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Thursday, September 22, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 160921 Chen's birthday party

Chen and EXO-Ls will be singing 'Every Time' together today!!

oh that last part may have also been his past self lol so he watched it, going "I'm just eating the bread. What is this?"
Minseok is the first person who said happy birthday to Jongdae
If Jongdae want to eat a sweet food, it's sweet dessert and americano
Q: The most memorable moment after debut?
A: When we got daesang.
Q: Trip that JD want to go and JD's trip style is?
JD said he watch movie at home. The old classic movies or movie that he watched when he was a kid.
Q: When you feel happy at small thing
A: When I eat delicious food~ everyone feels that right?
A: I'm a spontaneous style and depends on my mood. I want to go to Jeju island!
JD: Do you have something to drink? No? I feel sorry that I'm the only one who drink...
JD: Do you like strawberry cake?
Fans: Yes!!
XM: Our Jongdae, how old are you?
JD: 25 years old! It's so many!!!
Minseok and Jongin came out. Minseok: It's not a surprise appearance, Jongdae already know about this
Q: The most thing you fall for recently and want to learn it if there is a chance
A: I want to learn songwriting and composing
Q: Jongdae's target now?
A: Make a solo album
(talk about solo album) not right now, even if it's ten years later I'll do it if I still being a singer.
Daeul and his mom go to SUM cafe and know about Jongdae's bday today. Daeul bought ice cream as a present but then he ended up eating itㅋㅋㅋ

