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Monday, August 29, 2016


Now I know I'm not the usual writer who wraps up the week, but since I'm a new addition I thought I'd give it a try! It's certainly been a busy week for Exo with their new wins and individual activities. So let's take a brief glimpse at the week in total.

First up is a look back at the performances. Exo saw their first wins for this comeback season on M!countdown and Music Bank on Thursday and Friday respectively. If you missed the performances, check out the links below. They also performed on Show Music Core yesterday and Inkigayo today- where they won for a third time!

M!countdown performance

Music Bank performance

Show Music Core performance

M!Countdown Win

Music Bank Win

Inkigayo Win

  I watched every single performance live and I was absolutely blown away! Each stage was better than before, even if some of the members were sick or injured in some way. From Chen's eye infection to Lay's hip injury and even Chanyeol being injured, it just shows how amazing Exo is that they can still win in such a condition. Which is also why I was extremely happy to hear that some of the members were off to Hawaii- they all deserve a break.

Following the topic of musical achievements, the "Call Me Baby" MV has hit 100 million views! And the "Lotto" MV has surpassed 10 million views and climbing towards 20 million. Let's help Exo reach another 100 million view milestone with "Lotto" too!

It was announced this week that Exo would appear in a variety show. Now I'm not sure about you guys, but I momentarily freaked out at the possibility of a "Showtime" season 2. Until it was revealed that show would be "Star Show 360"- a new addition to the MBC lineup. Still, all nine members will appear, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is ready to see Kai again after feeling his absence these past two weeks.

In individual activity news we have Baekhyun up first. After much anticipation, his drama "Moon Lovers" will air tomorrow, August 29th, on SBS. A press conference was held on August 24th and Baekhyun looked quite ready to take on his role of "playful 10th prince". I absolutely cannot wait to see his acting debut!

This week also saw Suho feature on the cover of the September issue of  Esquire magazine. Alluring is the first word that came to mind at the sight of this cover. Long gone is the dorky mom that we know, replaced by a strong and charming leader. Don't believe me? Check out the photos below.

But as much as he pulls of sexy charisma effortlessly, we all know how caring he is. And the food truck for the Exo-L's at Music Core proved that!

And that's pretty much the roundup of Exo activities this week! Of course, if I had to post every single update this wrap up would be longer than a football field. From Yeolstagram and Baekstagram updates, to Lay's personal studio and much more- check out the updates and other articles we've posted this past week.

Until next time!

Video Credits:KBSKpop and individual uploaders on YouTube
Image credits: individual uploaders on Twitter and Tumblr
Written and compiled by: Acacia@exodicted.net

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