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Monday, June 27, 2016

[FAN-ACCOUNT/FANTAKEN] 160626 EXO's EX'ACT Fansign: Sehun, Suho, Xiumin, Chen and Baekhyun

1. sehun: news about the repackaged album didn't come out yet right..? ..august... it's a secret...
2. sehun high fived a fan he said her hands are cold so he held her hand w/ both hands.. to keep it warm..:(
3. Awww a fan got a nose-bleed on her way back frm getting JONGDAE's autograph. She said she must've gotten a shock from JD's handsome-nessㅋㅋ
4. Fan asked JONGDAE to do a staring contest JD opened his eyes super-wide&was like "I'm really doing my best" so the fan smiled JD: Yay i won
5. Fan told BAEK that ScarletHeart will be a hit BAEK: The drama? Or Me? Fan: BAEKHYUNee! WangEunie will become the Nation's cutie! B: Hehe'ㅅ'
6. Fan asked JONGDAE to sing "Heaven" and he did **Hello An~~~gel~~~"
7. BAEKHYUN is wearing a Flower Crown🌸🌼🌻 JOONMYUN is wearing a Bunny ears Headband 🐰
8. BAEK was spinning his signing pen (like he usually does) but it dropped to the ground. Puppy looked embarrassed
9. Seating arrangement for fansign SUHO - XIUMIN - CHEN - BAEKHYUN - SEHUN
10. JONGDAE got a Flower Crown and wore it for like 1 second~ so pretty
11. BAEK also got an Angel Headband and he wore it for a bit. Members continuing to wear flower crowns: BAEKHYUN, SEHUN, MINSEOK
12. JONGDAE whined that he still hasnt been able to use the "Decide EXO's menu for 5 days" coupon he won at the showcase *sulk sulk*
13. BAEKHYUN put a flower or hairpin (OP couldnt see well) into a fan's hair!
14. Fan asked JONGDAE if he can please hold a Birthday Party JONGDAE said he will give it some thought
15. A SEHUN fanboy is at the fansign ^-^
16. JONGDAE is wearing a headband that says "KIM JONGDAE~ng Ki~ng Yeo~ng Weo~ng" = KIM JONGDAE is cute <33
17. BAEK: How old r u? Fan: 2x yrs B: really?I thought u were a high-schooler Fan gave sticker B: So qt! How did u make this?Are u in fine arts?
Fans said she is in Arts BAEK: No wonder! I got the feeling as soon as you came up!! "Pls work hard at drawing!!<3"
18. A fan gave JONGDAE star-stickers to stick on the side of his eyes. JONGDAE put it on for a bit. He looked like a fairy~~an angel!
19. JONGDAE talked fully in English to a foreign fan #CHEN My language genius child <333
20. Fan told BAEK her dream is to be a singer BAEK: Then we can sing 'Dream' together 'ㅅ'!
21. Fan gave BAEK a 'choker' (necklace) and he wore it OTL
22.  Q. The animal nickname u like? 1. Wolf 2. Baby chick 3. ... SEHUN: 3. Vivi pls call SEHUNNIE 'ViVi' from now onㅋㅋㅋ
23.Fan gave this ring to BAEK & showed her ring too BAEK: Are they Couple Rings~~? Fan: dont lose it! B (wore it): Ok~~

24. Fan gave JONGDAE a hairpin&he wore it She also gave him 4 name-pins JD drew 2♥♥ on the pink 1 & gave it back to her👼

25. Fan: Do u like Lemon Tea? JONGDAE: Of course~ Fan said she personally made Lemon Extract for him JD: Ah really? I will drink it everyday~
26. Fan told BAEK if he doesnt want to reveal his abs he doesnt have to bc he's pretty as is BAEK: "right? I'm fine as I am?!" & petted himself
27. "I tried to get into your fansign 100x since MAMA&finally got in" JONGDAE: "The Best<3" & returned it for her to keep
28. Monster or Lucky One? Minseok: i personally likes Monster. I cared of my makeup a lot
29. MS: our god! JaeWon hyung wants to make the best con..but im scared..bc we r the one whos gonna have a hard timeㅋㅋㅋ
30. Exol: really really thank u for singing JD:im more thankful Exol:plz sing for long long time JD: of course, thank you
31. EXOL: can u please dye ur hair to pink? JD: ah why is everyone love pink~ Exol: its noona's wish, i think i can pass the exam if u do JD:ok! Then i will do it. Sometime.. JD: plz wait for my dyed hair, bleaching hurts, i will show you guys soon
32. EXOL: my bday was ystday JD:really? HBD!! Exol: i saw u so i can die nowㅠㅠ JD: no u cant die~(in aegyo voice)
33. Bbh: I forget how to draw a tiger Op: I forget how to wears a hairpin, can you help me wears it? Bbh: ok

32. Sehun is wearing a white and pink (inside) cat-ear headband
33. Sehun also wore a customized headband. He basically wears whatever the fans give him.
34. Sehun also wore a yellow butterfly ribbon headband (?) and a wolf headband
35. SEHUN: bbiyak....bbiyak.... Haha so he said he won't do "bbiyak bbiyak" anymore but he said he'll do it if fans do it first..
36. Sehun high-fived with some fans, he also shook hands with them and he did fistbumps with his male fans
37. Sehun highfived with a fan and the fan's hand was cold. Sehun hold her hands to keep them warm
38. A fan asked if it's hard when Jongin stands Sehun's leg in Monster perf. Sehun said it's hard and it hurts.
39. Sehun draw ViVi and chick. OP asked Sehun to draw a chick. Sehun said "chick?I'm bad at drawing, how to draw chick, like this?" His drawing has no eyes so fan said "eyes! Eyes!" And Sehun said "ah i don't know"

40. OP asked if he has bruises from that and Sehun said that it's hard but it doesn't leave any bruise. :)
41. OP: Sehunah~ noona went to church today and I prayed for you, I'll continue to pray for you SH: So you're a Christian? SH: Did you repent a lot? OP: I didn't.... I'm a good person..

