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Friday, August 26, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 160826 EXO at KBS Music Bank Pre-recording + Fancam

They only recorded audio twice and then did the dance twice.
At the end they said they had to finish quickly due to the remaining recordings. They spoke-yelled to us bc their mics were off.
Suho asked if we had eaten. Most fans said no. He said to make sure to get something nice and dress warm since this morning was cooler.
Baekhyun at one point yelled out "I love you" to the fans.
During the vocal recordings Minseok did the dance anyway. Chen stood in a back corner facing the wall lol. Baekhyun's adlibs were so good ㅠㅠ
There wasn't much time between takes. But in their starting position while waiting Baek once rested his hand on Chanyeol's shoulder, and one time Minseok put his arm over Baekhyun's shoulder.
As they were heading out they all stayed waving as long as they possibly could, especially Suho. He turned back around to wave several times
Baekhyun waved big and yelled out 안녕!!!
During the second vocal take, Baekhyun slightly conducted the wave of our lightsticks.
They all were smiley and talkative among each other. Nobody seems to be in a bad mood. Chanyeol was joking around quite a bit!
The recording was extremely short in terms of how recordings go. We were in and out in less than 20 minutes.
Outfits are in a range of pink-peach-orange colors. I liked Baekhyun's outfit a lot ㅠㅠ
100% honest I was watching Baekhyun most of the time, but his dancing was really smooth and just everything was really nice ㅠㅠ
OMG's 'A-ing' was playing. JONGDAE turned to KYUNGSOO & putting his forefinger on his lower cheek did aegyo "Aing~
JONGDAE looked like he in reallyx2 good spirits today For rehearsal SeBaekChenSooXiuHo came up JD was tension up.BAEK was yawningㅎㅎ
not many JONGDAE fanaccs today bc bb went to a corner to focus&sang w/his back turned for both rehearsals.All EXO-Ls said he sounded amazing
JOONMYUN said his ment but the mic was rlly soft BAEK (super loud): "Understood????" EXO-Ls had no idea what JM said,but obediently: YES~~ㅋㅋ
Ah JOONMYUN said: "The weather's cold so make sure u wear warm clothes" t/n: "weather's very~" is trending bc Koreans r loving the coolness
Chen was like he was playing by himself at the corner but actually so focus on singing ;;; but in third rehearsal, his necklace seemed to stuck onto his mic when he was dancing ;;;;
The staff asked the members who are ready to go up first
#1 (to go up) Kim Jongdae
#2 Byun Baekhyun
#3 Zhang Yixing
when cy came up the stairs, walking seemed uncomfortable, but he was cool on stage. he greeted fans like a gentleman before leaving.
when rehearsal ended and they had to get right back into recording, minseok clapped twice as if to cheer the members on and was v hyung-like
when recording ended, minseok cutely did a cheer and jump.
everyone is praising jongdae's vocals hehe
xiubaek chattering to each other again fjfkf
minseok doing the dance the whole time through the audio recording ;^;
PCY this big kid TTTTTT he never forgets and he's always so hyper.... Went to carry Suho right when the ending speech is ending.... And he called out to other members to ask them to carry him tgr.... Your waist is hurting but you still.. 
While preparing for the 2nd prerec, CY was having a hard time, BY held CY's shoulder -- and it seemed like he asked him if he was okay. He was patting his shoulder.
During the performance, because JD can't see well because of his sunglasses, CY and he bumped into each other a bit
The fanaccs today are heartbreaking... fans are saying cy finished the perf professionally and cy gestured to fans that he's fine..
Before their perf, during the starting formation, baek touched cy's waist slightly..cy smiled showing tht he's fine

(Credit: hyoyeonsubs2, itshysterie, _HPPYVRS, _103oclock, bulbaseok, delightcy_)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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