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Sunday, September 11, 2016

[STAFF HIRING] EXOdicted's Band Audition, Main Site Staff and EXOdicted's Store

Hello EXO-L's!

Today just feels so great that we have figured something out: As the fansite keeps growing and improving, We on our end is quite more excited to bring you lots and lots of good stuffs to carry around with you. We have received an influx of ideas from our amazing staffs and as we work passionately to make them work, We'd love to have you.

As of the moment, We''d love to have people to join us for the sake of the following good stuffs. (by saying 'good stuffs', we don't only mean 'good' but the 'best'.)

1. EXODICTED - This is the main 'stuff' that we all are working hard for. It is our mutual decision to maximize our efforts to bring the latest updates from EXO but as we keep going, We realized that it comes with a cost - a cost that whispers to our minds that we need more people around to keep running things smoothly.

More info here.

2. EXO-L'E band - Can you imagine a fansite geared up altogether not only for EXO updates but also for some "good" music? EXD happily says: "Hi, It is gonna be us!". We have the band roaming around for some time now and before we realize it, the band is gaining more love from here and there and it's the band's goal to keep the good music burning. Thus, the band will appreciate to have you on board.

Bring your talents to EXO-L'E here.

 3. EXODICTED Store - Our store hasn't been up for a long time and like what EXO did, We decided on a gearing for the store's grand comeback. We dare you that this time, it's gonna be bigger for the sake of your 'EXO-L necesities." Ready to be your co-EXO-L's source of happiness today?

If yes, click here.

Here are the good stuffs, You ready?

Goodluck, EXO-L's!

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