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Sunday, September 4, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 160902 EXO at Pepero Fansign Event

Audio: https://t.co/86rG4GN0rr

Q: I'll report you for marriage registration. Sehun: No way (안되욬ㅋㅋㅋ)

A friend of a fan made this hat, the fan gave it to Sehun, Sehun liked it & looked so happy.

Fan:(was looking at sehun's face I couldn't say any word) can u draw a heart? Sehun: Ah-ui Of course~
Sehun and Baekhyun menu for today is samgyetang. Sehun even recommend Pepero for dessert.
Sehun : what I hear a lot at the during fansign....... Handsome...not human being... Aren't you an angel?
What Kyungsoo think about his charm 1. Heart lips 2. Round eyes 3. Cutie 4. Good voice 5. Cooking skills 6. All ✔️
A fan said to Chanyeol please don't be sick bcs of that the fan keeps crying everyday. Chanyeol holds the fan's hand.
Baekhyun: nude pepero 
Junmyeon: cookie and cream 
Chanyeol: original
Kyungsoo said today's menu for dinner is samgyeopsal. Because samgyeopsal is delicious.

Q: Baekhyun oppa which hero do u like the most? BH: Iron man!

Jongin: I'm having Goobne chicken for dinner, Pepero for dessert and iced tea for drinks.
Baekhyun: Many of you are curious about what happened in Hawaii.. It really was me driving in Hawaii
"What was most fun in Hawaii?"
SEHUN: hmm.. [thinks] Drive! "
Who did u go on a drive with?"
OSH: Manager hyung! ㅋㅋ
OP: I'm rly liking ur drama! What was hardest during filming?
BBH: Clashing days w EXO schedule..? It was quite hard
OP asked Kyungsoo if he likes snowy days or rainy days, he said he likes rainy days

They were told that the boys can't write fans' names but Baekhyun still did it

CY: Though Lotto promotions have ended, we will come back with larger events/activities
op: can you rec me a perfume?
sehun: how old are you?
op: i’m a student
sehun: when you become an adult [i will]
op: sehuna i’ve done my best
sehun: *laughs* did you really do your best?
op: no sorry.. sh: no no, good on you!
Fan told Sehun that she gains strength whenever Sehun uploads on instagram and thanks him for uploading a lot. Sehun said "really? Then I'll post a lot."
apparently it’s going to be quite difficult to see sehun’s solo dance for lotto...
All Chanyeol stans (and other stans) are saying he looks so fucking handsome with his curled bang

l: oppa! when i see oppa, my heart goes 'ayat!' (*hurts) junmyeon: mine goes ayat! too!
l: jm ah, nuna is gonna post a fanacc about this later,so please press heart when you see it jm: you said heart? heart? and drew more hearts
junmyeon's dinner recommendation: original for main dish, almond for dessert and nude for midnight snack
junmyeon's favorite drink is caramel macchiato his favorite pepero flavor is cookies and cream (white cookie)
l: oppa i think oppa is the most handsome ㅠ jm: haha thank you /makes a finger heart l: oppa ur really handsome ㅠ jm: thank you/finger heart
l: oppa, how do i look today? jm: ^^;; haha ur pretty l: ^^ jm: ur a goddess l: ur funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ jm: ur one piece looks great
l: fashion alphago-nim, please recommend an autumn item! jm: it must be trench coat for autumn!
l: i had to open 300 packs of pepero, my fingers hurt (aya aya) jm: ;___; aya aya l: this time i went to 6 days of the concert /cant rmb
Op: want u to destroy my work place so i could see u more often Jongin: (shocked) why would you destroy it?! 
Jongin looked so bright today and op told him that it hurts her heart and hopes him to get better soon and jongin told her that he doesn't
Op told jongin 'u r the best even when u r not dancing and there r so many people who support u' and jongin's eyes looked so warm when he said thank you looking at op.
Op: thank you for became an exo member and u r my happiness and i will support u always 
Jongin: thank you <3
Jongin: eat gubne chicken and for desserts, pepero and kangshifu tea 
Chanyeol: he's a true PPL man 
ahh she bought a lotto with numbers jongin picked for her ㅋㅋ

(Credit: milkysehun412, , eternally_b, 103oclock, avecSEHUN ,delightcy_, _HPPYVRS, littleariel13, kimjoninis, kissyeolips)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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