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Monday, July 25, 2016

[FANEVENT] 160717 Suho's Request From EXO-L

2 days ago, an interview with EXO was broadcasted on an Arabic channel -Al Arabiyah- but unfortunately only 3 members were free to do the interview, Suho, Xiumin and Chen. They were asked so many questions regarding their Arab fandom and if they knew about it and all. It lengthed 10 minutes and within those minutes, Suho promoted Monster and asked EXO-L if they can increase its views. 

That's why Arab EXO-L are working very hard to increase the views and spreading the hashtag #arab_love_exo which was twitter's first most tweeted hashtag worldwide on that day and third most tweeted hashtag on the following day.

So, this post is for all our Arab viewers and all the EXO-L worldwide. It's the first time ever Suho asked us to do something. So let him be happy and notice the huge power and love of EXO-L. 

Let's show him how we all are really one just like EXO! Our goal is reaching 60M views.

All what you have to do is put this playlist on repeat mode and leave it to be played by itself. We can help a lot. You can leave the playlist on when you're sleeping or when you're eating or anytime during the day or night.

I'll try my best to translate the interview for you all, since I am an Arab.
Let's do this!!
We are one!

Written by: nada@exodicted.net

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