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Saturday, October 1, 2016

[EXOdicted's Staff Review] EXO in Infinity Challenge!


IT'S YOUR GIRL... Rini!!!
And today I shall guide you through a 1 hour and 20 minute long video of two of my favorite things: EXO and Infinity Challenge!

BUT before we get to that, I would like to first introduce myself:

I'm Rini, I'm a Chinese translator (at least I'm supposed to be... but I've done a lot of other random work on this site LOL), I'm pretty active on our Instagram account (@exodicted_intl), my bias is Chen, and I'm from China/Canada (ayeeee Kris. Wait I forgot that subject is a taboo... SORRY I HAD TO). I also lived in California for like half a year (don't ask). I am also studying Korean so let's pray that I won't give up halfway ㅠ ㅠ

Now that we've gotten that out of the way...

It's time to jump into the Dancing King's kingdom!!! (I just cringed at myself too....)


So we start with a flashback of one of the previous episodes, where Kwanghee wrote a letter to Jaesuk saying how he saw Jaesuk perform with EXO.

If you don't keep up with Infinity Challenge, basically in an episode a while ago, they did this game where members wrote letters to other members that was supposed to be from the future. Whoever received the letter would have to do whatever the letter said before the year ends.

The actual episode starts, and we begin with Jaesuk waiting in EXO's rehearsal room. The member starts coming in one by one, and they greet each other. They finally are all present, and Jaesuk cracks a joke asking about if they have to take attendance since there's so many members.

Jaesuk says he's impressed that some of the EXO members dressed up for today's recording, but teases Sehun for dressing so casually. Sehun's protective big hyungs quickly cover up for their beloved maknae: Sehun thought they would only be practicing choreography today, so that's why he is dressed like that.

Jaesuk also then comments on how D.O. came without makeup, but Kyungsoo is quick to inform Jaesuk that actually, he did come with makeup. Jaesuk then moved on to his next target: Chen. "It's a bit hot to wear a sweater" LOL

Jaesuk notices Kai's injury and he explains that because of it, Kai will not be able to participate in the dancing.

Suddenly, Kyuhyun from Super Junior shows up and announces that he is EXO's guardian and he's here because he's worried about his beloved hoobaes and came to support them. Aww.

Jaesuk then gives a shoutout to Infinity Challenge's Bookyung PD, who happens to be a huge fan of Baekhyun. (In a previous episode, she fangirled about EXO and said she had to hurry home after the shoot that day in order to buy EXO concert tickets.) As a representative of us, EXO-Ls, she introduces EXO as the ones who came from EXO Planet. EXO members then urged her to tell Jaesuk about their superpowers, which she happily did so. Since Jaesuk is going to be EXO's "new member", they also decided upon a superpower for him too: invisibility.

After introductions, they watch their new song's choreography together. Jaesuk comments that he wished he could dance like that, and Chanyeol agrees with a honest "Me too".

EXO explains to Jaesuk that not only he'll have to somehow practice such a difficult choreography, but he'll also have to perform it at the biggest concert hall in Thailand. Wait. What??

...Well. Best of luck to you, Jaesuk.

In the next scene, Jaesuk is in the recording studio with a few Kai, Chen, Baekhyun, and Suho. Chen delivers his lines perfectly, as expected. We meet the guy who helps in EXO's song recordings, who gave compliments for whatever the members and Jaesuk do. He explains that giving compliments is how he makes a living LOL.

Surprisingly, Jaesuk only needed a few takes to get the perfect recording. I've underestimated you, Yoo Jaesuk.

Now we're at a practice room again, where we meet Baek Koo Young, a performance director and choreographer. He is determined to teach everyone the dance, and paid no attention to Jaesuk's worries about the difficult choreography.

They start with an elbow-tapping move, which seems easy enough. Jaesuk does it with ease, and Director Kooyoung decides that Jaesuk deserves some applause.

Next was the elbow-tapping move again, but this time they had to move up and down. Jaesuk attempts that move, and Director Boo decides he deserves some applause this time as well.

Embarrassed, Jaesuk asks D.O. to help him since he doesn't think he's doing well, but Director Boo Kooyoung keeps on saying he is.

Director Boo decides they were good enough to practice with the music now, so he turns the song on. They do the elbow move, which lasted about two seconds. That gained Director Boo's applause again. Maybe Jaesuk is a dance genius?

But apparently not, because he struggles with the next move which involves him throwing his hands in the air four times on the beat. However, as soon as Jaesuk got it right once, Director Boo didn't forget to applaud him.

Classic positive training, everybody. This was also how the book I borrowed from the library told me to train my dog. Not saying anybody is a dog here. Well, except for this little puppy:


The practice continues, and we can definitely see the difference between the well-trained EXO members and Jaesuk. Jaesuk finally explodes, saying it's impossible for him to do this. However, Chen helps correct one of his moves and Jaesuk gets a little emotional.

The other members also help Jaesuk with the hard moves, and Xiumin accidentally discovers Jaesuk's fit body. Hehehe.

Suho, a.k.a. the real dancing king of EXO, also helps Jaesuk with a sliding move.

Too soon, it's time to learn the most difficult section of the choreography. It's so hard that even EXO members like Baekhyun, Chen, and even our dancing god Suho are messing up this time.

During break, we see Chen and Xiumin practicing with Director Boo. Jaesuk reminds himself that he should be doing that too. But before he could join, D.O. comes out of nowhere and announces that after careful thought and consideration, he decides that the difficult move reminds him of a Michael Jackson move. He eagerly shows Jaesuk, hoping it would help him.

