are now.
I improved a lot from watching the best dancer in our team and learning from him. For dancing, just like singing, you cannot just improve at once. Instead, practising will not let you down and as much as you practise, your efforts will show. Which is what makes it more fun. 
Then for now, are you at that stage where you enjoy dancing?
I am not at that stage yet but I do like it. In the past, even if a song that gets people hyped was played, my body didn’t know how to react to it. But now, it moves [to the beat]. 
Is there any particular music that makes you dance?
Recently, somehow, I dance while listening to hip hop music. Among the songs we have, apart from the title songs because I like all of them, I like the dance for ‘Lady Luck’. ‘White Noise’ or ‘El Dorado’ are also songs that make me hyped when I dance to them. 
Other than dancing, singing and acting, is there anything else that you enjoy?
Gaming. There is a game that I am really addicted to. 
What is your level?
I think it is of a certain level. I am good [at games]. 
Are you the kind to have be competitive?
I am not competitive. I might lose, I might win and when I win, it’s not like I gain anything. It’s the principle of having each other enjoy [the game]. The moment you start to harbour a desire to win, something that you used to do for fun will then become too serious. 
Then what about when you work?
It’s different when it comes to work. For that, I think you have to have a drive in order to be able to survive. There are many idols in this industry. Among them, in order to get a hold of what belongs to us, we have to be competitive. 
Do you still have that kind of pressure? Truthfully, if we were to talk about EXO now, [you guys] are the best team among the idols.
I wish that was true in reality. When talking about EXO, people say that we are amazing but I am not quite sure if that is what everyone thinks. Instead of just a particular age group, I think it would be nice if more people remember each and every EXO member, and if they also know what traits we [each] possess. I wish for people to recognise the individual members in EXO just as they recognise EXO as a whole
But still, as EXO and as EXO’s Baekhyun, it would be good to daringly try whatever you want to do now. There are many things that is possible by using just that name.
That is honestly not easy. Personally, I still have a long way to go if I want to spread my roots. That is why sometimes I act, I do musicals, and I emcee but I think it is difficult to consistently show different images [of myself]. It is most important for me to show my image as a part of EXO and if I have enough time on my hands, I wish to show a good image of myself. I think it would be nice if it had a solo or even a modified unit [in EXO]. Since there are many members, there is much you will be able to see from us.
Then, if say you were to form a unit based on how you would like it to be, what kind of unit and content would you like to show?I would form a vocal unit with me, Chen and Xiumin, who [both] live on the same floor with me. There was something small that we showed at the concert but I think that would be a good unit. 
You are 25 years old now, which is exactly in your mid 20′s. How aware are you of your age? Instead of thinking that I am 25, I think of myself as mature. Even if it was just a little, I started doing my part as a filial son to my parents, and I think being in a position where I can’t just do whatever I want thoughtlessly has made my thought become more mature. I think about what I should do so I wouldn’t make any mistakes and live a good life as a celebrity. I certainly have more thoughts now compared to the past. I have a responsiblity over the members and my family, and I try to do what is morally correct. 
Do you not feel a regret that you became aware of that responsibility so early in your life? You could just enjoy your youth as it is now.
Honestly, I do, which is why I quite enjoy gaming and I also like meeting and talking to friends. During those times, I feel really young. Sometimes apart from the times I have to catch myself, I am living the life as a normal 25-year-old.
Is there something that you used to like when you were younger but now are less interested in?
Going out and about. There are times you just wander about without any reason, aren’t there. I used to like pointlessly going out with my friends even when we had nothing to do. I have lost interest in that kind of thing. 
Then on the other hand, is there something you didn’t know of before, but recently found out about the good of it?
Staying home? Haha. I really couldn’t stay home to watch a movie or to listen to music and lie down and do nothing. It made me restless and I thought it was a waste of time. I don’t know why I thought like that, but I have come to like it now. Instead of me becoming more mature, that is just me becoming more relaxed.
What do you live for now?
Everyone has their own colour (character). Even our scents are different. Either way, celebrities are fighting for colours but I think it is right to look harder for your own colour. For me, I think I have my own exact colour. Though I don’t know if it is just my own delusion. (Laughs) If my witty and carefree self on stage is my colour now, then in the future, I wish to be remembered as someone who does everything well. And so, I keep monitoring myself while discovering and showing as many things of myself. That is the drive that keeps me going. 
Going a bit further, what do you think is the reason of your presence? The reason why someone called Baekhyun exists.
Happiness. The world is very chaotic and people have lost all their feelings but when someone always lives their life brightly, there will be happy things that may arise from even the little things around them. For me, since I was young, I was not the most popular kid in class because I was handsome. Instead, I was the kid who was friendly with the entire school. And being tactful, I am the kind that would not do things that would make the other person’s mood sour. Also, I did not treat people based on stereotypes and instead, I was a kid who liked making others laugh and enjoy themselves. I would high five people in the corridors one by one. It was actually really hard. (Laughs) But that was my personality, so I couldn’t help it. But wouldn’t it be nice if you have more friends who are like that? And so for me, my existence is to give that kind of happiness.
So if there was someone who is exactly like Baekhyun, do you think you will be happy? Let’s just say, a doppelganger. 
Ah, it would definitely be nice… I would like it! It would be interesting. Though there might be things that I will think “He really shouldn’t be doing that” when I look at him. Then I would have to give him some advice. 
Will you be close to him?
I don’t think I will want to be close to him. Haha. Because it is a little weird being together with someone who is so similar to your personality. It would be good if he lives well in a different area, somewhere really far.

 (Credit: eternally_b, 103oclock)
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