43. after getting Sehun’s autograph op put her hand on top of Sehun’s before she left & he held her hand 
44. Op asked if they can start with a 3 second eye contact bc she’s shaking too much & Sehun wore the flower crown and asked “am I cute?" Op replied Sehun yes & Sehun asked her again “am I cute?"
45. Sehun: nuna? op asked him to call her “oo~” & Sehun did, wrote “Sehun’s oo nuna"
46. Op gave a doll & said "Sehun this is Vivi’s toy", SH said "he’s going to end up gnawing/biting it off…."
47. Op gave a bracelet to Sehun & asked if he can wear it till the fansign finishes and SH said “of course!"
48. OP: for 4 years i only had you SH: what about a boyfriend? you’ve never had one? OP: yeS just you only you
49. Op said Sehun’s hand is a little bit cold & very soft and dry (there was not a single drop of sweat…)
50. Op said Sehun’s wearing all the flower crowns the fans are giving him
51. Op said Sehun was putting a ring on a fan’s hand (she probably gave it to him) op also said Sehun is giving a lot of handshakes today ;;
52.  Op gave this headband to Sehun & he wore it
53. Op said Sehun’s now wearing a white kitty headband
54. Op said Sehun’s had 3 male fans so far
55. Op said Sehun’s now wearing a wolf headband
56. Op said she held Sehun’s hand, Sehun wrote “let’s go together till the end"
57. Sehun: I did it slowly.. I really tried.. but it [the signing] is over.. let’s begin with #1 again!
58. Sehun asked the fans if they ate anything yet & they said no Sehun: me neither let’s all individually eat sth after this
59. Sehun said he’ll prepare a better quality gifts/supports for the fans next time
60. SH finished the earliest so he was talking w fans, they said the flower crowns are pretty, SH said “you’re all prettier"
61. Op said Suho wore a gold crown headband to Sehun~
62. Op: (nearly crying) can u pls put “aegi" before my name although i’m not? SH: how can i if you are not~ op said he still wrote it for her
63.  op: where’s the best place you've visited so far? sehun: jeju island! it’s really nice op: are there lots of yummy food? sehun: yes very!
64. Chen: why is sehun a chick? ah he resembles one? then he’s a bird? SH: 눈.눈 Suho: so he’ll become a chicken?
65. Sehun looked at Chen speaking and asked “are you the oldest here?” Chen: you talk like this when you’re with hyungs!
66. Sehun told fans to have dinner at smt, fans said it’s $$$, SH said he’d try suggesting d/c just for EXO-Ls
67. Op gave a couple-shirt for SH & Vivi SH:how can there be a cp-shirt with a puppy~!
68. fan: when will ur movie release? SH: it hasn’t yet?? SH: then it’s a secret fan: oh no it has! SH: i’m not dumb! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
69. you can sign it ugly, please do it while looking at me *sh doesn’t look* op: pleaase! sh: how can i sign while looking at a face! 눈.눈
70. op: *gives a lottery* if u win pls use it somewhere nice sh: ??do i check it now? want a half if i win?
71. Sehun assumes that they’d drop a teaser for the repack at the concert like they did for call me baby
72. SH said he’s been exercising these days so he mainly eats protein after workouts: meat, raw meat, prawns
73. op: i rly wanted to hear “let’s go together till the end” sehun: ah that it’s quite nice right? & he wrote it
74. Op gave a couple-shirt for SH & Vivi SH:how can there be a cp-shirt with a puppy~!
75. Q. Truthfully between Jiwoo and us… [who is it]? - Choi Jiwoo - EXO-L ✔️

77. Sehun: my heart flutters bc male fans come.. Other members: oh~~~~
78. In his childhood video, Minseok was not a penguin!! He was a woodpecker
79. Jongdae was the last one to finish his signing Junmyeon: as expected, Kim Kindheartedness
80. OP told Sehun that she's hungry. Sehun told her to eat at SMT (SM's restaurant) and that he would go too. Sehun: go eat dinner at SMT OP: it's expensive Sehun: I will send a proposal to give discounts to EXO-L
81. OP: I watched In the Heights 19 times JD: woahh~ OP: I memorised everything JD: guys I'm here! OP: benny~!
82. Headband: King Jongdaeng gwingyeongwong (means "cute" -- aegyo) OP: oppa talk like that Jongdae: when did I~~~!!!
83. Sehun thought he'd done the signing slowly but in the end he finished first. So he said "Number 1, come here again!"

84. Junmyeon looked at myeontokki and said, "Myeontokki!"
85. Jongdae said he still had not used the meal coupons he received at showcase bc he had no time

87. Sehun wear a chicken crown today,so cute
88. Sehun looked at Baekhyun and said "baby"? 
89. Suho shake hand with op&pick the white hat for her,when op ask suho to go at op school,suho said "ok"

91. Baekhyun said that he likes "they never know" !92. The earcaps I gave. He took Cap, I have Iron Man. He signed to Mai Lady ㅠㅠ

93. OP said that Sehun revealed his favorite snack that he eat everyday

 94 .Fan gave this sticker to JONGDAE & said its from BoysConfession fanpage JD said its pretty&he'll definitely use it


 (Credit: sberryeol, , , , hyeonsubs2)
Shared and Compiled by Fika @ EXOdicted.net

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