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Thursday, June 23, 2016

[TRANS] 160622 D.O on ViVi Magazine August Issue Interview

I like to have a conversation with people.Though I'm not good at having a witty remark. (laugh)

Not long ago I went around Seoul's road in my day off to buy a t-shirt or parka. I didn't use any hat or sun glasses but not even one person caught me. Isn't that some kind of a problem for a celebrities? (laugh)

When I was doing a live event in Japan, I can quite see the crowd's face well. At that time I tried to have an eye contact with them all, but at that time too I can't recognize them. (laugh) If I see their face while enjoying the event, I can naturally smile too. I think as I'm doing EXO's activities, that's the time where I feel the happpiest.

When I get to be in a movie or drama and I'm doing an activity as an actor, I can feel another extreme charm too in this acting side. As I'm doing an acting as someone else, I can project something of them that's similar with me too, you know. I think that's a happiness in there, but at the same time is a really hard point. But I can discover the new side of me that I didn't even know myself. Though it's just a lil bit of it, I can get a sense of accomplishment like I'm climbing up the stairs to be a "cool person". Singing, dancing and acting, all of it can't just be separated from me.

Come to think of that, I discover something new again today in this set. Actually I never really choose to wear a t-shirt that feels like "ennui" and a wide pants combined. I was quite worry but as I tried it, I think it's unexpectedly good and even quite suits me well. (laugh)

Basically I actually have a happy personality, and I really like to have a chat with people. I like the time where I can talk and chat about various kind of things with the members or manager the most. But I'm not the type that can make a witty remark and pop up the atmosphere (laugh). I feel like my feelings got a lot lighter if I'm with my co-worker that can talk like what did you do yesterday? someone that make me talk honestly from heart to heart. So my ideal type is actually someone that can talk well with me. If she is someone that can make me talk from my heart honestly, I think naturally our heart will fit well, and as we become closer, I will got to want to hear that person's story too. And I think it'll be the best if that person is someone that is a cool person as she smile.

Cause I like to cook, I'm actually longing to cook together with someone that I like too. Maybe as we chopped something, though I can't make something special, I think cooking seriously and face each other like that is just my way. Cause I feel happy when someone that I like said that the food that I make taste good. I made something like pasta for the members a lot before, but because we are so busy lately there is a lot of time where we just eat outside. But the next time I can cook for the members, as expected, I will cook them a japanese food that I really like. There is a lot of thing that I want to know like how to make the soup, how to salt a nukazuke, etc. Cause I don't just like cooking but I like eating as well, I'm quite good too at picking a good place to eat. That's why I'm always the one who reserved for a restaurant when me and my members want to eat outside. Sometimes I wish someone can do it in my place (laugh).

Q: Please tell us your feelings when you see Chanyeol's serial pictures.

A: It's cool~ But it's so different with Chanyeol usually. However because he always move lively, it feels unfamiliar to see him with this great and cool atmosphere (laugh). But somehow I feel happy too cause I can see his new side.

Q: Please tell us an anecdote with Chanyeol that happened recently.

A: Not long ago we talked about game and composing cheerfully. Just like how he said in the interview, sometimes he become so absorbed and drowned is various things and I think he need to take care of that (laugh).  Cause if he become too drowned in many things he become so busy! He said that lately he is drowned in Baduk....... isn't that a lie? (laugh) That is so not suitable with Chanyeol!

(Trans by kyeongsew)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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