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Saturday, June 11, 2016

✰ Weekly Topics ✰ EXO's comeback hints, info and many more! #EXOGrandComeback

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Hello! Have you know that EXO will be comeback on June 9th? YES! THEY'LL BE BACK!! These days, its like a roller-coaster for us, there are so much rumors going around and a lot of it seems to make sense but we refuse to believe until SM officially said that they'll be back. Altho, our boys has already said a lot of times that they'll be back but they didn't give us an exact date. But we expect it is around June because apparently Baekhyun's phone-call on Infinity Challenge is true. As you can see, he said "Let's meet in the summer" to Yoo Jae Suk. (We're also expecting EXO's duet with Korea's No.1 MC, Yoo Jae Suk!!)
So yeah, we actually believed that they'll be back on Summer and its actually happened. Wooohooo!
On 31st, SM announced that they'll be back in June 9th and the whole fandom is in shook!!!
I'm sure you guys are in "sherlock holmes" mode after SM released EXO's teaser on their respective site this morning.
The teasers are:

As expected, SM! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing art to our beloved boys. They really deserves everything beautiful!
Because the whole fandom is in Sherlock Holmes mode, there are a lot of speculations about their concept story, the comeback hints, etc!
Let's review all of 'em! Chuballllll~~

1. EXO'luXion VCR "Far side of the moon" 

Mankind discovered 9 objects = 9 members of EXO 

Another one: 

 2. The members' IG updates: hints for the comeback 

  • Sehun's IG Update:
Some fans believe Sehun's IG Update 🔥 related to theories of Frankenstein & Prometheus

Lucky One 🌿☘🍃🍀🌱= 5 emojis = 5 members Monster 

Fire 🔥 = 4 letters = 4 members
  • Baekhyun's IG Update:
#M = Monster
#L = Lucky one

3. The theories from Lucky One and Monster

Lucky One

Lucky One Four-Leaf Clover Each leaf represents something 
1. Faith 
2. Hope 
3. Love 
4. Luck

Superstitions about 4 LEAF CLOVER:

"would be able to see fairies" 
"protection against evils" 
"lover & luck" 


Monster is from the Frankestein theory that fans speculated to be EXO's concept;

Some of the story that I found in OneHallyu:
So about that Dr. Faustus (faustus being the latin term for the lucky one) and Frankenstein (monster) concept. It's absolutely brilliant. You see, in both stories, there is a very intelligent man whose incredible thirst for knowledge lead him into creating/summoning dark creatures.

In the leaked choreo, we have Baekhyun at the center, seemingly controlling two people. Those people, at the same time, are controlling a person each. Baekhyun has the power of light... something that has been long associated with knowledge. Because of that light/knowledge, two dark characters were created/summoned -- Mephistophilis (devil, fire) and Victor Frankenstein (monster, created from tissues of dead people, cold)-- who, in my opinion are represented by Chanyeol and Xiumin. Those two (Chanyeol and Xiumin) are controlling/having an effect on two people, Dr. Faustus and Dr. Frankenstein. Aren't there people in front of Chanyeol and Xiumin? The four people in the back, I believe represent the angels and demons in both stories who try to guide the characters in how to use their passion and thirst for knowledge.

Oh also... In the Dr. Faustus, Faustus was able to summon the devil because he sold his should to Lucifer (light, Baekhyun).

So basically, the concept is indeed dark... and controversial. Both 'lucky one' and 'monster'

Do not be fooled by that cute lucky one logo. UPDATE: So... I did another research and it turns out that Mephistophilis/Mephistopheles' powers are levitation and teleportation. This concept is really really absolutely stunning and brilliant. 
Its a week more, just wait patiently. Okay? All of the hard-work that the boys has given to us will be gone to waste if we see the leak choreo. Let's wait until its officially released by SM :)

Another one about Monster:

The scientist was putting screw into Monster's neck (Overdose era) and successfully put it in (this comeback)

 Minseok might be the scientist since he was doing an experiment in Love Me Right MV

The monster murder the scientist's brother. Chen (Xiumin's brother) was with Xiumin in the Love Me right MV 

The experiment takes place in the Clock tower (Jongdae's Call Me Baby teaser) and the monster get his life by lightening

"The monster tells Walton that he will BURN his own funeral pyre" 
referring to Sehun's Instagram Update: 🔥

EXO members kept leaving hints; 

The conclusion:

Lucky One might referring to members who was able to escape from the experiment while other mmbs changed into Monster.