JONGDAE: I want to truthfully show u not just EXO CHEN but also KIM JONGDAE
Q: Most memorable moment after debut?
CHEN: When we received our first DaeSang. AS u all know i dont cry often but I got teary/choked up(?)
Q: Where do u wanna travel to? ur vacation style?
CHEN: Did u watch TripWithoutManager? That's my Vacation Style. I want to go to Jeju-do
Q: JONGDAE is always positive-minded.How to be like that?
CHEN: Idk well if im optimistic but while doing music i think ive become Positive minded. so if u do something u like/enjoy then u'll become optimistic/positive thinking
Q: Homebody CHEN what do u do at home?
CHEN: I watch movies. i enjoy rewatching movies i've seen & enjoyed
Fans are chanting "SHOW IT" (smtg racy? idk)
CHEN: I cant do things like this well~ *(talking abt Artificial Love being super racy)
Q: When do u most want to see EXO-L?
CHEN: I really wanted to see u all today, on my bday
CHEN: I am sure u all know but I always pray before going on stage
CHEN: Difference between CHEN & JONGDAE
JD: I try to show myself truthfully and not let there be a difference between the two 
JONGDAE talking abt meeting DAEULIE & SOEULIE recently : The kids are really cute~~
Q: What do u think is ur most charming/attractive point?
EXO-L: upturned corners of the lips!!
CHEN: ah~ I think its my voice
JONGDAE prepared a behind the scenes VCR of what he does during schedules <33333
I think JONGDAE's at the dorm !!!! pls share the VCR!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ his deep speaking voice i am dieee
JONGDAE's eating the Potato Chips he likes the most in his VCR
MINSEOK & JONGIN just entered signing "Happy Birthday" <33 #KimBros JONGDAE keeps laughing ^^
XiuKai: We got caught. This is not a surprise at all! JONGDAE already knew we were coming ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
MINSEOK: JOONMYUN~ie should've been here so it couldn't been KIM BROTHERS but he's filming right now
JONGDAE: Even though members are busy w/filming etc. they still called me to wish Happy Birthday~
JONGDAE's birthday wish: I hope that we can go together, with EXO & EXO-L for a long time
JONGIN: CHEN hyung troubled over how to make today fun a lot,always going around w/a camcorder
MINSEOK: ah~that was what the camcorder was for
MINSEOK: Honestly, to come here today, I cleared my schedule ~ ^^
MINSEOK: There r 4 months left but EXO wont be resting at all~ we have lots planned so.. ah wait this is JONGDAE's bday right ㅋㅋㅋ
MINSEOK: How old is our JONGDAE? JD (cutely): 25 yrs!!! MIN: u used to make fun of me for being half50 but now ur half50!! #XiuCHen
MS: Honestly, u guys knew i'd be coming right? JD: i didnt MS: wherever CHEN goes, XIUMIN is always there, where XM is CHEN is always there~
cute JONGINNIE to MINSEOK: include me too!!! ㅂ0ㅂ hehe baby Maknae <3
JONGDAE said he doesnt use the internet a lot &asked XIuKai if they know abt internet movies(?) but they didnt
JD: See we r all the same!
They said that SUHO uses the internet a lot and he knows all about the trendy stuff on the internet
CHEN: Do u have something to drink?
EXO-L: No~~
CHEN: ah i feel bad having a drink by myself <_>
Ls: its okk <33
CHEN: When is EXO the coolest?
Ls: Always
C: Ah no!smtg specific!
Ls: on stage!while dancing
C: what did the upper level say?
CHEN said he wants to communicate w/the fans&share in their happiness&sadness so he got them to write their stories to him&is reading them
JONGDAE is singing 10CM song
JONGDAE's singing totally without any music ~ "ah im so nervous" EXO-Ls started clapping to the beat !! such perfect synchro
JONGDAE's singing RA.D 's I'm in Love w/out music He kinda went off tune a bit and was like "Eoh?" haha cute
JONGDAE sang 10cm's Love u To death He said it was his first time signing w/no music
CHEN: I really wanted to sing for u all completely w/out music~ its more nerve wracking than being on stage. feels like im naked
The story JONGDAE is reading is abt a fan who's getting married in 3 days & JD talked abt recently attending his friend's wedding
JONGDAE's sang a short Congratulatory Song that she requested - Lee Seunggi's Marry Me - but said he will also sing Best Luck for her
Reading stories CHEN Radio corner is finished.
Gifts time
- wallet
- clutch
- signed tshirt
- Nature Republic set
- Goobne chicken(?)
CHEN: Who's scoffing at the Nature Republic gift-set?!?! i really do use it too!!!!*whine whine*
JD: What was that?
Ls: JONGDAE si (9:21)
JD: Ah~~~ its my time??
I think 5 people are getting each gift. i could listen to JONGDAE reading the winning tickets all day haha he's so cute!
CHEN: All the ppl in section '--' raise your hand! I will give the gift to the prettiest person! what am i saying~ everyone is pretty
CHEN: gradually the applause sound is getting softer~ (teasing) is it bc ur not the one getting the gift?^^ lets share in the happiness!!
CHEN (in english): Last, Clutch Bag, Last~
JONGDAE's like "i'm the model for Nature Republic so i gotta promote" - "Together with Nature" ~ Star Collaboration featuring CHENㅋㅋ
JONGDAE made a mistake so there werent enough Nature Republic giftsets to give out
EXO-L: It's okay!!
CHEN: Aigoo~~ JONGDAE Sigan (time) has passed by right? Time is really flying by
CHEN: I want to sing Everytime with u all~ like last time through Everysing,but I wanted to hear ur voices from up close ~
CHEN (teasing fans): Ooh u r already clearing ur throats&getting ready to sing ㅋㅋ This time i wont be nervous because~ EXO-Ls r singing w/me
EXO-Ls were following the guide&singing only their designated parts CHEN: You can sing together with me too! Ls start singing the chorus<3
As soon as EverytimeWithCHEN ended
an EXO-L: JONGDAE~ya saranghanda (ilu)
JD: Na do saranghanda (ilu2) ha ha ha I am sooo happy!!
CHEN: u guys asked me how 2016 was, i think this birthday will be the most memorable for me. Thanks to u all, a person called CHEN exists
CHEN (photo time): So awkward~ everyone! should we make a pose?
CHEN: wait wait wait lets do a funny face! You cant cover ur face - its cheating! i will also do it so u have to
EXO-L: u cannot uploadㅋㅋ
CHEN: Everyone, u guys didnt do (the funny face) right? I think only i did it!! 2nd floor did u do it?? i gotta confirm it later =D
CHEN: Ah... how do i wrap this up? EXO-Ls: Don't!!!
CHEN: Its ok to take a pic together right? i'll give u 5 seconds!Fix ur makeup! ur bangs! take care of the grease~~even if u dont ur pretty
Ending Ment: "I really want to express myself differently than usual..altho they r the same words,i'm really thankful 4 today. i love u"

The fan who is getting married that JONGDAE sang MarryMe & Best Luck for received a signed SPAO shirt

XIUMIN: We have EXO's best vocal and EXO's best dancer here today~ CHEN: And EXO's Best Muggle King!! supportive babies<3
JONGIN put the candles as "52" instead of "25"

 (Credit: 103oclock, bulbaseok, chocohun94, hyoyeonsubs2)
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