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Friday, August 19, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT] 160819~20 EXO at KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core Pre-recording

KBS Music Bank
Baek : have u eaten?
Eri : not yet~
Baek : what a lie
Eri : *laughs
Today's outfit is like in a MV! Baekhyun's hair is coma(?) hair like in CY IG

Today suho and baek's outfit have buttoned low. Baek said even after eating pizza, his body stays the same
Baek : everyone i cant do a long ment today Ls: ah :(
Baek : thanks for coming!
Ls: yes! Baek: u should eat!!
Ls: yes!!!

MBC Music Core
ChenSoo kept joking around tugging each other's shirts. JOONMYUN said JONGDAE looks like RobinHoodㅋㅋ
KYUNGSOO pulled JONGDAE's shirt to peek at his chest first so JD undid KS's button and acted like he was looking inside 
XingDae joked around alot. JONGDAE laughed at YIXING bc KS didnt respond to his slot machine pose. JD then held XING's fist&played around<3
When KYUNGSOO was sitting on SEHUN's knee for the choreo, he softly asked: "(is it/am i) heavy?" and HUNNIE shook his head "Nope~"
JOONMYUN: "Everyone, please eat breakfast for sure. Lunch too. As for dinner, if u don't eat after 7 its.....(fine) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"
After 1st prerec, JONGDAE talking to fans cutely<3 JD: Have u eaten~? EXO-L: yes/no! JD: Mwoh ya~~ some say they ate,some say they didnt~~
JONGDAE was 'shooting arrows' to the fans bc the boys called him RobinHood KYUNGSOO,talking abt JD's shirt:"igeo neun~" but the mic went off
They recorded it 4x AFter the 3rd, the PD said "Let's do it one more time" & JONGDAE replied "himdeungdaeng~<_>" (cutesified- 'its tiring')
Before rec began the boys practiced a bit of their dance together (to get synchronized) without the music. JONGDAE hummed the song for them
SOO pulled JONGDAE's shirt while SuChen were talking.JD was shocked&his eyes got really wide&tried to remove KS's hand w/both his baby hands
When SOO tried to put his hand inside JONGDAE's shirt again,JD blocked him&cutely shook his head JD then quickly peeked into SOO's shirt&"👍"
#XingDae joking around = bratty JONGDAE holding onto YIXING's fist (which he was holding up in position for choreo) & trying to lower it 
Aww BAEKHYUN~ee looked very exhausted today <_>
🚨SEHUN DYED HIS HAIR. It's like a WINE BROWN (looks RED in the light) color 🎶Lipstick Chateau wine light color
The waiting time for recording to begin was really long so KYUNGSOO got up from sitting on SEHUN's knee & told him to stretch his legs <3
After JONGDAE joked around by lowering YIXING's fist like a slot machine, YX did the same to him & JD went "yap👊🏻" to YX w/his other hand^^
JONGDAE's white shirt&belt combo looks v.pretty but bb seemed uncomfortable 1st end pose-he hid his tummy w/his hands&got caught on camera🙈
Baek is wearing white shirt and ripped jeans.During oh oh oh oh part he did one-shot gesture.When leave, he keeps did fly kiss
Seems like that baek's condition isnt good, he's not even joking with everyone :(
Today's outfit is black and white and baek's hair is 5:5
Well there are not many fanacc since baekhyun stayed quiet during recording. Ls said he seems not sick, just not in a good mood :(
Op thinks the ending pose was a V-shaped formation side by side w Sehun in the centre, he was at the very front
Op said from start to finish Hun immersed himself in the stage, continuously practiced & only acted like a real baby for a sec
After all the prerec were done Sehun gave his final greetings and went inside while clapping with a smile
Op said Sehun's solo isn't in for the choreo but lots of centre choreo + him dancing w Yixing is full of energy
Sehun's shirt came out yet again and he tried to fix it while waiting in the back for the choreo but couldn't
Op said after the 1st p/r Hun received an electric fan for cool air, then kept on calling out "hyung" for water
During Sehun's rap part he did like a "come on" gesture and op said whenever he dances a bit the shirt came out
Op said Lotto starts off with Kyungsoo sitting on Sehun's lap (one side) and SH was like "ah! =n="
Sehun kept on practicing the dance, discussed about the stage w members & looked at the stage props w curiosity
Sehun's new hair colour is ash blonde, has his hair up just like in the MV + shirt tucked in w orange belt
Some fans are saying Sehun's hair is brown, some are saying it's not completely brown, but brownish
Sehun is wearing a choker on his neck, and black ripped skinny jeans -.,-
Kyungsoo quietly asked Sehun if he was heavy and Sehun said no but his body kept on going lower. He's too adorable!
After a long wait 2nd pr only started as soon as Hun sat down to rest a bit, he got up straight away like a pro

chanyeol's sleeves were too long for him so he tried to fold it up but it kept falling down ㅋㅋ too cute
rehearsal: once
pre-rec: 3 times
kms: up
kjm: up
zyx: up
bbh: half (5:5)
kjd: up
pcy: comma hair
dks: up
osh: down (brown hair)
A lot of fans saying Chanyeol was too much / too sexy especially during the part where he did the pop!corn dance bit.
Yixing was joking around a lot with Kyungsoo today especially for one of their dance parts. Kyungsoo joked along with Yixing too!
Suho did the last ment and ask "Other members?"but the boys didn't reply so he just chuckled "Only Me?"to himself
The part where BH did the "Oh oh oh" his hands and lips action is being captured in one shot
Sehun's shirt kept coming off again while he's dancing
Sehun has a long upper body, the coordis should know that a long shirt should suffice...but honestly I'm fine with short shirts yep
There's this really good close up of Kyungsoo but everyone's saying they aren't sure if it will be shown because the boys did 3 takes...

 (Credit: , , sberryeol, avecSEHUN, sehunownsme, eternally_b)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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