Interesting concept by Korean Fans!!
Also, they also found this:

"#monster" is also a slang/can be referred to as "a best seller, super star (within the music industry)."

Pretty much my reaction
Oh don't forget if we take both of the teaser, the fans also found:

#Monster change in hair color: Chanyeol, Kai, Xiumin and Suho
#LuckyOne no change in hair color: Bekhyun, Chen, Lay, D.O and Sehun 

Hmm so far, the theory is make sense. There are also the HTML concept which doesn't make any sense to me, or do you think its make sense for you?

 Okay, but I don't really get this ><

4. The MV concept!

OP's friend was at EXO's MV filming;
- The song kept mentioning monster 
- Chanyeol & Xiumin are the monsters.

This tweet is posted on 31/5! Its before the teaser out so.. I think it'll be true.

5. Comeback date and the schedule ahead!

Wooohooo! We all know that its on June 9th! The holy date will be coming in just 7 days to go! Can't wait!
Also, the full schedule in a week after their comeback:

- June 8th: Comeback Showcase at Olympic Hall
- June 9th: Full Album release + Performance at Mnet's "M! Countdown"
- June 10th: Performance at KBS's "Music Bank"
- June 11th: Performance at MBC's "Show! Music Core"
- June 12th Performance at SBS's "Inkigayo"

Also, Naver V APP has arranged some purchasable broadcasts for each individual members as well as multicam performances. The first broadcast is of Sehun's and it'll air on June 6th. The broadcasts will be airing starting from that time till June 29th. One more broadcast is of the members playing bowling against each other. This will also air on the 29th.

As we know that most of the fans are saving money to buy the album, we will try our best to broadcast you these videos as fast as possible. So, spend your money wisely and I suggest you save it for the album to support EXO instead of spending it on V APP videos if they'll be uploaded sometime in the future.

With that, the weekly topics will be end in here. If you have another concept that you want to share, you can comments below. Share everything that you know about this grand comeback of EXO. Don't be too curious about the leaked choreo gif or video(?), let's appreciate the boys' hard-work by supporting them in a legal way. Such as;
- Watch their MV in SMTOWN's Youtube channel to increase winning score in Inkigayo
- Stream and download their song legally in MelOn or every legal music portal in Korea. It'll increase the winning score completely in all of the music shows. Digital sales = counts 75% in the music shows.
- Buy the album on iTunes. The song will get the ranking internationally.
- Share about their comeback to your friends, in your SNS, or in every platform that you think will gain the interest of public.
- Buy their album through YesAsia that count in Gaon chart or in the bulk buyers in your respective country. Physical sales = winning score in all of the music shows.

Yep, that's what real fans are. Leaking their faves' video before their comeback = fake fans. You really that thirsty to get the fame? Your boys are working really hard trying to give us hints, trying to keep a secret about their comeback but you go on leaking everything. Be a mature fans, can you? EXO will be running for 5 years, they came out from the struggles, the huge struggles that you might understand if you've running with them through all of these years.. why? Its because they love us. Let's support them by doing what I listed above, that's the greatest way to show your passionate love to them. 

(Credit: the concept is basically from Korean fans / Trans by sberryeol, mydeeryo, ibaekrauhls, EXO_Fanbase, Tsyche_Boys@twitter.com / ijustcameheretosaythis@onehallyu.com /  Nada@exodicted.net)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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