Our adorable and kind Kyungsoo indeed~

After many many rehearsals, we see Jaesuk struggling but improving steadily under the help of Director Boo and EXO members.

Seventeen days before their Thailand show, Jaesukk brings the Infinity Challenge members to meet the EXO members. Kwanghee even dressed up in his stage costume in order to leave a good impression on the EXO members, but the other cast members isn't sure it's working.

EXO finally enters, and this time Lay is here as well!

We discover that Myungsoo is obsessed with Chanyeol, but Chanyeol doesn't feel the same, so it's actually pretty awkward.

Jaesuk and Junha joke around, and then they notice the absence of Chenny Chen Chen. EXO members explain that unfortunately, Chen's eye got infected and therefore would not be able to participate in today's filming.

The Infinity Challenge members request to see a little preview of the choreography, and Jaesuk agrees. Even Lay tried to dance along, even though it's clear that this is his first time seeing the dance.

The cast members are all impressed by Jaesuk's dancing, and HaHa even whispers: "You're better than at least three of them".

HaHa, you're not talking about the brilliant SuChenYeol dance line, are you?

Jaesuk decides to share the honor, and even suggests for the other Infinity Challenge members to dance with EXO. Junha and Myungsoo both try their best, give up halfway. HaHa revives his idol dream. Kwanghee also attempts with his extra padded shoulders. And if you're fortunate enough, you may also catch Sehyung attempting to pick up the ladies:


I am fine. I am not disturbed at all.


Jaesuk then decides that since EXO helped him so much, it's only right for the Infinity Challenge cast to help EXO out too. So they agree to teach EXO the variety ways.

EXO members volunteer Lay as their first offering to the variety show gods. Lay tries to show off his dancing, but the Infinity Challenge cast members are not satisfied.

Junha steps in to help the poor sacrificial lamb, and things start getting wiLD:

Even his facial expressions are A++

After Lay's success, they decide to help Baekhyun. A soft melody kicks in, and Baekhyun isn't afraid to get it on.

But of course, variety gods will always be variety gods. Kwanghee made sure his dance is even more obnoxious than Baekhyun's.

Baekhyun decides to give up, since he's worried that his sunbae will break his back.

Next is D.O., who proves to us that it is possible that there's someone who can sing, dance, act, cook, and be on variety shows !

Meanwhile in the background, we see Xiumin's proud fatherly smile because he knows he raised his son right.

Kyungsoo finishes off his routine with a 360, and the Infinity Challenge members decide that D.O. is 100% ready for the variety world, no training needed.

And he is here... it is finally time for the appearance of the dancing empire: Kim Junmyeon. The man with water superpowers will finally grace us with freestyle moves as smooth as a flowing river. 

And of course, the empire never disappoints:

The EXO members are so happy that Chanyeol and Xiumin high-fives, and Lay looks like he's about to pass out from laughing.

Since it is the dancing empire Suho, the Infinity Challenge members sent out their best teacher, Sehyung, to make him even better.

The dancing empire Suho inspires his same-aged friend Lay, and so he even joins in the party.

Can I just say IT WAS LIT!

After getting his fair share of the spotlight, Lay volunteers Chanyeol by acknowledging his krumping abilities. 

And so we witness Chanyeol's so-called krumping, which is basically just rolling around on the floor and falling on purpose.

This unfortunately only earned him a comparison to an angry gorilla

and a leg injury

credits: 츄비버니

Junha however, proves to be the even better at the krumping style that Chanyeol himself invented. THAT MAN LITERALLY JUMPED AND FELL VERTICALLY ON HIS BOTTOM. #prayforjunhastailbone2k16

Finally, it's time to say good-bye. Park Myungsoo says he'll definitely miss Chanyeol, Suho, Minkyung, Kyungho, Sangdoo, Junkyung, Kai, and even Oh Willis.

In the next few scenes, we see Jaesuk and EXO practicing together. As they come closer and closer to D-Day, their moves also come closer and closer to perfection.

It is finally time to head to Bangkok, Thailand. We see Jaesuk and Junha (who came as Jaesuk's manager) at the airport, crowded by fans. Imagine how much of them were there for EXO.

After resting for a night at the hotel, soon it's time for Jaesuk to head to the venue. He sees the stage for the first time, and it's so big that he feels lost.

Jaesuk gets so nervous that he makes more mistakes than usual.

However, he quickly relaxes so it's all good~

Soon it's time for the concert!

Jaesuk nervously waits backstage and sends Kwanghee a thank you message since after all, Kwanghee was the one who created this opportunity for him.

Parents Chen and Baekhyun watches their nervous son Jaesuk fondly, reminiscing their debut days.

The concert finally starts, and Jaesuk watches in awe as EXO slay the stage.

And remmeber Bookyung PD? Well, she's finally living her dream of seeing EXO and her bias Baekhyun live in concert and is ready to die of happiness.

Same, Bookyung PD. 

Finally, Jaesuk is called on standby and he watches nervously as EXO finishes up the last performance before 'Dancing King'. 

A staff calls Jaesuk on stage and...







KYUNGSOO'S "Senorita"!!!

The way that word rolls of his tongue I'M SHOOK


Honestly 'Dancing King' is my new jam. IT'S LIT!! And I don't care that I've used the word "lit" about three times already because yOU KNOW THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO USES IT LIKE TEN TIMES IN ONE SENTENCE SO I SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE IT THREE TIMES IN A 2K WORD LONG BLOG POST.


And that's it for today. It's Rini, signing off~ See you guys next time.

P.S. I take no credit for any of the gifs in this post; they all belong to their rightful owners! 


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