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Sunday, August 28, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 160827~28 EXO at MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo: 'Suho's sincere message to EXO-L!'

oppa knows everything~~'^' eat deliciously and dont get sick lets be happy~ lets be together for a long long time♡

MBC Music Core
I AM EXO's funniest SUHO" When the banner w/SUHO's face got blown down by the wind all the EXO-Ls went " ahhhhㅜㅜㅜㅜ

Menu: Cup rice, steak, quesadilla, taco And drink = health drink
When EXO were coming up on stage, EXO-Ls were trying to contain their screams BAEK: u can scream, y'know~~y aren't u guys screaming today^ㅅ^
JONGDAE tried to expose YIXING by opening the front of his shirt someone stop this kidㅋㅋhes like the opposite of a flasher
JOONMYUN told EXO-Ls who attended prerec to diligently share fanaccounts so fans who weren't there will feel like they were ㅋㅋ
BaekChenSoo came up on stage 1st BAEK started chatting w/fans JONGDAE covered KYUNGSOO w/his jacketㅋㅋ
BAEK: did u eat?
Ls: NO B: y?
 L: no time
B: no place?
L: time!!
B: ah time!u cant leave bc ur in line right? Thats too much~
CHEN: too much!
BAEK: did u eat? Ls: NO B: y? L: no time B: no place? L: time!! B: ah time!u cant leave bc ur in line right? Thats too much~ CHEN: too much!
JOONMYUN =diligently rehearsing his gestures. BaekChen kept copying&teasing him frm the side. BAEK eventually got hitㅋㅋ
During standby JONGDAE looked at his shirt and cutely asked fans "Aren't these arms too long~~?" and showed the sleeves to them
JONGDAE is wearing sunglasses again but they appear to be different from the usual. they match his outfit very well he was in good spirits<3
JOONMYUN: "Like refreshing coffee &whats that that looks like pretzels...ah churros! are NOT what i prepared..😜but its good for health"😊
Before rehearsals started JONGDAE was jokingly trying to open up JOONMYUN's shirt. JM petted JD's head~ cute #SuChen
At the beginning when KYUNGSOO did the slot move, the boys ALL did the money pouring out move!! qt!!
JOONMYUN: There's prerec tomorrow too (for Inkigayo). Of course, the same ppl/all of u wont be here again so look up the fanaccounts ㅋㅋㅋ
BAEK was really energetic today. 1st he tried to play around w/MINSEOK but he didnt react so he teased JOONMYUN who was passing by&got hitㅋㅋ
JM : bcs its humid..instead of preparring ice coffee and twisted bread stick alike...churros! I prepare smtg that is good for body!
In the end of prerec, other idols r waiting so Baek gave the mic to JM Baek: well for the last, suho-ssi~! JM: ok, suho ssi..!
JM: its humid outside right? Ls: no,its cold JM: cold? *confused* B: *help JM* its humid,humid! XM: * fanning gesture* Ls: its humid!
Baek's hair is middle part for today!
Baek asked to eris, "many fans came right~?" and eris "eing?" So he repeated "many fans came right? I think its abt 3K ppl"
during rehearsal CY was doing a pose asking for $$ and when Baekhyun saw it he gave "$" to him LOL and CY look at XM and asked for $$ too
Before rehearsal starts BH and XM were joking with their mics when BH hold it up XM will hold it down and it the cycle repeats it's v cute
during the rehearsal dance break part the "E X O" fanchant part Baekhyun didn't dance but he stared bit and smiled TT
Baekhyun asked why the fans didn't scream today TT and then he followed the fans waving the lightstick
JM asked the fans if its hot outside and BH and XM at the side were flapping their hands and mouthed "Say it's hot!"
during the second recording Baekhyun part the "oh oh oh" he did it awesomely TT hope the camera records it..
Chanyeol asked BH and minseok if they should do this and they did a hand gesture(?) while recording and it's v cute
BH: (Said smth)
Eris: Yes?
BH: Yes?
Eris BH: ??
In the end they couldn't communicate and BH laughed and said smh about can't sleep ><
As soon as Baekhyun went up the stage he greeted the fans prettily it was very pretty TTTwhen Baekhyun go up the stage he asked the fans if they had eaten and fans said no so he asked why didn't they ate TT

SBS Inkigayo
CHANYEOL was joking with SEHUN and SH called PCY "Choding" (Elementary School Kid). PCY heard & hit him lightly on the head ㅋㅋ
YIXING: "Everyone~~ have u been eating ur meals well these days? Sleeping well? Started dating a boyfriend? haha~"
Yesterday BaekChen were sad EXO-L couldnt eat bc they were standing in line so he got CafeCoupons so they can sit while waiting for the food
JONGDAE apologised for wearing 👓 for Lotto promos + JD: Ah right!My eyes! My eye's really a lot better, right SEHUN ssi? SH:(shakes head)
Baekhyun didn't say anything today TTTT
During the second recording for the intro part, Baekhyun was joking around with XM butt(?) and elbow(?)
When leaving the stage Baekhyun kept looking at the fans and greet them and did a hand kiss when going down the stage TT
SEHUN: Please enjoy the food/drink deliciously today~ although it wasnt me who prepared it
JONGDAE said he tried to think of how to treat EXO-L w/out them having to wait in line&decided to rent a CAFE.Its not run by anyone he knows
JONGDAE also told EXO-L to order the most expensive drinks
JONGDAE told fans not to worry abt his eyes. Its gotten a lot better
before getting off the stage, Sehun said "EXO-L are the best".
Chen said to fans not to worry abt his eyes. And he also apologize wearing glasses durin lotto promotion ㅠㅠ
Today JD treat fans an exclusive coupon in cafe next to prerec studio.And sehun said even its not his treat,pls enjoy the meal
In the 2nd take during intro, baekxiu joked elbowing to each other
When they leave, baekhyun kept in eye contact with fans, and he did fly kiss to fans
Today baekhyun's hair is middle part. He wears striped long sleeves shirt and ripped jeans

CHEN coupon ❤ Today is CHEN's treat Duration for use: Whenever EXO-Ls want~ there's no price limit too!

During Baekhyun part after the "my lucky lady" his expression was really awesome and pretty hope the camera capture it TT
During the third recording the part "bubble" where B put his 🖐🏼near his 👄, the 📷 was damn close to him hope it's come out on broadcast..
The boys looks tired today >< Baekhyun yawned too... CY Looks tired too..
During the second recording for BH part "lipstick chateau" his expression was damn pretty hope it comes out on broadcast TT
Before the perf starts Baekhyun kept closing his eyes and looks really tired
Baekhyun looks really tired today
Before recording, Sehun came to the fans, he was smiling and laughing while waiting to start rec.
During the opening part, Kyungsoo did the money motion to Sehun and acted like he took it & put it in his pocket.
Sehun's shirt kept going up during recording.
Chanyeol was playing & fooling around with Sehun, but Sehun kept ignoring him. So cy moved to baekhyun.
During rehearsal, Chanyeol stick his two fingers holding it to Sehun, Sehun ignored him and said "childish".Lol
Jongdae asked Sehun: "my eyes are alright, am i right sehun-ssi?" And Sehun shook his head.
Before they start rec, Kyungsoo sat on Sehun's leg, they looked at each other eyes for like 5 seconds.
Sehun told the fans to enjoy their meal tho he isn't the one who prepared it, the op said that he was cute as a baby.
Sehun's hairstyles is up, he is wearing heart shaped silver necklace, black silk shirt and jeans.

(Credit: csy201206, hyoyeonsubs2, eternally_b, ,
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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