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Thursday, August 25, 2016




Hello and welcome to EXOdicted's New Discussion Topic called Weekly Topics. Weekly Topics is for the topics that we should see, ask, answer, and discuss! These are released only on Wednesday. If you're curious or if you want to ask/discuss something related to EXO, you can submit your tips to:

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We will release one topic a week to discuss with EXO-L's around the world! So, send us your tip! Ppppaaaaallllli~~ 
Now that we have that out of the way, welcome to my very first Weekly Topic! Revolving around the theme of EXO's comeback, we will be discussing the MV and theories that have popped up. 
 Exo MV’s are probably the most artistic and creative videos to watch and the things that fans love doing more than just watching them, is analysing them. Lotto has only been out for about a week, but the theories are already overwhelming. Now, my own viewing of Lotto created a few theories of my own but I decided to check out a few others to see what Exo-l’s have come up with as well.

Let’s start with my own theory of what’s happening.

Formulating a theory immediately is difficult with all the switches between scenes and choreography, but it didn’t stop me from picking up a few key points such as the girl in white and the wolves, the gambling, the cage fight and the division between Exo members. It is clear that the foreground of the MV focuses on the gambling taking place while the background has multiple elements. These elements are the caged chicken fight, the girl who is seemingly trapped and of course, the rival gang that breaks in. So it’s safe to assume that the girl had been abducted by the Exo members involved in the gambling ring- Kai, Chen, Kyungsoo, Baekhyun and Xuimin. The wolves that chase her down and surround her represent the Exo members- a throwback to the wolf era. The rival gang who try to rescue the girl are clearly Chanyeol, Suho, Sehun and Lay. I picked out Kai and Chanyeol as respective leaders due to Kai’s first scene at the head of the gambling table and then his attempt at a “deal” with a mysterious figure later. And then Chanyeol due to him leading his members in the break in and also rescuing the girl.

 But as neat as my “gang rival” theory seems, the ending makes me wonder if there’s more to it than that. We have Chen, unfazed by the arrival of Swat and the girl who is the only person to get away safely. Both of them are dressed in white, opposed to the other members who are in black. So it makes me think that the two of them are connected- perhaps to bring down both the gangs? If that’s the case, then questions arise about motives and why the girl seemed apologetic towards an arrested Chanyeol. Also, what about Baekhyun atop the cage full of people seemingly allied to his gang? And Kyungsoo, who was completely not surprised at the arrival of Chanyeol and his friends. And lastly, who called SWAT?? I would think that two gangs involved in shady business would not be calling law enforcement. Which only leaves the option of Chen as the usurper who brought them all down. I had a lot of unanswered questions, so I looked up a few theories to answer my own.

I found this analysis done by mybiasisquiet, who really took an in depth look into the MV. The theory here is that “Lotto” is a prequel to “Monster” and also plays on the “Trojan Horse” story. My theory of two rival gangs is confirmed, but with addition of Kyungsoo- the double agent and “Trojan Horse”. There are also elements I hadn’t noticed such as Baekhyun who runs the cock fighting ring, Kai trying to make an escape in his expensive car- rather than a deal- and that the girl brushes her hands against Chanyeols’ to retrieve a tape. The tape is taken as evidence to possibly get Chanyeol and his friends out of jail- a tape that Kyungsoo filmed of the gambling and cock fighting. My question about Baekhyun is also answered- he has no qualms about trapping his ‘customers’ as all he cares about is the money they bring in to him. Overall this theory fits my own, but with the addition of an explanation into the roles of each member, as well as analysing the themes of fake innocence, greed and mistaken superiority. However, the theory doesn’t help me decide if I’m right about Chen being the usurper.

Other theories I looked up also seem to think that “Lotto” is a prequel to “Monster” or to “Lucky One” or even both. But the common element is the one of two rival gangs who are eventually both taken down. And that the girl in white is what has caused these rivals to lash out against each other. Again, none of them mention Chen as possibly the one who orchestrated this whole event. Rather, he is seen to be another of the lavish spenders who are content to partake in illegal activities while wearing the white as a faux purity symbol.

Needless to say, there are many more theories to come that may even surpass the one of the rival gangs. But the one theory that is unlikely to fade, is “Lotto” as a prequel. So the topic is open, what theories have you come up with and why? 

Comment down below and let me know!

Written and compiled by Acacia@exodicted.net

Image credits: SMTown Official and other respective owners


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