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Sunday, August 21, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 160821 EXO at SBS Inkigayo

#EXO got to SBS at 2am for prerec&finished late JONGDAE to EXO-L:"It's dark outside so u all have to look out for e/o! Ok?"
While saying g'bye greetings BLACKPINK 'Boombaya'started playing BaekChenYeolSeHo immediately started dancing ChenYeol danced as they exited
BAEK looked very tired again. He mostly stood in his spot w/eyes closed&said he was going to go straight to sleep after, instead of eating
JONGDAE's shirt has only 1button & ChanSooHo were all trying to open it up to expose his skin EXO-Ls screamed each time
JD: Byuntaes(pervs)!
EXO talking among themselves-JONGDAE suddenly went "really fair!" Turning JM around,pointed to his exposed knee&asked:"isnt he really fair?"
JONGDAE kept putting his hand inside KYUNGSOO & JOONMYUN front pocket and trying to make their shirt/jacket flap
JONGDAE was last to come on stage-he came up jumping like a dinosaur🐲 CHANYEOL looked at him like-Why so late? & JD bowed w/folded hands
JONGDAE's shirt is kinda transparent so u could see his tummy After monitoring the 2nd prerec, he prolly realized&tucked it into his pants
JONGDAE =white shirt w/no undershirt so its see-through w/only 1button done up It got untucked while dancing so they saw his tummy
BAEK: Did u all eat breakfast?
EXO-L: No~
BAEK: We havent either.. 😟
- Ending ment
- BAEK: Pls give us/EXO a lot of love~ok?
Chanyeol wants to diet bcs its summer TTT
CY had the injured bandage on his nose for Inki stage
Fans said they stayed overnight and CY said then we aren't tired~ 😢😢 they had a bit of sleep last night...
CY spoke the most to fans he said he ate too much after concert and abs are almost gone...

Sehun's shirt didn't come out when he danced, he was wearing belt. And he winked during his part.
Today sehun & B cut their hair ! Baekhyun immideately went to practice his dance moves after he got on stage
Chen is wearing white tshirt with black skinny, Baekhyun and Xiumin are wearing neck accessories
The boys had 3 recording. 1 rehearsal and 2 prerecording
The rec delayed but d.o was in his position siting on top of Sehun leg, he stood up & he rubbed Sehun leg.
During the first chorus op was on first section, & didn't see other members but saw Sehun & said he's very handsome
Sehun's shirt didn't come out when he danced, he was wearing belt. And he winked during his part.
During the last ment, when the other group song played, Suho baek chen & CY danced & Sehun was pumping his chest quietly
when the other group song stopped, the boys stopped dancing too but only Sehun kept dancing, he didn't stopㅋㅋ
During their break time, Sehun was moving his hands and his feet and he was practicing their dance moves.
Theres pillars of fire during their performance. The stage was hot so after recording Suho & Sehun took off their jacket
Sehun got a new hair cut.....
Sehun wore a gray denim jacket, beige tshirt and black skinny, his hair is styles up and it's brown.
While waiting, B asked the fans wether they've eated. Fans said no & he said me too >< then he told the fans to sleep after the recording.
OP said B was closing his eyes a lot today. Seems like he's so tired TT
While the member were doing the last ment, baekhyun gave the fans thumbs up d(^ㅅ^)b
during the members last Ment Baekhyun make a thumbs up sign with his hands to the fans in front ~
Baekhyun danced really well his wave is really good !
Before preparing for the Recording, Baekhyun and yixing kept talking talking and then held hands too
During the third recoding, for the intro part of the song minseok and Baekhyun did a high five with each other it's very cute
During the second or third recoding when going up the stage Baekhyun and KS were chatting while going up
Baekhyun had his hair ratio 5:5. But he looks really tired TTTT and His outfit is the like the same as MB
When the second recording ended, the cameraman in the middle said ‘I didn’t manage to film D.O..The camera need to follow him but it went out of the focus (on D.O) I missed him..” his voice sounds very sorry. staffs went to talk about the situation but the OP said she can't forget his voice...how regretful he said it. Whether he manage to film D.O. during live, we shall see cameraman-nim ㅋㅋㅋ
During the second recording, they were told to be on standby but the recording started late, so kyungsoo stand up and pat sehun's leg so cute….even though sehun stay still in that pose (at the beginning) w/out any expression ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
when yixing held out his as the ‘slot machine’ , kyungsoo grab it and bring it up and down. they keep playing around~

1) JONGDAE & BAEKHYUN passed by the fans waiting for standing section 2) EXO is on stand-by now & BaekChen are chatting
MINSEOK is talking w/MC Actor KIM MINSEOKㅋㅋ BAEK keeps yawning ChenYeol were smelling the drink in the Champagne(?) glass
They made EXO play bokkulbok w/1 orange juice & 6 vinegars bc title is LOTTO (that's what ChenYeol were smelling) YEOL got the orange juiceㅋ
During the 1st part, BAEKHYUN~ee made eye contact with KYUNGSOO & JONGDAE and smiled~<333
JONGDAE was monitoring the aired perf & got super shocked! Pointing to it, he cutely went: "My tummy got aired!!!"
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Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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